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  1. Found a Target add back awhile and it had the Legend for $189, took that add to Wal-Mart. They matched the add and I got it for $189, then minus the Garmin rebate of $50 equaled $139 plus tax. Garmin rebate came back in 15 days.
  2. I am a Production Planner for a mfg. facility in west KY. Geocacher for only about a month.
  3. Been seeing "Wendy's" ketchup packs in some local caches.
  4. I'm about 10 minutes from LBL, which is now ran by US Forest Service. I have 1 cache in it and a friend has 1 there. There are about 6-7 caches in LBL. Lots of room there, 177,000 acres. Part of LBL is in KY and part is in TN. LBL is very wooded area. Serveral roads in LBL. Numbered roads are legal roads, non-numbered roads cannot be driven on and the USFS will warn you or ticket you if you are on them. cdd2225
  5. Just downloaded some geocaches to EasyGPS, will they upload to my etrex Legend ok and be stored in the waypoints? Will i have to change anything on the unit to navigate to them accurately.
  6. Software v. 2.50 works fine for my Legend. Took about 5 mins. to do.
  7. Even though the download instructios say to put the unit in "simulation" mode?
  8. How do i get my Legend in "simulation" mode before doing the new software update to 2.50?
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