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  1. The snow will never melt. It only melts where Patrick has been at. Fortunately the Hoosier Peehound gets around a lot. I turned 8 yrs old wednesday and I want to thank those of you who sent me presents. I especially liked the Kitty Burgers the guys from BAGO sent me!!!
  3. Welcome aboard. Just try to ignore the little white doggie with the bladder condition. I love the smell of napalm sizzling bacon in the morning! It's the smell of GEOCACHING IN INDIANA NOT IN THE WOODS ANYMORE!!!
  4. I wanted to delete an image from a log on one of my cache pages. While viewing the log and photo in a separate window, Like an idiot, I clicked on "block images from geocaching". Now ALL the images in the gallery are blank. How do I undo this?
  5. GANODERMA APPLANATUM PATRICUS? (Patrick's Artist's Conks)
  6. We think it is an OUTSTANDING idea, except you'll have to make them SMALL regular caches, or if absolutely necessary, micros. And as far as AR's go, we tend to like the old virtual habit of a photo holding the GPSr in front of the site... If you get it going, we'd be glad to help! Cache on!!
  7. We think he'll be kicked sonewheres else...
  8. we are eagerly awaiting the publishing of these fantastic caches!!!! Lead Dog is checking the site every four hours. Did you really mean to say SIXTEEN? Or is that a misprint? That's a lot of Water Towers!!!!! Whoo-Hoooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop and smell the Bacon!!
  9. You'd probably do better posting this in the Indiana Cachers hello thread... But we are keeping watch out for them.
  10. I'm your peehound!!!! Go Gators! Beat Ohio State on Saturday nite!!
  11. I will see about putting one in the cache just for u Patrick... hope u like pink Click Here to see it: High Tech Hide & Seek then click Girls 11-17 Interest Project Awards it is on page 7 it would not let me get u to that page direct. It wouldn't let me copy the patch either. What's with all the pink and purple? I think I am a Girl Scout and I've found over 350 caches, so I should have earned the patch!!! I don't think they've organized the Neuter Scouts yet. Besides, where would you wear the patch? Is that Bacon I hear sizzling in the pan? I can smell it now..I want mine crispy! Mmmm Mmmm The only thing I like better than Bacon is Ham!!! Wait...Why does my avatar say PEEHOUND!!???
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