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  1. I 2nd what MIKE STAMMER said.....you are into it now, so make it easy on your self. And while you are at it, you should get a battery/cigarette lighter interface cable, cause these GPSr eat batteries. You have what I have and you will love it.
  2. If I understand your question,....You are loading degrees and decimals of a degree (N34.08085) and the GPSr is converting to Degrees, Minutes and Seconds (N34 04 50,6) wright???... My answer is that it is the same coordinate , just in a different format. N34 .08085 is in degrees/decimal. To convert to degrees/minutes/seconds you multiply the decimal portion (.08085)x(60)= 4.8510 which is 4 Minutes,then you take the (.8510)x(60)= 51.0600 which is 51.06 Seconds........Line this all up and you get 34 Degrees 04 Minutes 51.06 Seconds just like what was converted on your etrex, except for a very small round up error.(50.6/51.06)Seconds. I hope this helps
  3. You get what you pay for,.......SPEND the few extra $$ and get the Platinum. Reward yourself with the best,because life is so short, and you deserve it.
  4. embra~ Thanks for the reply. I have both MapSend S&D and ToPo and I was hoping that with all of this software and a MeriPlat that I could figure out how to get an *AREA* in sq.ft. or acres as an added benefit from this wonderful GPSr. That was the reason for my question.....if it is just a POI, oh well. Thanks
  5. You guys are great,.....Thank You. I had the same question and you have answered it. I also noticed when I was in the screen to un-check the Depart-Dest Line, that there was a box next to *AREA* that I have checked. My question is how do you find out what the AREA of something is that you have traversed ?? What software ?? Or is this a future feature that Magellan plans to give us in a software up date ????
  6. Dave~ quote: ozi explorer and gps trackmaker also do these calculations Would you please post a link.....Thank you.
  7. My Wife and I ride ATVs in the vast uninhabited areas of Calif,Ariz & Nev.,on logging roads ,gold mine access roads, desert washes etc. You could get LOST very fast out there if you did not have a good GPSr mounted to the ATV. I have both the S&D and TOPO but only use the ToPo for our outback ventures.I find that the detail is amazing when it comes to knowing where you are, which fork in the road/4wd trail, which side of the stream to take and not get LOST. Great product, We would not go into the wild areas with out our Meri/Plat loaded with MapSend ToPo.
  8. I am also very interested in some software,( Freeware or willing to PAY)....I have a Magellan Platinum and MapSend ToPo
  9. The Magellan Platinum with a 64Mb SD card and reader, is about as close to perfection as you will ever need. The only reversation that I would have in the purchase of one now is that Magellan is owned by a French company.
  10. I must echo what MTNSTEVE has just said ....the only difference is that when I checked with the rebate site ,they said that I would receive it by April 9th....I received it today April, 7th. About 3 1/2 months later.
  11. Thanks for the reply Baha~ I ride ATVs in some out back areas and I was thinking that I was saving my 64 Mb card for different 8Mb load areas to max out the number of areas that I could have in my GPSr. I am new to this so thanks for your input…….I can use all the help that I can get.
  12. Leatherman~ THAT IS IT....you had the wright answer and have solved my problem !!! thank you. I have been worring about this for 3 days because we are planning a trip to Arizona and I wanted to use that loaded map. Thanks again.
  13. I have a Meridian Platinum that I down loaded the latest V4.02 and all seams to be working OK. My question is that I later loaded (2) separate regions ( A & B ) of about 8Mb each on to a 64Mb SanDisk from my MapSend Topo CD, the problem is that I only see one location call it (A) when I go to MAP > Menu > Database in the bottom window. The utility option shows that approx 16Mb has been used up, but I don’t know where location ( is…..could it be because location A is in Calf. and location B is in Arizona ??? How do I find the second loaded Region ( on this GPS???
  14. Iweb~/geospotter~ Like you as a newbie I was also very confused by the page 12,13,14,15,16 prints out of the Meri/Plat instruction CD. The Instructions of Mr.Geospotter were very clear and not 5 pages of gobble goop!....Thanks MR. GEOSPOTTER for your help, I was about to give up on this most important use of the GPS and I am still at a loss as to the poor quality of written instructions that come with such a sophisticated machine. Please if you have any more tips I am sure that most of us with new Christmas presents would benefit from your experienced instructions.
  15. Headmj......I am a nubby with this Meri/Plat and I follow you up to finding PROJECTIONS....but please describe to me in detail the following steps to be able to go from a known present position with coordinates to a position that I would like to enter coordinates and have the unit give me a bering and distance and possibly show me on the map where to go....or is this possible with this GPS. The instruction manual is not much.Thanks.
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