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  1. I have MapSend ToPo 3D loaded on my computer that I was using with my XL GPS and MapSend Manager. My hard drive crashed and I had to install a new one with ALL the stuff,what a pain. My question is, now that I have the computer up and running and have installed MapSend ToPo 3D ,I cant install the free down load for MapSend Manager from http://www.magellangps.com/products/map.as...amp;PRODID=1224 . I save it to my desktop but when I double click on it NOTHING ??? With out MapSend Manager I cant install regions to my GPS like I once did,....What is up with this ???
  2. Will it convert MapSend ToPo V4.20D to the eXplorest format so that I can use the OLD V4.20D ( which has much better detail for trails/logging roads) on my eXplorest XL as the ToPo 3D is worthless for my purpose's ??
  3. salcedo & embra Thanks for your reply. I feel especially screwed on this purchase and duped by a manufacture that I had placed a level of confidence. I expected unquestioned that they would uphold a level of professionalism when they replaced and upgraded an old product with the new ToPo 3D product, and that it would be as good or better than the previous,...,..but than a fool and his money is soon parted. I am not that will versed in computer clarifications of shoddy work by a manufacturers less than par software hackers but I appreciate the explanation and links that salcedo provided,...thank you! I will pass on this and hope that the new owner of Magellan provides a fix for all of us loyal fools.
  4. I recently purchased a Magellan eXplorest XL and the latest MapSend ToPo 3D to replace my old trusty Magellan Meridian Platinum that is using the *outdated* MapSend ToPo V4.20D software. My dilemma is,…after reviewing the new ToPo3D maps on the PC, I find that the trail and logging roads details that we use on our ATVs for navigation and were the most important feature on the old V4.20D are now severely lacking to non existent on the new ToPo 3D version . What is up with this $100 worth of useless to me and screwed by Magellan ToPo 3D software??? I don’t get why they would come out with this new software and add several nice features (3D ??) and severely reduce the useful purpose and operation of this product ?? Now my question is,…..I have the original purchased old V4.20D software that has the trail’s and logging roads that I have found to be most useful when out in the boondocks. Can I load ToPo V4.20D on to a SD chip and install it into my eXploerst XL with all the copy protection crap and have it work in color ?? I know that the SD chip that I loaded with V4.20D and had in the MeriPlat will not talk to my new XL, I tried that already. This dump Italian is fast loosing patience with this French product. Thanks for any and all help.
  5. I have just recently purchased an XL and previous to that I have a Meri/Plat,....so my slant is to the Magellan side of the line. Having said that I think that the XL is one of the finest GPS on the market bar none , the large screen is wonderful and the large size is a nice hand full. The ToPo 3D software works well on the XL and I can think of no reason to purchase the 76csx rather than the XL, even if money is no object.
  6. I just purchased a new Magellan eXplorest XL GPS from the gpsstore.com with the ToPo 3D a 128mb SD card and a Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter for the total price of $447 with a $50 rebate form,... a good deal.......almost. My gripe is,....the XL GPS did not have have a USB data cable that is listed by Magellan to be included in the box and the Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter that is listed by Magellan to work on the XL, part #730387 has no place for the power tip supplied to be plugged into the XL GPS ??? Are things getting so bad at Magellan that listed critical components are not being placed in the packaging and plug in power adapters are not designed to be compatible with the unit that they say will work??? I would think that after spending $400 + on an item, one should not have to spend an inordinate amount of time getting all the pieces to gather just so that it will work on the new item purchased . I think that the XL is a wonderful GPS with a great BIG DETAILED Color screen that is easy for these old eyes to be able see and the 3D ToPo software met all of my expectations for detail. My wife and I ride ATVs in the desert and have use a Meri/Plat GPS for navigation previously and it was flawless, I hope that the XL works as well,....when I get all the stuff together.
  7. Old eyes need larger fonts and it very easy to read. Bulky is just a better handle.
  8. EScout~ Thank You for your response and instruction, I will try and re-solder the connections and hope that it all works when reassembled.
  9. Thanks embra for the suggestion about Yahoo and having some one take apart a perfectly good GPS for a photo is,......beyond the call, but then again you never know.
  10. I had a misfortune when my Meri/Plat came loose from my RAM mount on my ATV while crossing a stream, a small amount of water got inside. I probably did something stupid when I opened the case to dry the water inside and four small wires that connect the serial port area on the back of the GPS came loose from the circuit board, I don't know the the color connection sequence in order to try and re solder the connection. I resealed the GPS and it still works, but I can't download/upload as the connection to the circuit board needs reconnection. Any body have a diagram for this connection ???
  11. I just had the same misfortune when my Meri/Plat came loose from my RAM mount on my ATV while crossing a stream, a small amount of water got inside. I opened the case to dry out the water but the four small wires that connect the serial port area on the back of the GPS came loose from the circuit board and I don't know the the connection sequence in order to try and re solder the connection. I resealed the GPS and it still works, but I can't download/upload as the connection to the circuit board needs reconnection. Any body have a diagram for this connection ???
  12. I also live in Northern Calif. and ride ATVs and have been very happy with my Meri/Plat on a ram mount and use MapSend ToPo for live navigation. I am impressed with the amount of Logging/Mining roads that are shown in the on screen ToPo maps allowing confidence when out in the boob-docks and not getting lost. My Meri/Plat is three years old and has never failed me. If I were to purchase a replacement it would be a color screen Garmin 75CS or the new Magellen XL when they are available as it has a larger screen for thews old eyes to see. Color is mandatory as trails ,contours, roads and stream lines on the small screens are hard to see and color makes it simpler. I will not go into the wilds of Northern Calif. without a GOOD GPS, it is rugged country and you can get lost out there with the amount ground that you can cover on an ATV.
  13. DOT-COM~ You are probably feeling like you are pushing a rope through the halls of the Magellan bureaucracy all by your self about now, but I would like to say a big THANK YOU !! for your constructive efforts to TRY and take a good product and make it a GREAT product to the benefit of us users and Magellan. I now have a Meri/Plat a wonderful machine and I have no complaints as it has served me well. but I would like to purchase a new GPSr that has all the bells and whistles with the larger color screen as these old eyes need all the help they can get,.... and I was willing to spend the money and hoping that the XL was the way to go,.....looks like I need to rethink my next purchase and from whom I purshase from.
  14. I place my Ram mounted Meri/Plat in a clear plastic sandwich bag that is on the handle bars of my Suzuki 500 and with over 5000 miles riding in the Arizona desert there have been no problems and the sandwich bag HELPS keep the dust off the GPS. But one of the benefits of having the GPS is that you are leeding the way and the others are in the dust.
  15. THE AZIMUTH angle is ALWAYS the number of degrees rotating clockwise 360 degrees from North, either true North or magnetic North. The term is usually referenced to the angle of AZIMUTH from magnetic North and always turned to the RIGHT.
  16. My wife and I use a our Meri/Plat that is secured on a Ram mount bracket that is placed on our Suzuki 500s when we camp out in the Arizona desert around Quartzsite. The ATV riding is outstanding in this location so much stuff to see and mines to tour and the chance of getting lost is a reality, with the GPS and MapSend ToPo keeping track of the desolate roads and trails for us, there is no problem making it back to camp. I would not venture to the extreme outbacks like we do without a good GPS.
  17. embra~ You are a class act and always conduct your responses with thoughtful consideratuon,....this is appreciated by us less knowledgeable and stress for patience users of this high tech tool. Thank you.
  18. I have the MeriPlat with MapSend ToPo on a 64SD chip with the Arizona desert loaded, a Ram mount on my Suzuki 500 ATV with a 12 volt plug-in to save battery's. We navigate into some desolate rough country and my GPS has never failed me. Don't ride without it!!
  19. Dale~ The Calif Coordinate system is used for all/most calculated property corners, survey points etc. a means of establishing a uniform system to calculate these land survey points. Timpat ~ Thanks for the link, I will need to try that method.
  20. Any body have a good simple method of converting the California coordinate system to Longitude/ Latitude?? Thank You
  21. I also have ATVs and will never go out to explore the rugged country of California without taking my Meri/Plat GPS with MS ToPo. The RAM mounting system is the best way to go, expensive but well made.
  22. The software DeLorme V5.0 will do that for you.
  23. Prime Suspect~ So what is your point?? The forum seems to be focused on the new 60c and what little additional information about Quakemap that is posted is a welcome breath of fresh air. I see no difference than the often referenced USA Photo Map, Fufawi. GPS Track maker etc. and I personally think that Quakemap is the best of the bunch, and for $10 this is one of the best bargains out there for our hobby. Try it ,.......you will like it.
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