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  1. Wicked, freakin' lame. I tried to scroll down to see which reviewer would have published it but my computer couldn't handle skipping past 4,000+ logs and it locked up. I just don't get it.
  2. Find any area with a large concentration of WalMart stores.
  3. It scores a perfect five out of five on the cheesiness scale:
  4. We'd recommend Collier-Seminole State Park. It has all the amenities you'd need to be comfortable. Also, Florida's oldest cache is close by. There's also caches along the canoe trail, and some traditionals as well as multies on nearby trails.
  5. Obviously land managers have the final say. Yes, geocaching in these places is a privilege and not a right. But how the hell can this guy (mr president) be part of this kind of thing? As a representative to the local caching community he should be working for the interests of the group! Instead he seems to be molding things to fit his idea of a perfect caching experience, using his land manager crony as the muscle to do it. I'm reminded of a term called 'lebensraum'. I'd have told him to go screw. NNJC Members - You need to find yourselves another leader.
  6. Found it! (500+ Finds) Found the site with a pencil sticking out of a hole and nothing else around. Me thinks this one has been muggled.
  7. Found it! (4800 Finds) Spent awhile looking. Think it has taken a walk.
  8. Oh, yuh! Like that will ever happen!
  9. That's not too far off of what is routinely done on these so-called 'mega-trails' right now. (If what I read in these forums is to be believed.)
  10. There's hiders in our area with over 100 hides each. A few are special, but the vast majority are nothing to write home about. Many of them have had 'needs maintenance' logs open on them for months. Between motivating players to hide large numbers of lower quality caches just to earn an icon on their profile, and them hiding more than they can (or intend to) maintain, I'd have to give this a thumbs down.
  11. To top it off, he's added the phony find to his list of FTF's on his profile page.
  12. Since it's no longer a case of 'it may cause a problem' to 'it has caused a problem', you should either archive it or relocate it. Geocaching doesn't need any more bad publicity. Removing the cache is the responsible thing to do.
  13. I don't get was the issue was either. Especially since the event cache page was almost identical to the ones published for the two prior years. This 'agenda' guideline has been around longer than that. So I posted this Reviewer Note to help state my case: There is no religious, political, charitable or other 'agenda' in this listing. It is not 'pro or 'anti' anything. The event is on November 11th. Veterans Day, formerly known as Armistice Day in rememberance of the end of the First World War. Towns and cities across the country recognize Veterans in many different ways. Without an agenda. Would this still be an issue if it referred to a different holiday? What about Christmas or St. Patricks Day? You have published listings with those themes. Religious? Maybe political? I don't think they had an 'agenda' either, but they were published nonethe less. What if it was 'honoring' some other person or group? You've published listings for firefighters (visit link) , a soldier killed in Vietnam (visit link) , friends who have passed away (visit link) . Then there's groups that do have an agenda. Like the Boy Scouts (visit link) , with their references to 'God' and exclusion of gays. And Girl Scouts (visit link) . Again I don't think that there are any 'agendas' with these listings either but why are they published but this one will not? A quick search of active listings show: - At least six with the title 'Honor our Veterans' - At least twenty-five titled 'Veterans Day' Including an event (visit link) - At least seven with the title 'Honor the Fallen'. This includes GC3J2RH (visit link) which you published 18 months ago. 'Honor the Fallen' in the title is not dissimilar to the 'Honoring All Who Served' in the graphic. In summary, there is no agenda (actual or implied) in this listing. Should you continue to dissagree after reading what I've pointed out, it's clear that you are interpreting this 'guideline' not only too broadly but selectively and unfairly. I hope that you will consider what I've presented here and publish the listing as is. Thanks. (Sorry the links don't work, but you probably have similarly titled caches in your area also) The Reviewers response was to appeal to Groundspeak, which we did.
  14. Where does it say anything about historical??? Fact...Country was at War...Soldier went to war...Soldier committed an act of Valor that warranted a MOH....Cache Hider included the citation in the Cache Description.. How is that any different than the millions of Caches that have some historical Data or theme...??? I question who has the Agenda.....??? If you don't want to participate in a Veteran themed Cache, then don't...That's your right....but why restrict those that enjoy reading and participating in something that recognizes that part of history?? By your logic we should restrict the Easter, Christmas, Halloween, St Patricks day, etc etc Caches because those could be construed as promomting a Religous agenda....Give me a break... + 1 Here's a link to our event that I mentioned earlier: http://coord.info/GC4PWTZ I was told that the only reason I couldn't get the event published was because of the image that was near the top of the page originally. You can find the image on our previous post, or in the gallery. Take a look at both and tell me what 'agenda' is being put forth?
  15. I totally agree with you and hope you can make it happen, but don't be surprised if TPTB give you some push back. We hold an event each year on November 11, Armistice Day (now called Veterans Day in the U.S.) This year we weren't allowed to use an image on the cache page that had the phrase "Honoring All Who Served". It seems that some interpret this as 'an agenda'. Link to the offending image. Use caution when viewing!
  16. Found it! Unable to find today. Did it "walk away"? Grid coordinates were correct and found the hint, but still unable to find in the brush
  17. It may be that in this particular case, the listings were archived and locked so they wouldn't become a 'message board' of sorts on the banning issue, or a vehicle for more of the same behavior that led to the ban in the first place? Just a thought.
  18. Our guess would be it's a pile of some well-aged FRUMUNDA !
  19. On a two-stage multi with a string of DNF's at the first stage: Clueless1 Found it! Shallow Tupperware container? I found it upside down with a broken glass pipe under it and no clues to #2 Congrats. You found a crack pipe, not a geocache.
  20. Found It! Found it along with a chicken and a rooster and iguanas! No log was in the cache or it was overlooked. Photos were sent to cache owner and it was verified. Great hide!!! We know you didn't 'find' it since you weren't there. So, how did you pass those pictures off to the CO as being yours? Do you have some kind of drone or something? Maybe your 'rooster' has a webcam strapped to it? BTW, how much do you cheat at golf?
  21. Then after you tell the forum that, you go and log it as found anyway, and like you found it yourself? Really, you logged a find on this? Wicked, wicked !
  22. It has nothing to do with what type of hide it is. It's: 1) that the hiders are placing caches they don't intend on maintaining and, 2) it defeats the purpose of having a physical cache with a log. Why bother with 'find it, sign the log' etc, when there's no requirement to find anything? That 'finding' part will just slow you down. Maybe one should get credit for just driving the length of the highway? How about coming up with a 'Groundspeak E-Z Pass' transponder for your car?
  23. Not true. A responsible CO does maintenance on their caches, that includes recovering archived caches. Our point continues to be that if they couldn't be bothered to pick up their geotrash in the first place then your efforts to remind them of their responsiblity is probably futile.
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