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  1. HonestCacher (5800+) Didn't find it 03/14/20XX I think this one disappeared down in its hiding spot. Could see it but couldn't retrieve it. NM IKINCIT! (300+) Needs Maintenance 03/14/20XX Cache has buried itself deep into its hiding spot and has become unretrievable (No matter what tool you try to use to get it out) IKINCIT! (300+) Found it 03/14/20XX Since I was able to see the cache before it slid deeper into its hiding spot, I was able to log a find. Thanks. C-O'sBuddy (700+) Found it 04/06/20XX Out with the CO today on way to do some new hides in Xxxxxxxx when he stopped so I could grab this one....TFTC! CacheOwner (1300+)Found it 04/06/20XX Found, can't retrieve it, so archiving it....sorry, didn't have a suitable replacement today. XX CacheOwner (1300+)Archive 04/06/20XX Done for. Still a find for them too. Including the CO.
  2. We found a seagull's leg bone, broken in half, stuck inside a film canister yesterday. Hard pressed to trade equal or trade up to that one.
  3. ScareduvSkeeters Found it! Went here with the wife and three friends. I was under attack by skeeters, so I didn't make it to the cache. However they did. ... My wife is tougher than me too, but I'd never admit it in a log.
  4. Is that why someone took a super bowl ring and left a quarter? Depending on which Super Bowl it was it could be trading up. Acorns, broken sea shells, broken glass, business cards. Those are some common items around here. Our favorite still has to be the moldy opossum skull that we found in a cache in Rhode Island. The container and all of it's contents were permiated with that nasty stench.
  5. Spot+Run (3990 Finds) Found it ! Found this on the way back down from Xxxxxxx, but I couldn't do much other than spot the container and leave. Two groups of people were right there on the trail. Makes me wonder if they were geocaching, too, but I didn't spot a GPS among them. Hmm... Hmm is right. Why didn't you stop and let them move along? Maybe you didn't spot the cache. Hmm...
  6. That may be your idea behind favorite points, but not everyone's. (btw, it would be 10%) Same with us. We don't subscribe to the 'earn one - burn one' philosophy. We award points to our favorites, not to our favorite out of the last ten. If we ended up doing ten, average, ho-hum caches why give a favorite point to one of them? That's not letting anyone know where a 'good' cache is. There are times we wish we could give extra favorite points to a worthy cache, so the OP's idea is interesting. But we're also happy with the way it works now. I don't expect we'll ever award all of our favorite points.
  7. Park n Grabs usually end up on the Ignore List for us. Not always. Just usually.
  8. This is exactly what happens We use them in the baggie with the logbook. They won't do much out in the cache container itself. Over time it will need to be changed out. A lot of our caches are near rivers and ponds or swamps, so we use small Plano Waterproof tackle boxes. They are permananently hinged on one side and have a substantial rubber seal. They've held up to everything so far, including being totally submerged by flooding.
  9. +1 From the OP's trail name I assume they are from Long Island, NY. So, the opportunies for forest caches are limited, and often require obtaining a permit. I don't want to appear judgemental, but the title of this thread makes me want to ask if this is an interesting location for a cache. Aside from the good advice given here on utility pole hides, is there something in this residential neighborhood that is worthy of bringing people to, or is it just a place that you think would be good for a creative hide? Maybe you could tell us a little more?
  10. A 1.5/1 Traditional Hide: Write note 05/21/2013 Well, we found something. It look like some letterbox like the spot. Neat spot. I hope you can get it worked out. Didn't find it 06/17/2013 Not sure if we found the cache as it looked more like a letterbox. The coords were off about 15 feet for this container. Looked very well around GZ, but didn't find another container at the described hint. If we signed the correct log, please let us know and we'll change to a find. Found it 07/21/2013 We were in the area and saw this cache was nearby so thought we'd grab it. We hope we found the cache and not a letterbox... we noticed some caching names in it so either we are all finding a letterbox or it's also the cache? Maybe the cache owner will take a look and clarify? thanks for the cache Don't you mean TFTLB? Didn't find it 07/24/2013 Two of us looked for about 20 minutes :-( Found a letterbox right off the bat, but couldn't find a cache. Found it 07/25/2013 Found with Xxxx. It appears we either found the intended cache posing as a hybrid/letterbox or did not find the cache but instead discovered a letterbox. In any event since we do both we stamped books and went on our merry way! Tftc Found it 07/25/2013 Looks like this is a letterbox hybrid. Signed log and stamped with my stamp. Wife did the same. TFTC especially the LB
  11. Yes, many times. Agreed, done it. I totally disagree. If your friend is about to hide the cache and hands you the log to sign before they stash it, you didn't find it. It doesn't matter how close to GZ you are. What is the difference between these 2 cases. In the first case, you didn't find it either and yet you logged your Find. In both cases, someone handed you the cache at GZ and you signed the log. The difference is with who handed it to you. Was that person there with you trying to find it, or was that person there to hide it? If they were searching with you, you're a co-finder. If they were there placing the cache, you're a co-hider at best.
  12. Yes, many times. Agreed, done it. I totally disagree. If your friend is about to hide the cache and hands you the log to sign before they stash it, you didn't find it. It doesn't matter how close to GZ you are. Some other examples: Found it 08/08/XXXX I was with the CO at placement. I'm not claiming FTF. or Found it Wander waist deep and no go. Good the have CO with a replacement container in hand. better yet: Found it We were all there as the "hide" team to teach XX xxxx how to hide caches now that he's not a newbie any more. We wouldn't consider any of these a 'find'. How about you?
  13. If you were there when it was hidden, then you already know where it is located, how do you 'find' it? I'd say it's akin to finding your own cache. In a certain state I visit often and geocache in, it's totally acceptable to bring a new cache to an event, let people sign the log, then go out and place it: Found it WooHoo FTF. Xxx Xxxxx was the first to ink this sweet blank log at the meeting in Xxxxxxxx. Thanks for putting out this cool idea for a cache. Found it Found it at the Xxxxxxxx XXX meeting. Thanks for the cache XXX. Cool idea. Publish Listing Published Found it First to log. Saw this at the meeting in Xxxxxxxx. Found it Found this one in the back of Xxxxx and Xxxxxxxxxx truck. There are about a dozen similar logs.
  14. One of our favorites would have to be this one: FH1007 It marks the state line between Oklahoma and Arkansas. I've never seen one like it, an octagonal iron rod in the ground. 01/01/1935 by CGS (MONUMENTED) DESCRIBED BY COAST AND GEODETIC SURVEY 1935 THIS TRAVERSE STATION IS AN OCTAGONAL IRON MONUMENT ABOUT 5 INCHES IN DIAMETER AND PROJECTING ABOUT 2 FEET. IT HAS AN IRON CAP COMING TO A POINT IN THE MIDDLE. IT IS ENGRAVED 1877 ON S FACE NO. 73 ON E FACE, AND CHER ON W FACE. IT IS IN A TRIANGLE FORMED BY A RAILROAD TRACK FROM THE S CONNECTING INTO AN E-W TRACK WITH A Y. IT IS ABOUT 125 YARDS E OF RAILROAD STATION. IT IS LEANING SOMEWHAT. IT IS ABOUT 5 MILES N OF FORT SMITH, AND 5 MILES W OF VAN BUREN. THIS STATION WAS CONNECTED BY TRAVERSE TO STATION GREENWOOD. Had a hell of a time finding it. My GPS had a software glitch and was constantly in 'recalculating route' mode. It was getting dark and I was using the map screen to narrow down the search area.
  15. A newbie quickly learns how to never have to log a DNF. Write note 03/15/2014 Found the location. And after reading many previous post, we too could not find it. We decided to leave a new geocache to keep this awesome location alive. Found it 03/15/2014 Started a new one
  16. I agree completely, although you did just steal my idea from post 13 and attempt to pass it off as your own. It is copyrighted and fully in the development stage. It tentatively will be called lamecaching - version K13. Sorry Fool, the idea was ours first! It's already in production: (I may be able to get you a discount on one)
  17. Brucie, you're the one showing the emotion. I never said they couldn't do it, didn't suggest it was against any rules either. It really doesn't matter to me. Don't care if they are allowed or not. Over the years I've learned that Groundspeak doesn't care to reason, so it's not worth the effort. It's lame. There it is, cut and dried.
  18. No matter how you folks try to justify it, it's simply just lame. What's next? A power trail of drive by events? Remember, there's no requirement to sign a log at an event. Here is an idea I had posted a while back: a geocaching 'transponder' (like the ones used to to pay highway tolls electronically IE: EZPass). Just drive on by within range of the cache (event) and it automatically logs your find (attended)for you. No hassles of getting out of your car and expending precious calories by walking. No tedious searching and the brutal task of actually using a pen and signing a logbook! You'll never have to be more than arms length from your cigarettes and oxygen tank in the climate controlled comfort of your car. Hey Groundspeak, there's a buck to be made here!
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