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  1. Maybe the Cape has reached it's crappy cache saturation point?
  2. I've seen this in the case of a CO who's account was 'suspended' by the empire: No mention of it being an automated message though.
  3. Didn't find it Found the container label. Probably muggled. Found All we could find was the label.
  4. Found It! Didn't really find do not go over there,there are nifes a old house we think a homes less person,not safe. Didn't Find It Didn't find this one. I did find the transient camp nearby which is a little unnerving because you never know what type of person might be lurking in the middle of the woods.
  5. We were on our annual vacation in Florida, and caching in an area we had discovered the previous year. Found a cache and discovered that we were the last ones to sign the log, over a year earlier. (No-we didn't go and log a find online twice!)
  6. Found it! Yes the tree is gone and the container as well, we replaced the cache with a new container and put in the area that the prior finder suggested. TFTC The tree was cut down due to disease. Too bad they didn't replace the tree as well.
  7. I doubt falling and cracking his head open was something he loved to do.
  8. Hiking and kayaking. Definitely time away from the wife as well.
  9. This is what I'd do. You can post that if anyone wants to join you to meet you at the trailhead at a specified time. It'll cut down on drive-bys too.
  10. Yep, it was that moisture in the air that would turn to snow as soon as the sun set. Every morning there'd be another inch or so on the ground. We'd get up in the morning an do P.T. outside. Afterwards, I'd be in the barracks getting changed for work and Willard Scott would be doing the weather. "Coldest spot in the lower 48 right now - Watertown, New York". Still beautiful country up there though.
  11. I'd like to see a minimum find count before hiding, but the legs have been beaten off that dead horse so why bother. It's too easy to fake finds anyway.There's no published guideline for integrity. On the flip side, there are players around who have thousands of finds and have hidden dozens or more caches, who still don't get it right.
  12. The piles around my driveway are over six feet. We lost our shih tzu in the back yard for a while after the blizzard. The only time I've come close to this was living way up in upstate New York. I'm not talking about Poughkeepsie, that's only way upstate to the islanders. It was up near Watertown. I first got to Fort Drum just after Thanksgiving. Already the snow banks were too high to see over. The road from Lowville to Drum was like a canyon. You couldn't tell where the intersections were. Except for when the snow mobiles crossed the road right in front of you. It would snow every day up there, just as soon as the sun started to set. It's not that bad here. Yet.
  13. Start with 'dumb' and then work your way down to 'unethical'.
  14. The power company routinely clears high-voltage line cuts around here. I don't know how much it has to do with terrorism, but inspecting the lines by helicopter is becoming commonplace. Soon they'll be using drones to do the job. Once again Groundspeak injects subjectivity into it's 'guidelines'. While 'on' the transmission tower is quite clear, they leave the 'near' part up to interpretation. What constitutes 'near'? My guess is that 'near' will be determined arbitrarily by reviewers, or by whoever decides to dime your cache out.
  15. However many nanos were destroyed, it's a good start.
  16. When it gets smashed, or otherwise disappears, folks will take to signing the building.
  17. Don't let those folks over in Ohio hear that!
  18. +1 Experienced this while caching on vacation. Walked into what turned out to be a homeless camp with my then five-year olds. Not cool.
  19. I wouldn't have attempted it either, urban micros aren't our thing. As you get more experienced with the game, things will seem more obvious to you. I'm not sure why folks hide caches in questionable areas, and some are unsure why we hide caches in swamps. Don't be discouraged. Consider it a lesson learned and go enjoy the game.
  20. This is a newbie log on a multi of ours. It made me chuckle. "This was the most difficult cache I've found to date!" (Their second find) "...the coordinates for location 2 may be about 10 feet off target." They seem to have given up on caching after this.
  21. Sandwiched in the middle of a string of a dozen DNFs: Throwdowner (2100+) Found it! This cache is way to important not to be found and stay active. Xxx Xxxxx has been watching this cache for over a year waiting for it to be found. There has just been to many DNFs lately from geocachers with great skills not to believe it is not truly missing. So xxx XXXX waddled out to GZ and placed a temporary yellow micro container in a tree. If the original is ever found, then that person will be allow to keep my temporary contain as a prize. Everything is now good to go. Great spot. TFTC and I signed to new log. A six year old micro along a rail trail. Not sure what made it so important.
  22. C'mon now, let them play the game they way want to.
  23. I guess its more common than I thought. I'm surprised those C&G events were allowed to continue along that way up here in the Bay Colony.
  24. This is a first for us: http://coord.info/GCK5E6
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