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  1. String loggers, Velcro loggers? We submit to you, Magnet Loggers : Write note HonestCacher1 Solved the puzzle and proceeded to gz only to find a magnet with nothing attached. I'll return when I know the cache is there Write note HonestCacher2 Caching along with HonestCacher1. It sure looked like a place for a cache but only part of it was sticking around. Found it Magneteer We found what was left. Please check out since this is such a neat park Found it MagnetCrew We gathered the information and solved the puzzle. The cache magnet, as previously reported, is still in place. There was a place to sign our name on the magnet so we did. Cache should be replaced. Thanks! Needs Maintenance MagnetMan MAGNET IS STILL THERE BUT LOG IS GONE Found it MagnetMan NICE LITTLE PARK. TFTC. Found it Magnetized Found the partial cache with the kids before going to the library Found it MAG-NET Had some business in xxxx today so swung by for this cache. There was a guy in a car parked very close to GZ, not sure if he was drinking or not. But I guess I creeped him out more than he did me because he left and I was able to go about my search. Found the remnants of the cache and was able to sign the fastening mechanism. TFTC. Signing the magnet????
  2. We'd submit these: Blackwater River m^3 Dark green area alternative–a tribute to Postpile For us, caching in Florida is all about the natural beauty. Try these caches and you'll be immersed in it!
  3. Another from the 'First Stage found' Smiley Club: Found it First stage found while waiting for my daughter to get out of school. Fun cache!!
  4. Log on a simple two-stage multi: Found it First stage found -- great hide
  5. The NFS charges a fee? Is that a local thing 'cause up in the White Mountains NF there is no fee. At least not yet.
  6. This cache is a large safe hidden in the woods. There's a fairly simple puzzle to solve to get the combination to open it. Found it Found the cache but the lid was stuck tight. Points for creativity. TFTC! Oh yeah, the lid was tight alright. Like Fort Knox, huh?
  7. Found It I was fishing at [this pond] and decided to go after this cache at [this] island when i got to gz i found a note in it~s place saying the cache you are looking for is gone ha ha ha ha those (thieving pirates) so I signed the note and next time i go fishing there i will replace the cache for the owner i tried to contact the owner and i am not getting any response so i checked the owners stats and the owner of [this cache] has not done a cache for five plus years so i am taking this as a found and i will replace next time i go fishing at [this pond]. [edited text]
  8. We travel to OKC often and have done a couple of night caches there. Looking for suggestions for others in the area.
  9. Found it I'm debating on whether "found it" is appropriate for this. We were able to find where it USED TO be but only the hook. The cache itself is gone. Whether I actually "found" this is up to (the CO). Just let me know! Cool spot anyway! Don't debate. DNF it!
  10. You haven't been looking at any maps for quite some time, eh?
  11. More Webcam Woes: Webcam Photo Taken 01/29/2012 Great view! My phone failed to save the picture Great log! However, the CO failed to delete your bogus find Webcam Photo Taken 01/29/2012 Found How about a picture to go with your awesome log? Webcam Photo Taken 07/11/2011 Arrived at the beach only to find a hefty parking fee. Asked the attendant if we could check it out just to see if we wanted to stay - NO PROBLEM. A fast call to TEAM RUMBLE and the pic was snapped. Great view of the water and the sand. Third WC of the day! How cool is that? How cool would it be if you had a webcam photo? Webcam Photo Taken 12/06/2010 Easy to find and a lot of fun. Thanks for the webcam! It's not so easy to find your photo.
  12. On the subject of webcams... These are logs for a webcam located on top of a mountain in New England. The camera snaps a picture every 15 minutes: Webcam Photo Taken 08/31/2012 I have attached a photo of my husband at the X. It was raining and the wind gusts, as the other cacher noted, was in the 80+ mph. It was crazy and we couldn't stand there for 15 minutes. We arrived on the observation deck at 1:46! Hope this will qualify... These folks managed to stay and get a webcam photo that day: Webcam Photo Taken 08/31/2012 On a fairly windy day even if it's only 85 mph! While doing some Benchmarks as well as the Mt **** 9/11 Memorial.
  13. Tink says: "Every time you hide a film can, a fairy dies." : Clan Riffster "This place was crying out for a cache, surprised there wasn't one here already" - from a nano cache on an abandoned payphone
  14. If I recall correctly, there were no caches in Petoria before the U.S.-led invasion. (Not sure about 'Joehio' though)
  15. We use a paint pen to mark inside the container. You can get them at places that sell art supplies. They last longer than a sharpie.
  16. This one was located near a spot where yard waste was being dumped: Didn't find it we found shingles but we think the cache may be buried under a great pile of branches that has been recently dumped at GZ. Found it No luck here today, I also believe this one got buried
  17. Found it Found the hollowed out tree but no container.
  18. Paddle Events are a lot of fun. Folks seem to come out of the woodwork for them. We've been to a couple and are hosting one tomorrow. Our favorite (paddle or not) cache was this one down in Florida. Unfortunately, many paddle caches don't have enough thought put into them. With changing water levels the caches get washed away or damaged from water ingress. Choosing a high enough location and putting a lanyard on the the container will help the cache last past the high water levels. We put out a series of caches that cover a 32 mile stretch of river. It involves paddling along and finding numbers to enter in a final coordinate to find the container. The four subordinate caches each have clues to the bonus cache. Each container is on dry land nearby to eliminate the possibility of it washing away. Twice we've had the caches leave their hiding spots. One was due to finder-error, the other was from some critter trying to make off with it.
  19. I would say you did the right thing. You did maintenance on a cache you found, not place a cache to log a find. No different than putting a new pencil or ziplock into a cache you found.
  20. It not the chance of being seen, it's just plain creepy for an adult to be poking around a playground.
  21. There was one in Texas that turned out to be inside a mens outhouse near an old church. Loaded with black widows no less. We walked away from that one. Other places would include near homeless camps, playgrounds, lamp skirts, stone walls, inside cemetaries, and electrical junction boxes. Not that we've ever seen any in those places.
  22. Once I came across a bookmark list titled 'AnyCity,States' Best Caches'. The list had about eight caches on it, all but two were the bookmarkers own and most of them had a 'Needs Maintenance' or 'Needs Archived' log. That was pretty lame too.
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