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  1. A log on one of the many 'stacked' events around GeoWoodstock: Attended 05/24/2013 Missed it by several hours
  2. L0ne R, I think you hit the nail on the head with the first few lines in your previous post (above). What's on your Favorites List is a good indication of your caching style, and not all styles are alike. We like the higher terrain difficulty caches, but a 5/5 doesn't guarantee a favorite point from us. We've earned 110 points and have used 75 of them, so it's not like we never award them. It's left up to the cacher's discretion what kind of hides they'll favorite or not. A well written log and word of mouth also go along way toward letting others know when a cache is worth searching for. I'll disagree with the '... who use the FP vote appropriately...' part though.
  3. But, they're 'Favorite Points'. If they were 'Above Average Cache Points', wouldn't we earn 49 for every 100 caches found instead? That would seem appropriate to me.
  4. If you're asking the question here, you probably already know the answer. Let your conscience be your guide.
  5. We should award a point to a substandard cache based on it being the least substandard out of ten caches? Nope, don't think so. As for changing behavior, yeah, I'll get right on that.
  6. What he said. Unused favorite points shouldn't be burning a hole in your pocket. Use them when you think a cache deserves them, not just because you have them.
  7. Including finds on these 'team account' hides. A good way to boost those numbers, eh? Getting back on subject... You could always plead your case to the local reviewer if you think it's inappropriate.
  8. Definetly recommended. We got the PN60w so we could use it with the SPOT Communicator. The newer ones have InReach. It's rugged and dependable. We've only had one issue with it, and that was corrected with a free software upload. As stated above, check the Delorme forums for advice before and after.
  9. Log a DNF. Notify the CO. Don't become a vigilante. That's what started this.
  10. Of course you can. Should you? No. You didn't find it. Yes it was missing, but them's the breaks. Things don't always turn out as we planned.
  11. CheapHooker Found it! Found the hook and the cap of the container but the logbook was not there, this cache needs maintenance ASAP!! Nice Hideout! gudsplerr Found it! Found hiding spot, cash got muggled, replaced cash with new log and container These three are from the same cache: shortarms Found it! Found it, had trouble retrieving it, dropped it way way way out of the reaches of my arm. I did put a napkin in where the cache is very cleverly hidden (now ever more so) and signed it.Travelling on to xxx to visit my best friend for the 4th napkinloggr Found it! found this one on the way out of town. I was heading to xxx for a bmx race, and we grabbed about 15 caches along the way.we tried to retrieve the cache but we failed. shortarms left a napkin so we had to sign that.tftc truthteller Found it! Found it but it is truly out of reach Out of reach? Truly? Ya don't say.....
  12. There's an area that we frequent where this happens a lot. Any spot along the road with some bushes or trees seems to be open game. I've read lots of logs with stories about unhappy, sometimes gun-toting, land owners. Some folks just don't know. Others do know but don't care. Then there's those who don't want to know.
  13. This was on a two-stage multi: Twoiz2Tuff Found it! Well, kinda. Found the first one but never did find the second. LOTS of downed tree branches so I'm guessing that it's still in there somewhere. Really nice place to hide a cache though This was a solve at your desk puzzle: LowOnEffort Found it! I loved this puzzle and solved it with no problems. I got confirmation and went to the calculated coords but this one is gone!! I looked for about fifteen minutes and then just ran out of places to look. Sorry for the problems!
  14. If you have to ask yourself, then the answer should probably be no.
  15. A short-lived cache with no finders. Well, one finder according to this guy: Owner X Archive Checked on this cache after work tonight (11:00 PM). Sorry to say, this one is gone. I walked all around the area and the wooded area, no sign of the cache or homeless people/camps. This was a very short lived cache. This was the 3rd cache of mine that went MIA. It stayed there several days until it was approved, then went missing. I think there is a cache bandit with a GPS around here Ithunkdit Found it Didn't read your cache "obit" B4 going after this one. HOWEVER, since we read your reward notice we, and another cacher, thot what the heck, that's close enough we're gonna log it as found and put it on our watch list. When it is recovered or re-located and we find it we'll just note it and not take another found. Sorry about all the TBs that are missing, we were going to place "Xxxx" there but we'll just have to find him another place.
  16. No need to blow this out of proportion. Put it in your checked luggage. If you're worried about a thieving TSA flunky, then keep them in your carry-on. What's the worst that could happen? They open your bag and look at it. No biggie. Have fun on your trip!
  17. This was a bison on a string... Honestcacher Didn't find it We found where it was knot. Tie-r Up-er Found it! The container we couldn't find either. We did find the "knot" so we replaced the container with a small baggy and replacement log. Ingenious cammo. Sl hope you find this as suitable until ....Tftc Owner XX Archive Mia
  18. Locationless or Traditional? CacheNcarry Found it! No one was around when we pulled up and grabbed the cache. Was in the process of signing log when security pulled around the corner and stopped to watch us. Grabbed a couple of waters out of the cooler and then decided to leave and come back. We went on around the corner and decided to go look for another one in the area. Came back by and the security vehicle was now at GZ checking out the area. We went over to McWalton's Kilt #1 (which is another story in of itself). That is when we noticed a security guard on a segway on the 2nd floor of the parking garage, which must have been the one that saw us in the first place. Due to all the activity we did not try and go back to replace the cache. Sorry but we still have the cache. Note sent to CO. TFTC and the excitement. Astonished Found it! Im sorry but can't believe that a cacher would take the cache and not return it. You could have come back an hour later!!! We are claiming it and sending pic of skirt to CO to show we were there. PhotoCacher Found it! Found with the Xxxxxxs today. I almost tore the place up before we saw it was in the hands of the previous Cacher. We took a pic a ground zero and hope that's good enough for you. Wait4Me Found it! Tftc IMwundering Write note Ok. So do I get to claim this since I was here? I didn't since there was no cache nor log for me to sign but just wondering what should be done. IMwundering Found it! Was told to claim it. TFTH. LogLater Found it! Guess I should have researched the resent logs before coming to find this one. I'm in transit in a big move so I didn't have a replacement cache. Logging as a find and will come back out here sometime in my four years living here to sign log.
  19. IkindafindeM Found it! Found it... sort of... Found the magnetic part of the cache where it's supposed to be. No lid, no log. Homeless camp at GZ, but no one nearby while we were there
  20. Hmmm, that one makes 2,562 finds for him. His profile says that he's a magician. Maybe he can make caches appear out of thin air?
  21. We've been using Plano Waterproof containers lately. They latch on three sides, are hinged on the other, and have a sturdy seal. They work great. You can get them at Bass Pro for about $7 for the smaller ones.
  22. BIGHANDS Found it Try as a may, I was not able to retrieve the cache using all available tools. A combination of fat fingers and a good hiding spot was enough to keep It just out of reach. I hope the CO is ok with the claim of a find. This is a very good series! The next person to this one should bring small hands!
  23. Is there that big a shortage of places to put a cache? It's a dumb idea.
  24. We really enjoyed Sweetwater Creek State Park the last time we were there. Lots of trails, scenery, history, and a few good caches too.
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