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  1. There are some available. They don't work too well however.
  2. Found it Tried not to disturb the area too much, but couldn't find the cache. Did find a pen the was in an odd spot though. Finding a pen is close enough...
  3. They're made by evil gnomes who live deep in the forest. (Or are they the ones that make nanos?)
  4. To make a long story short, the guy was p-o'd because of the terrain difficulty of the cache. He figured he'd get back at us by cutting and blazing a trail through the undergrowth to the final.
  5. I would have deleted their log and archived the cache at that point. Then probably hide a new one in the same area with a giant warning on the page not to do that. Nah, I won't delete a legitimate find. I left the logs posted, along with our 'Owner Maintenance' log and a bunch of pictures, for all to see.
  6. Yeah, a machete or other tool isn't a good idea. Leaving no signs you were there when placing or seeking a cache is important. There are areas that are closed to caching because of the effects it has on the flora. We went out to check on one of our caches a few months ago. It's a fairly tough multi that takes you through swamp in some stages. Well, we found that the direction to the final was blazed with pink engineer tape, and worse, the route was hacked clear in spots by someone using a lopper. (The last finder had bragged about it in their online log.) Not a good way to present the game to land managers. There was a whole line of this from the trail, way out to the final. Bushes and saplings were cut down with tools also.
  7. This guy was proud to claim the FTF on this newly published, but already owner-disabled cache: FirstToFib Found it! TFTF. This was an awesome area but had to walk through waist deep of mukky water. Glad there was a couple more caches I could get. Was in the area to try to get a FTF and do a few others on a beautiful Fathers Day. But there's more to the story: [Write note] FirstToFib Well after searching and sending a picture to the CO. Confirmed I was there but cache was not. Was going to log as a find but the CO never said it was ok. Never said it was okay, but you did anyway? [Write note] PNutGallery How can u log it as a find when u don't find the cache? Silence..... [Enable Listing] Cache Owner Required maintenance is now done and hopefully this will fair the weather and critters better - it's now tethered! After some discussion and thought I'm also bumping the D rating too. At last, a real FTF? Maybe? CO's Buddy Found it! I got a text from Cache Owner asking did I want to join in the adventure with him as he replaced the cache. Almost 100 degree day, sure, why not. It wasn't bad at all, a few weeds, a little water to cross, a few more weeds and thorns, and then an easy climb. I'm betting a curious squirrel took the last cache, he will have a harder time running off with this one, Cache Owner tethered it with a steel leader. Thanks for another really fun cache !!!! This type of cache beats the heck out of skirt lifters, you have a fun adventure to remember for a long time. Did you sign the log before or after the cache was placed? Just askin'
  8. That one icon on the map in a sea of smileys getting on your nerves? Get rid of it by placing it on your ignore list. I made no accusations back there. The OP asked a question and I gave my opinion. There must be better things to do than watching forum discussions waiting for a chance to chime in as being offended. (Hint: That was an accusation)
  9. This is a log for a virtual that's out on an island: Found it We researched caches on the [Xxxxxx] Islands before making a boat trip to [Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx] I to visit [Xxxxxx Xxxxx]. We didn't see this one on the map of caches. Now I see it after our visit. Since we were really, truly there, I'm claiming found status. I'll attach a photo of my wristband. I highly recommend this cruise. See [xxxxxxxxx.org for summer season tours Fri Sat and Sun. The cache page clearly states to complete two of five listed requirements to claim a find. A photo of a wristband isn't one of them.
  10. More from the guy who's vocabulary doesn't include 'DNF': Found it .... after we said good by we headed to are hotel to check in. after that i decided to go walking to several geocaches. this was the 2 one i searched for. i searched for quite a while with no luck. since the difficulty of this is only a 2 and i looked for this cache for quite a while with no find. i beleive this one is missing. since i searched quite a while over here and wasted my time trying to find something that may have never been here when i started searching, i beleive i should get and deserve the smiley. i looked quite a few places. i searched the sign, a few piles of rocks, several baricades with black and white stripes on them, in some holes and groves along the bricks, along the fence, and in a near by pine tree with no luck. and a few other places all with no luck. thanks for bringing me here any way though. Should have searched where the cache was hidden.
  11. If you have to ask, then answer is probably 'poor'. That's the best thread in the forums. Agreed. How much are three smileys really worth to you? Go find three other caches and feel better about it.
  12. Counter point: If you went out to check on a cache that you placed previously, would you log a 'find'? After all, you did go find it, didn't you?
  13. Agreed. For us, it's like logging a find on a cache you placed. It adds to your find count just like a find on an ordinary cache, so why treat it different? Most don't see it this way however. We held a CITO in April and everyone who 'attended' received the special souvenir. We didn't get one for being the event's host. Tried to convince TPTB to also award it to the hosts, to no avail. The response was to 'just post an attended log and get the souvenir'. Nope. Didn't do it.
  14. Surely this guy is the envy of geocachers everywhere. Never, ever comes away without a smiley: Found it We were headed to a bike shop nearby this cache to try and get a new bike post that fits my bike and so right after we did that I went and looked with no luck! We spent like 10 minutes looking all over the tree with no luck. I think it's missing. For all my effort and time trying to find this cache with no avail I believe I should get the smiley That's funny, 'cause I believe you're wrong. Found it i am late in logging this because i have been very busy lately. i have just got to logging this one now. ok so while i was in the area a week ago i decided to walk over to this park and attempt the search despite the logs. also because there was an earth cache right next to this that i could try and find as well. now the cache definitely is gone. i found where it was supposed to be but wasn't. just for the attempt and the fact that it never was there in the first place whebn i started looking i beleive i deserve and should get the smiley. thanks for bringing me here anyway!! i absolutely love this very cool park!! also i have been to this area a few times before and love the hot springs, love the area, and the historic building nearby. thanks!! Searching for missing caches is a lot like shooting fish in a barrel, eh? Found it i got out out on my bike again today to try and find some more caches. this is the 2 one i searched for today. its almost been a year since i searched last with no luck. you also gave me a hint about a year ago and even with that i couldn't find it a year ago. so today was the day i got out to search for this one. with the last 2 logs 1 a dnf and 1 needs maintnance it didnt sound like the cache was still here and even if it was it may be in bad shape. but i searched for this one anyway for about 20 minutes. during the search i found something that i think is the cache but i am not shore. what i found seemed to correlate with the hints you gave me a while back. i found what looked to be a rolled up log with no cap! but when i tried to get it out it got pushed back further in and some fuzz came off of what i thought was the logbbok in the container with no cap. also it looked like a white spot in black by the only thing in the area. i think that if it was the cache the logbook got tons of water on it through the winter and rain and turned it into fuzz. i have some expirience with making paper and i know that when paper first starts to form it looks and feels fuzzy almost like cotton. in addition i know that after paper gets really wet that when it dries again it can turn fuzzy. i beleive this cache needs some checking. especially after the last 2 logs before mine and now mine. i would appreciate that if you could, could you please tell me where the cache was hidden so i can verify what i found was indeed the cache?? thanks!! Way to hide that DNF in a drawn-out log entry! Found it we are on vacation from xxxxx state!! we just stayed a night in xxxx . after heading back from xxxxxx xxxxx where we stayed 5 nights at a timeshare. we also came here to visit my uncle and his wife who just got married recently. yesterday we went out to eat with them at a nearby restraunt called kracker barrel. that also has an old country store inside. i loved the place. it was really nice. there theme was like an old western style. because they had some old and more reccent country music playing inside and also because of what they designed the place to look like. today however after checking out of are hotel we decided to go to a very nice park near by. while doing so i walked to several different geocaches nearby the park. this was the 7 1 i searched for. i really wanted to find a large container since there is not very many of those around. but i am sad to say this one is probably missing. especially with the last log a dnf. a large container like this should be a real easy find. i beleive i should get and deserve the smiley for all my effort and waste of time searching for something that was probally never there when i started searching. i even dropped an iphone while looking that wasted more time. i had go back and search for the iphone. i finally found the iphone but not the cache. thanks for taking me here anyway though!! i absolutely love this park!! It sounds like this whole game is a waste of your time!
  15. Hmm. Sounds like an OKC area power trail.
  16. This cache was a micro that seems to have fallen victim to Hurricane Sandy. There's a string of DNF's preceding and following this log: alitterbug Found it! On the way to south we had a short stop could crab the cache (left a log paper there under a stone). Hole area has been destroyed. T4TC Greetings from Xxxxx alitterbug (Member of Team Foneyfinds) Clearly a case of Cache Out - Trash In .
  17. More sniveling... Whine+Cheeze Found it! All I can say is that I'm glad this cache is finally off my list. Ugh! I don't understand the enjoyment in caches like this. There wasn't even any decent swag to make it seem worthwhile.
  18. If the icon is the only reason, then what's the sense? It's just another traditional. Mixing the letterboxing tradition into geocaching is more appropriate to the term 'hybrid' than simply adding a stamp to a cache is.
  19. Same here. Many LBH's we've seen are just a cache right at the posted coordinates with a cheesy stamp thrown in. No 'offset' directions to follow. No similarities to a true Letterbox hide. A nice hand-carved stamp shows the pride and effort that was put into the hide. Since I'm not talented enough to make one myself, we had one made for our LBH hide. Putting the stamp issue aside. To keep with the spirit and tradion of letterboxing, the guidelines should specify that the hide needs to be offset from the posted coordinates, and include clues (directions) on how to find the container.
  20. The container is the key. Don't rely on a zip-lok baggie to keep the log dry. Ammo cans are absolutely the best. We've also been using small Plano brand tackle boxes for a couple years. They lock tight on three side with a sturdy hinge on the other. The lid seals with a rubber gasket. We get ours at Bass Pro Shop. Works great.
  21. "What does the community think about absent owners? How log is too log?" Absent owners? What about absent consonants? That's an issue!
  22. Kind of reminds me of this 'snivel log': Found it I'm was disappointed to read in the log book that the previous cacher did not swap equally. After enduring such an unpleasant trek, a trackable item would have been a satisfactory reward. TRADE UP OR TRADE EQUALLY, PEOPLE! Don't take a trackable if you don't have one you are willing to leave in its place. The posters caching buddy posted a similar log. I'll admit that this was a bit of a bushwhack, but my eight year olds had no problem doing it. It seems the world is full of people waiting to be offended.
  23. Areas under federal control will have 'US Property' signs posted around that particular section. It could be just a single building, or a larger area that's fenced off. Fort Leonard Wood, Mo (federal property) has several pioneer cemeteries on post. Normally it's no problem for the general public to get permission at the gate by showing a drivers license and getting a temporary pass to visit the cemeteries. But during high-security conditions (like the period following 9/11) no one got on post for such a thing, period. It may be that Sergeant Johnson, and whatever command he is part of, view caching on their post as an inappropriate activity. Unfortunately, if they cite some sort of security concern about it, one will be hard pressed to make them change their policy despite what Texas law may state.
  24. The laws governing the cemetery would depend on if it was Federal Property or not. Sometimes, when a base is 'deactivated' or turned over to the National Guard, portions within may remain under control of the feds. Properties owned by a Reserve Component are federal land. National Guard properties belong to the respective state. Maybe this is the case?
  25. We picked up a RangeMaxx ammo can at Bass Pro Shops for $9.99. They're not metal, but still pretty sturdy. The lid has a rubber gasket for a tight seal. Might be an option?
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