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  1. On 2/22/2023 at 12:10 PM, kayakbird said:

    MORC Citadel  SS1486, named after a prominent rock feature that Lewis & Clark passed going westbound on 31 July 1805.  Wooden instrument stand was used during the 1949 re-survey.  Bears Paw Mountains to the NNE.  Found during a three day kayak trip in May 2009.  Several of the NONPID river terrace elevation benchmarks were also found.  kayakbird

    MORC CITADEL SS1486-1949 STAND-1466.JPG

    This is an outstanding photo of an outstanding recovery. I doesn't get any cooler than this one...

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  2. On 10/28/2022 at 4:45 PM, bigeddy said:

    " Groundspeak keeps disappointing me. "

    As they do for a lot of us. This was a very interesting and, if you wanted it to be, technical form of gps gameplay. But it doesn't seem to hold it's own against chasing down bison tubes with wet paper every tenth of a mile. Server space costs money and its getting expensive to pay all those people who do the work for free...

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  3. On 3/31/2020 at 9:14 AM, Goldenwattle said:

    Not bad:

    reg_user.gifbalozu burvis

    found.png 322 Caches Found
    trackable.png 10719 Trackables Logged
    They should have all their TB logs deleted. That might make them stop it.


    It looks like that is what happened.

    We had a cool coin in our watchlist since 2008. It went missing in 2010, so I was surprised to see it had been 'discovered'.

    Then I wasn't so surprised when I read the log entry was "check".

    Today, their profile shows no trackables logged and the account has been locked. :D


    Additionally, a look at one of their owned caches shows that the townspeople were gathering at the gate with torches and pitchforks...



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  4. It's surprising to me the lengths some people will go to cheat in logging a trackable. It's sad really. We've had folks log fake finds on a cache, but that's relatively easy in comparison.


    Got two 'hits' from players overseas on a trackable that has never left our possession. Maybe they got the number off of a pic, maybe they used a 'code generator'. Doesn't matter.


    10K+ and 12K+ alleged finds each, and about a zillion trackables logged.






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  5. On ‎7‎/‎30‎/‎2018 at 3:41 PM, Elektrazz said:

    Why those maggots have used churches for years.  Makes me sick.  I hate that he used such a great sport to do his dirty. 


    If it wasn't geocaching, he'd have been using some other activity to get his jollies.


    In retrospect, some of the titles on his caches seem to be questionable:


    'Once upon a Child'

    'Bend over and cough'

    'Destiny's Child'

    'Lets have a sleepover'



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  6. Found it Found it

    Had a similar experience to the previous log but add thousands of mosquitos.
    We really dove into the brush, forsaking any fear of the poison ivy, and still didnt find it. Maybe its gone?


    Found it Found it

    I so much would love to have logged this as a find but the cache seems to have been muggled, we found a white lid, and plastic baggie with hair ribbons. the walk was beautiful, picked some rosehips for tea on the walk back. We believe the cache is gone and now getting home to NJ and reading the logs were sure it was not there. will post pictures soon. I am positive we were in the right place well send pics to the owner, asking to post that smiley if the cache is indeed not there. Thanks for bringing us here. Unfortunately we can not get back from jersey at least for a year or so. We were going to leave a jeep 4x4 but could not.



  7. On an Earthcache:
    Found it Found it          07/01/1961

    The cache owner has allowed me to log this as of my first visit when I spent quite some time playing around the rocks. Probably there was a different sign then but the same rocks. Apparently even the experts didn't know this was a rock glacier for another 20 years. I have been back twice since but didn't stay as long. Because all my visits were before the cache was posted I'm claiming -1TF

    Publish Listing Publish Listing     09/16/2016



    Yes. Those are the same dates as posted.

    Good thing they kept good notes. It's hard to remember things for 55+ years.

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