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  1. This is what i keep getting in response to and attempted log of a benchmark. tried it on a different ISP and different computer to see if it was something related to a security patch on my machine but the same result everytime

    last attempt was made 840 AM east coast


    Geocaching - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site Your request has resulted in an error.


    You may choose to retry your previous request.


    Or you may tell us what you were doing when this error occurred.



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  2. 1980-82 us army Schweinfurt germany 3 ID groundsurvalence rader

    82- 83 us army Fort Hood TX 1 ACR

    83-85 315 AW usaf reserve Aircraft mechanic

    85-2004 USAF Flight engineer C-5 Galaxy 1 gulf war ,bosnia, kosovo, desert storm ,Iraq, operation northeren watch. half a dozen more I can't remember

    2004-present Goverment contractor providing mission planning expertise

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