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  1. WMAs are off limits in NY too
  2. Love the ammo can nice touch
  3. <<gets out elmers and glitter>> Very cool coin got one of each standards
  4. Finaly found the wire to conect my digital camera to the computer. That sneaky Aiden hid it on me!! So here are a couple Secret Agent pictures!! This one is Our Agent and the Georgia 2007 we traded for it along with our Sig item. And this is Aiden with the coin(that you can hardly see!)
  5. I had visions of a rent-a-kid type service to allow cachers without small children to grab micros at the neighborhood park in the daytime! I read that the same way. I am sure I could rent out Aiden for a small fee.
  6. Belize Walmart LPM we should’ve turned right at Albuquerque
  7. If you have a small child and you don't already own one, I suggest getting a jogging stroller. We tried pushing a regular stroller and believe me it was terrible.
  8. To me a bad cache is one that brings me into a situation that seems uncomfortable. A lamp post in front of a popular store in not very fun for me.. But I still do them... <shrug>
  9. I use a Swag back pack that I got at the Foundation of Flexographic Technical Association's annual forum in Salt Lake City, UT in 2003. I also carry around a small Graco bag that came with our regular use stroller, we use it as our diaper bag.
  10. didn't take long to go from 250 to 300 though
  11. I don't think I have ever refreshed a page so much Thanks Team Jsam!!!
  12. C: And being herded into endless Hotel Miramars and Bellevueses and Bontinentals with their International luxury roomettes and draught Red Barrel and swimming pools full of fat German businessmen pretending to be acrobats forming pyramids and frightening the children and barging into the queues. And if you're not at the table spot on 7 you miss your bowl of Campbells Cream of Mushroom soup - the first item on the menu of Internaional cuisine. (guess 1977)
  13. C: Yes, you're quite right, whats the point of going abroad if you're just another tourist carted around in buses surrounded by sweaty (miners sons???) from Kettering and Boventry with their bloth baps and their bardigans and their transistor radios complaining about the tea, ooh they dont make it properly here do they - and stopping at endless Majorcan bodegas selling fish and chips and Watneys Red Barrel and calamares and two veg and sitting in their cotton sunfrocks squirting Timothy Whites sun cream all over their puffy raw swollen purulent flesh cos they overdid it on the first day.
  14. C: Yes well Ive been on package tours many times before and so your advert really baught my eye.
  15. A: Now then, er, about the, er, about the holiday.
  16. C: Ah thats very good. I never thought of that before. What a silly bunt.
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