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  1. I remember to let Aiden fill out the logs for your caches Huk
  2. OK I am in a similar type situation. Our local caching group went on a hike and durring that hike we (like 6 of us) hid a new cache. I know exactly where it is so I won't log a found on it. BUT my wife and son were NOT on that hike so they can go find it without me. Should I log that as a find since we use a team name?
  3. [quot]It's going to be a long afternoon.... I work nights so I am likly to be asleep when the mail comes. Today I woke up about 30 minutes after he had come so all I had was the slip to claim them at the post office. So what did I do? Well, I drove around my neighborhood untill I found my Postal worker!
  4. I accidentaly stumbled upon a letterbox the other day while scouting out hiding places, unfortunatly I didn't have my stamp with me..
  5. For one that we couldn't quite reach, I got on my hands and knees and my wife stood on top of me.
  6. One cacher around these parts has been using Tyvek for her film can logs. Its a pain to write on with certain things though.
  7. Wow very nice looking. Wish I could go to GW5
  8. 2 Fleur de Lis Geocoins 1 Copper LIGO coin
  9. It is possible that it has already picked up by someone else who has simply "grabbed" it from you when they logged it. Sometimes the system is a little slow and it wont reflect that on the page. If you feel you might need further help contact Eartha down in the TB forums.
  10. I agree with TAR, I think in this instance pepper spray would have led to much worse things. If you do wish to go that route: The New York State Self-Defense Spray Law - Penal Law 265.20 Requires special labeling and control of sales. In order to purchase this product the law states: • You must be over the age of 18. • You must have no history of felony convictions or assaults. • Product must be purchased from an authorized dealer, pharmacy or gun dealer. • You must complete a form with your name, address, birth date and signature. REMEMBER • You can’t bring a spray from another state into New York. • You can’t buy it online. • You can’t give it to a minor.
  11. I looked into the duel 196 coins and dug this up: Images removed so 196-1a should be 194
  12. Got to have a couple just because I am reading the 3 musketeers books
  13. My wife thinks I have to many, and I don't think I have enough
  14. Was out the other day trying to find a recently fixxed cache and scout out a new hide location when I stumbled upon a letterbox, I signed in but didn't have my stamp so I am going to go back for it another time
  15. A beat to death pair of nike sneakers, it would be more effective to pay a doctor to give me hobbit feet
  16. Hint: Under the unusual pile of sheep
  17. OOH a good day! (for me at least!) 2 Caching Bugs 2 DNF Trolls and the GA Lighthouse
  18. We have the Snapware at Kohl's and I have fiddled with it a bit. I think the tabs on the Lock-n-locks are better.
  19. will these be 2-ply as standard? or will the 2-ply be LE?
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