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  1. Yes, they are both illegal in the US, according to Wikipedia. Some 1930's era law that said you can't put non-food items into, well, food items.

    How do they get away with fortune cookies?


    And before anyone says differently, we DO keep an eye on her and try hard to keep things off the floor, but damned if I know how, the little toot finds it all! She finds beads that my older daughter hasn't seen in a year, lol!

    I was less then happy when my son pooped a dime... now if it had been a few $20 bills... :ph34r::(

  2. Synthtcd, you've obviously put a lot of time, thought and effort into this cache. Why not keep it just as you originally intended? If I'm reading the reviewer notes correctly, s/he asked for a contact person who allowed what they feel are questionable items. Since that particular park both allows and encourages these items, why not just provide a contact person? Seems that would be the easiest route. :ph34r:


    I agree with Clan Riffster on this. If you have permission to place these caches then provide the requested info.

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