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  1. Lets hope we have some more good adventures with the Cam this year!
  2. I am also, like hukilaulau, on Long Island and when I do get to cache I prefer the cold. Mostly because my wife hates the bugs and won't come with me when they are out
  3. If thats the case the easter bunny's thread is here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...=158867&hl=
  4. For the Geocoin Fairy thread: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=142004
  5. How do they get away with fortune cookies? I was less then happy when my son pooped a dime... now if it had been a few $20 bills...
  6. I agree with Clan Riffster on this. If you have permission to place these caches then provide the requested info.
  7. I'd like to take out the multitool with knife and place some rusty nails and screws(which I have found in a cache...)
  8. An empty page 1 and hopefully a coin/tb that I can help move along
  9. Yes please for both of ours!!
  10. Sounds like my kind of cache flask!! I use the final as the size, I do not mention the sizes of the other stages. I find this makes some people grumpy. /shrug
  11. Jeep Overland Limited Music on the Move Jogging Stroller. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...7d-7cf5bdb87b5a
  12. I bought a 3pack that had a small round. Not sure of the dimention since both are in the wild but I'll try to find out and pm you.
  13. Make sure to rate the terrain 5 stars (requires special equipment)
  14. Put my 2 in the mail yesterday
  15. I don't think it would be a good place for a cache personaly.
  16. Site seems down for me as well...
  17. If a cache pops up and I have the time to try to FTF it I'll head out but it has to be in a 7-8 mile window for me to bother running out.
  18. Ack 313!!! I think I need to borrow macatac1961 for a few days
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