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  1. Which Alma? In New-Brunswick? Near Alma (Québec) there is a cave, but it has been here since hundreds (if not thousands) of years.
  2. They are all near the Equator? Or, The Equator passes through their territory?
  3. Well it's the same a in every OS contract where they state that their Operating System can't be used in planes or in nuclear facilities. They do it only so that if something happens (like a nuclear acident), it won't be their fault. However unless a 747 pilot wants to use his iPhone as an on-board GPS, I guess nothing really important will happen. Is it really justified? I guess not. Apple is just taking some extra precautions. And anyways, TomTom will be releasing an app for the iPhone, and through the app store. They said it was already working.
  4. In fact chances are that this price isn't a subsidized price. Apple would be selling it at a loss hoping to make money with the App Store. And it may work. (After all Sony is doing the same with its PS3... and it works, Blu-Ray has won the format war.)
  5. For the first-gen iPhone there was an application that activated your iPhone without you having to get a contract from AT&T... If somebody (and I'm pretty sure it will) writes another version for the 3G iPhone, it'll be cheaper to buy an iphone than to buy an iPod touch... and you get the GPS as a bonus.
  6. Bien que je ne sois pas vraiment le "responsable" (je suis l'adjoint, en fait), je vais quand même glisser un mot ici. Le 15 avril 2007 a été créé le regroupement Géocaching Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. Ce qui n'était au départ qu'un petit site internet est devenu une organisation dont le but est le développement et la promotion du Géocaching au Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean et dans tout le Québec, ainsi qu'une communauté de passionés de Géocaching. Notre site offre maintenant un forum, des guides, des articles, et un des (sinon le) seuls podcasts francophones sur le Géocaching. Nous organisons aussi des concours et des caches-rencontres plusieurs fois par année. Géocaching-Saglac.com
  7. I guess that could be very uselful for those who own City Navigator...
  8. First, the Legend does not have an altimeter nor an electronic compass. The Vista does, however. Second, the difference between the Legend HCx and the Venture Hc is in the X, meaning expandable memory - no micro SD slot. So you've got only 24 MB of memory. Also, it doesn't do autorouting. And last, the Summit Hc is the same as the Venture Hc, except that it has the compass and altimeter.
  9. It's pretty useless now, with Bobcat, Map Install, MapManager, MapConvert and with all new maps coming natively to Mac OS (including CN2008). Check here !
  10. Make sure you are on bearing mode and not in course pointer mode. To do this: On the compass page, press menu, and choose bearing pointer. If it's written course pointer instead, then leave it like it is. It must be something else.
  11. Yeah, that's what I'd try. Just post in this section.
  12. Definitely, if your app turns out to be like Cachemate, I would be very interested. As it is right now, it wouldn't be helpful to me, since I'll buy an iPod touch. There isn't a single free hotspot in my area. But I guess some other people will use it.
  13. With the 2XX series Nüvis, I'd say that Streetpilots are no more to consider. For just voice, get either the 260 or 255 (but the 255 will be available only 2nd quarter). If you want Bluetooth too, consider the 360 and higher (that includes the 6XX series, 7XX series, and 8XX series). You can compare models here
  14. When you play the 9th hole, you get in another time zone?
  15. If a 4 Gb works in an unit, then it's not an SDHC. The SD card standard states that non-HC SD cards have a maximum capacity of 2Gb. Some manufacturers have found the way to produce 4Gb cards and sell them. These are non official, and compatibility is not sure. If you bought a real SDHC, it wouldn't work. Even though the form factor is the same, the insides are completely different and do not work the same way at all. At this time, only Colorados will support SDHCs.
  16. I think the 60 is a very good unit, but it might be a little expensive compared to the Geko. I think you get some good features for this price, however: -More logical controls (the directionnal pad for panning the "map" or navigating in the menus, the Enter, Quit, Mark, Find and Zoom buttons which do what their name says). -Quad-Helix antenna (reception must be better that the Geko). -Bigger screen (which is not the most important feature, but is useful anyways).
  17. Also, since it contains the cache type, you can download custom icons to your GPS and have GSAK put the cache type icon (traditionnal, multi...) as the waypoint symbol. Pretty useful on the map page
  18. You can use SD's up to 2 GB. Even Colorados only accept SDHC's up to 4 GB... (And anyways, unless you want topo over the whole world...)
  19. You're close enough He reached 614 mph, or 989 km/h. That's quite fast ! And he said that he didn't even feel the wind on his body... Your turn!
  20. Get either MacCaching or GeoJournal. I'm not sure about which one supports PDAs, but one of them (maybe both) does. Also, if you want to load maps, have a look at this page.
  21. You're coming close. But it is still higher!
  22. Nobody knows? One day left, and after I'll give the answer.
  23. You're way too low. In normal skydiving altitudes, they can reach a maximum of 320 km/h with their head down. This is because of the of the air friction against their body. Now, at 31 km of altitude, there ain't much air. Hint, hint!
  24. I've got one... On August 16th, 1960, Joseph Kittinger reached the altitude of 31km in an helium balloon. He then jumped and fell for 14 minutes before he reached the ground again. The question is: Which speed did he reach before he opened his parachute?
  25. Pros: Way better accuracy when you receive WAAS signals. It can be as low as 2 m. Cons: Slightly lower battery life (however, unless you have a Colorado, battery life shouldn't be a worry). Use it
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