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  1. are you using an add-a-circuit for the fuse box? if so, what amperage fuse are you using for the positap?
  2. i was unaware that you could update the unit. is that done at garmin?
  3. Any one notice the reception is very similar to that of the etrex models? My friend and I just started to geocach and I noticed that it is taking about as long for my 60cx to lock in to satellites as it does his legend cx. In the car, the signal strength is the same. I have also noticed—not sure on his unit—but when sitting in my front room working on the computer, the signal strength is weak and it takes more than 15-20 seconds to acquire a single satellite. Would a wireless router cause interference with the signal of the gps? I have a bay window in this room that should allow a signal to pass easily. Though I have not compared the two in the forests here, I worry that I wasted money and could have bought the legend cx and saved. Any thoughts or advice would be helpful.
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