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  1. Here it is only 7 months later and even though Garmin sent me a brand new unit, it too now has the band working loose when the temperture goes up. For now, it still maintains position to keep the buttons working, but that is how it went with the previsous unit. Hoping for the best but I'll have to deal with it probably sooner than later.
  2. The weekend has arrived, I think I'll do just that.
  3. I just printed out a cache page that, besides standard items, had one paragraph of text (4 sentences). It printed as two full sheets. To clarify a bit, I want to be able to print multiple caches, perhaps 4-5 on one sheet. The example whistler & co. uses would be perfect IF IT USED UP THE SAME AMOUNT OF PAPER REAL ESTATE. But it does not. It takes a minimum of one entire sheet for a few lines of text. Once I've decided to print a page that means I already examined the initial/original cache page and decided I'm going after the cache. I already looked at the map (zooming in and out), I've enjoyed the spiffy frog graphics and icons and such and once printed any URL links will not be usable. At this point I just want the basics. "Tables" are text or graphic boxes used to format a page. The same "tables" are used in MS Word, and just like MS Word the table borders and lines can displayed or hidden. I've never looked at the PDF version (not to mention that PDF is specifically designed to display text in a non-changeable format). Someone who simply prints the page "as is" would not notice the tables. But because there is so much extra on the "print friendly" page (which is what started me on this topic - golly, gone full circle already), I use cut-n-past into a MS Word doc and the tables just make it so much harder to condense the desired information. An excellent example of a cache page reduced to the necessary basics is the output of a GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) HTML export. With the URL's removed the display would be perfect for a printout (yes, I could do that, but I'm trying to REDUCE my steps).
  4. I see that the "print friendly" page has changed since my original comments a few days ago. Since this new version still has a bunch of "material" I don't want on a printed page, I was trying to grab some text in segments (too many tables for a clean cut-n-paste), and it crashed my browser (MS IE V6) (error: The instruction at "0x7dd5074b" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "read". The new "Short Description / Long Description" scripts seems to be causing the problem(s). Simply clicking on Long Description arrow a couple of times in a row caused it to crash again (and again). crashed it about 5-6 times before getting bored with it and moving on. Again, there is way too much "extra stuff", I don't want on a printed page and the problem is compounded by having what I do want, spread across the entire page in numerous tables, taking up all the real estate. Give me a compact/condensed breakdown of ONLY the items I need to find the cache. Put the slick stuff on the original page and make the print friendly page PRINT FRIENDLY.
  5. When I go caching, I prefer a printed out hardcopy (yeah, yeah, I know. I have a Smartphone with current PQ's, but I still find this more efficient). The more caches per sheet, the happier I am. With the past version of cache pages it was tough to cut-n-past (in order to reduce the output), but the current version, with all the tables is a nightmare to reduce down to the basic information. Choosing the "Make this page print-friendly" was designed by someone who obviously never prints their cache pages (probably not even a cacher). With no editing (and no logs) it spits out a minimum of two pages! My suggestion is to make the "print-friendly" page, print-friendly. Consolidate what is needed and delete items and formats not needed, as suggested below. - Get rid of all "TABLES" - No maps - No graphics (i.e. cache container icons, Difficulty/Terrain stars, etc.) - use text or nothing at all. - Remove all items that can be "Selected Options" from the original cache page (the user already chose print-friendly), such as "Send to Phone", or "Print PDF". -The above includes all hyperlinks (this is for PRINTING) I suggest the format below (the less lines used the better): Cache Name and GCxxxx Cache TYPE and SIZE Difficulty: 2Star Terrain: 1Star Hidden by on date Coordinates Your disclaimer (which I really don't want but I guess you need) Inventory: travelbugs/Geocoins Text description Additional Hints: and Decryption Key Additional Waypoints x number of logs entries (if any, as selected on the original cache page)
  6. With one exception I think all the changes are great. I very disappointed in the new way photographs are displayed. The previous way, a “mouse over” on the picture icon gave you a quick, but small version of the image. Then if you wanted to see the detail it simply took one more click. With the new way, everything is slowed down and not very refined. Doing a “mouse over” now displays the tag box with a bunch of html code (yuck). Then clicking on the icon gives you a new page, but it does not show the full 600x450 size image. You have to click again on “View Log”, then, finally, again on the image to load the full size. My suggestion is to use the previous method of a “mouse over” to automatically show a reduced size of the image. Then, should you want to see the detailed full image, use the new style page, in the slide show, but with FULL 600x450 sizing. Change is good. More is better.
  7. I've been a Premium Member since January 2003 and changes I've noticed: POSITIVE CHANGES 1. There are many more people playing now. My first year and a half of caching I never bumped into another cacher. Not once. Now, I regularly have the pleasure of meeting other cachers at cache sites. 2. There are many more caches available to hunt. This includes ALL sizes, types and qualities (and I hunt them all). Thank you to all the folks who are full participants. 3. The Geocaching tools such as, Pocket Queries, Bookmarks, Notifications, Google Search, etc., that didn't exist back-in-the-day. 4. Geocoins - what a great addition - and it helps the creators make the money they have worked so hard for. 5. All the other items I've forgot to mention because I've just taken them for granted. NEGATIVE CHANGES: 1. Discontinuation of Locationless, Virtual, Webcam caches. Overall I don't see it as "The good old days", rather as the start of something great. Caching today is vastly better than "the good old days".
  8. Search the Geocaching.com pages for "rules" on finding caches/trackables will give you a limited number of guidelines and not much in the way of specific rules. I venture to say there is a good reason for this. Your 'local cachers' are not breaking any rules and if anything, it shows they are very active in playing the game. That is a good thing. The one thing to always remember, Geocaching IS JUST A GAME.
  9. Like all geocaching stats, those don't mean a thing. I'm ranked 612 with 2055 finds and 39 hides... in fact ~200 of those are Pocket Caches (Multiple Event logs) and only 17 of my hides are active - the rest of them are archived caches or events. Beside that I didn't log caches for a long time, or just logged some, so there are hundreds of finds that I did not log online. Nor do those stats indicate the 50 or so fully-stocked ammo boxes and dozen or so micros I have given away at events, to be hidden by the winners... not my hides but I was responsible for them being hidden! Stats will never be a way to evaluate geocachers. I agree that "stats will never be a way to evaluate geocachers" (at least in the context you mention). It does not affect or matter to me: - How many caches you logged as found (or DNF'ed) - How many caches you did not log - How long it took you to log a cache What does have an effect on me is the caches you placed for me to find. A lamppost micro in a shopping mall parking lot will have me Geocaching. If nothing is placed, I can't Geocache. If I drive through a town, and I find X number of caches, the people who placed them had an effect on me (and I thank those who placed them). The caches never placed, for whatever reasoning, have no meaning. If you don't hide 'em, I can't find 'em.
  10. Go to Rankings for Geocachers scroll down and start clicking on "Current stats" and you can see who's a full Geocaching participant and who is just a user. If you don't hide 'em, I can't find 'em.
  11. "... old moonbat" "I couldn't hear her actual words..." "the nasty old lady ..." "I know what would have happened... " "People like that lie" "I don't think..." It would be interesting to hear the other side of this story.
  12. Thank you for contributing your time and efforts to our hobby. I've seen users with over 2000 finds and only placed one cache (currently archived). If caches are not put out, I can't go find them. Imagine what this sport would be with everyone averaging 1 cache placement per 500-1000 finds. There are USERS and there are Geocachers. Keep it up ---- thank you again.
  13. What about your caches? Are they "interesting and unuasual [sic]"? Are your contributions worthy of compliment or complaint?
  14. Going to the Cache Types descripiton page , vor Virtual Caches, it states, "Because of the nature of these geocaches, you must actually visit the location and acquire the coordinates there before you can post." You can delete their logs knowing you are justified but do you really want to? I'll never visit 98% of the world (though I've been around the world) and a virtual visit is the only way to travel to those places and learn a bit about them. If for whatever reason I can't get out on any given day, researching a virtual cache can be quite an entertaining (and time consuming) adventure. How many cachers actually visited this one? magnum´s cache Everyone has their own definination of fun. Also, don't forget there are handicapped folk out there who's only shot at caching would be through the virtual world.
  15. I not sure how appropriate it would be to post these "private" hides publicly so I'm sending private responses to Oldnavy59 and parker313. The Tennessee cache was already found.
  16. Received a immediate response from the writer and learned that the caches still exist but: - There were 5 caches placed, Virginia, W Virginia, Kentucky, & Tennessee - They are not official Geocaching.com caches - They are one-time finds - Only one has been claimed so far Most importantly (to me) none are in my area.
  17. The 2 Oct issue had no mention. The 9 Oct had a full page "Best Month Ever" article but no mention of Geocaching or Geocaches. The 23 October they had a small "boxed" item with casual mention. Nothing more was found in the big pile of issues I have sitting here. It's unclear to me if they actually placed caches or simply placed prizes in pre-existing caches. I'll e-mail the writer.
  18. In the 30 October 2006 issue of the NavyTimes magazine, in the Lifelines section, there is an item, headlined "Like free stuff? Try Geocaching". "As part of our Best Month Ever road trip, we've planted geocaches filled with goodies....", continuing, "We're not going to tell you what's in the Best Month Ever geocaches..." The item continues with a short introduction to Geocaching. If you go to their website at NavyTimes there is an item, "Find free stuff!", that states "You'll find the coordinates at www.navytimes.com" (You need a subscription to go beyond this point). My friend has a subscription and we tried to find the coordinates (or any further information) but all we could find was a dupe of the paper copy of the same item. Anyone have more on this?
  19. Cache runs are great fun. Much like an Event Cache, only mobile, and more to log. ... but then again I also like lamp post hides, micros, urban, surburban, rural, etc. This past Sunday I did a continous 9 mile hike for 3 caches. Today, I'm going to stop after work and grab a single "drive-up". I'll go miles out of my way to find a benchmark, which are often more fun/hard to find. Your "lame" cache is my "wow, ain't I lucky to find a cache here" cache. I care more about how many caches you placed for me to find, rather then how many you found. I usually cache alone but I look forward to my next cache run with a bunch of great folks.
  20. Fishing lure with bare treble hooks. Yes, it found me before I saw it.
  21. Hording my travelbugs and geocoins. Hording my travelbugs and geocoins to put in your 5x5 star cache. Hording my travelbugs and geocoins to put in your 5x5 star cache and then making up your own rules for my travelers that restricts anyone from taking one without leaving one (they 'taint trade items).
  22. 1980-2000 US Navy Operations Specialist USS John Hancock (DD-981) USS Thach (FFG-43) FCTCP USS Rodney M Davis (FFG-60) USS Chancellorsville (CG-62) COMTRAPAC RSO San Diego USS Duluth (LPD-6)
  23. Any cache is better than no cache. I love it when, for example I'm out shopping with the wife, I turn on my GPS and, WHAM, a cache pops up nearby. An easy drive-up is always a pleasant surprise. Also, did you consider the end customer? Cachers come in all different levels and capabilities. The newbies, the kids, or the handicapped, etc. I never consider a cache "lame" because it's easy (that's a whole other category). It all comes down to, "No one is forcing me to find any cache. If I don't like it, I can choose to ignore it."
  24. Having sent the unit back to Garmin, they eventually sent me a replacement unit (don't know if it is new or re-built) and I'm happy for now. On the previous unit the band started working loose at about 10 months under fairly heavy use on the trails. I'm more than happy with Garmin's response, but, I'm still a bit worried about the unit lasting only a year (I generally don't replace items just because a newer model is out, especially items costing in the hundreds of dollars).
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