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  1. I'm new at this. And very excited about the adventures ahead. I was just curious... What are some of the more interesting things people have seen or taken from a cache? Anything special you have left in a cache? I'd love to read what you all have experienced. :laughing:


    Have used toothpaste in a cache near Canterbury University (apparently a hall of residence giveaway) we trashed it. Just recieved a beaut unactiveted coin as FTF. Left an unactivated coffee coin and free coffee card for the next finder. We have also be lucky to retrieve and discover many interesting coins and TB's. It is rewarding to release your own - our most noted is a Child Cancer TB. During a recent NZ Awareness week, I purchased 3 support beads, strung them together, attached a Trackable Dog Tag. Also we have a couple of entries in the Premier geocoin Race due to begin on Sunday.


    You should be excited about the advertures ahead - we are about six months in and have learn't so much abpout other areas we would not have otherwise visited (including our backyard) and met alot of like-minded interesting people.


    Happy Caching :o

  2. Did you manage to get a hold of a dragon fly? Haven't seen that one - really nice!


    Oh yes - you guessed it - Addicts!!!! of the Kiwi kind :laughing:


    We have number of activated personal coins that we generously allow cachers we meet to 'discover'. We both have a "caching from dawn to dusk" geocoin made into a key ring(that is quite fun), so we can show it off as we travel. This coin is quite special to us, as we successfully won a FTF by travelling from Mid Canterbury to South Canterbury, back home to the computer, then to North Canterbury to retreive the final co-ords which happened to be just couple of km from home - literally from dawn to dusk. Managed to fit in eating, walking the dog and a couple of games of 10 pin bowling (to keep the kids happy). :o

  3. Anyone who wants a TB/Geocoin goal sheet printed(the one done from the geocoin's page) and stuck in a plastic ziplock along with the metal tag and coin, please respond to this post or PM me and I will get it done before next Sunday's start of the Premier Geocoin Race II.


    Only 8 days until the start of the race!!! :laughing:


    Cheers and consider us responded. We are really looking forward to the race - our geocoin engines are warming up.

  4. Hmmm, An interesting topic. I guess you could say I am an itinerant rather than a lurker. Drop in to look at forums only occassionally (as time permits) but generally get lost. Like many I suppose when you are new (6 months old) you feel there is little you can claim to have an opinion on. My main interest is in the distraction of the pursuit, and the enjoyment of seeing new places. I think of the reasons I started and continue to cache - getting out there and doing it. So thanks for the topic - i.e. there is't one. Easy to post to, and the logs are enjoyableto read! I operate paperlessly with an i que, as well as the original garmin 60 as I keep forgetting to look stuff up before leaving.... Cheers all!

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