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  1. We are lucky enough to have a set of these - the presentation is great (boxed up) and the workmanship is apparent. We get feedback about the weight, texture etc. These will remain in our "personal collection". If relelased, it would have to be carefully considered. I would have loved another set to release for more to experience their uniqueness.

    If I do purchase a second set for this puropose, I would not consider marking as I would like people to see them as they are - quite unique. We have about 21 coins out and about at the moment and are lucky enough to have no losses as yet.


    It will be hard, but mine will be going out in the wild. I have one of your South Pointing Chariots traveling now and the people who find it are always amazed by it. Out of the over 100 coins I have traveling, I have 6 missing - half of those are cases where the entire cache was muggled. I did have one reappear after 9 months of being missing just a couple of days ago. I have taken to drilling holes in them and attaching tags to them - I would have an other 100 out in caches, but I still need to drill and tag them. Do you think these will tolerate having a hole drilled in them, or should I just release them in a sturdy ziplock and hope for the best?


    Although to drill a hole in the coin may reduce the chance of being mugged, but for the coin itself (if it has feelings), I am sure it will protest. It goes the same to those kind and decent cachers, it is not fair for them either. My two cents.


    It is indeed worthy to keep the collection of 4-spirit coins as it is made by the famous pottery artist in Taiwan. He was happily to accept the task after I explained to him about Geocahing Society (so he is kind of an anonymous supporter). I think either to keep the coins to yourself or let it go out in the wild will bring you the same kind of joy as it may bring! :lol::P


    sssooocool :P

  2. I blame Harry Potter, I haven't gotten a package of geocoins for days.....


    BUT I did get my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows today!


    Aha! A Harry Potter Reader! We got ours yesterday - currently has two bookmarks in it - soon to be three! Daugher has one of her own - Lucky!!!! No mail today - it's Sunday


    right down under - first to see the sun

  3. Wow,

    It took so long to read the posts form beginning to end it was all over. Having different time zones doesn't help. What a fun read. Congrat.s to the winners. I can sort of see now why the Anthus laptop came about - we are lucky enough have a few ourselves and they are a cool idea. Cheers all.

  4. Mine's arrived today, but I'm having a bit of trouble activating it over at Oakcoins.

    I know about the similarity of "O"s and "0"s, etc, and so I'm sure I'm entering the right code.


    Anyone else having problems?




    I'm having trouble as well...for my coin, the only "O" or "0" is part of the OC prefix. The rest of the tracking number seems pretty unambiguous to me, but still doesn't work on the oakcoins activation page.


    Reading your posts, we decided not to wait and to have a go at activating one of our coins. We were successfull, so might now be worth another try. maybe any clitches have now been ironed out.

  5. Might you be interested in something like this?




    Custom wirewrap, for use as keychain or pendant...


    These are very nice - we might be interested in the pendant option. How would we go about getting a sample.?



  6. We would very much like to participate. have a couple of unactivated available and a few on the way. Cheers


    1. Participating - Yes please, e-mail sent 12/7/07

    2. Received Name - Yes email recieved 13/07/07

    3. Mission Complete - posted 18/7/07

    4. Package Received!

  7. Hi.

    I am no expert - and seem to go by touch on most things, but I am running an ique 3600, with cachemate loaded. I have found that my computer seems to dislike the 1que as a direct removeable drive (to load points on), so I downloaded cmconvert from the smitty site, I think.

    I use palm desktop to load stuff onto the PDA, but the bonus I get is using the cmconvert in opening gpx files is that I then save them as pdb files for loading onto the PDA, and cmconvert automatically queues the converted files and they load at the next hot synch.

    Simple to get pocket queries, individual points etc on - download, save, open adn convert, then hot synch. I then open the gpx file with GSAK to store the data.

    Hope this helps a bit?

    Cheers :blink:

  8. Hi, having read the topic, we have few coins of our own released this year, but also some travellers. The travellers are not necessarily the longest miles, but mean something to us or a cause (child cancer beads travel as an example, teddy bears of various heart colours beinf another) would this be the forum to list these, or would a new topic be preferred? Having seen some of the lists, there are a wealth of coins out there doing the business - great to see.

  9. I don't know if this helps anyone, and I am no expert in software, but I have been running a garmin 60 (old 12 satellite, non mapping) and then added a garmin ique 3600 to my stable as an economical non paper based form of holding waypoints with the bonus of mapping and waypoint information. I got the ique 3600 with cachemate loaded as the standard information cruncher, and had been using trip and waypoint manager on the 60CSX. Whether it is PC or losing the install disc, I cannot see the ique with trip and waypoint manger. I had tried easy GPS with the 60, but due to lack of time to learn found I could not get it to talk to the garmin 60, and in my inexperienced eye I abandoned it for the normal waypoint manager. I am sure if I had stuck with it I would have had a better opinion.

    When I went to the ique 3600, I used palm desktop to hot sync, but then found cmconvert from the net (I think cachemate) and when I open (GPX) files with this to convert to pdb files, these are now automatically loaded into the install queue in palm, and on the next hot synch they are loaded into the data base. Works well, but dont ask me how I did it.

    I also use GSAK (like a magpie - shiny tools) to load info onto my profile, and record finds etc. but have not explored loading through GSAK - I find the compataility of computers and hardware is quite limiting if you cant write or understand script. I also dont need it as the above works well. I like the usability of GSAK, but find I sometimes need to refresh with a download of my profiles records ex geocaching.com to catch up on milestones etc.

    Sorry for long monlogue.


    Richard :laughing:

  10. Well we recieved our laptops yesterday but today 2 South pointings Chariot Geocoins and a set of 4 pottery geocoins with "patterns of ancient chinese auspicious animals; each of them represents a direction, a season and an element". SoooooooooooooooCool

    We are new to this - if someone can tell me how to insert an image, I will be more than happy to do so.

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