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  1. I find it curious that the reviewer suggested such activity. I'm sure some discussion occurred with TPTB before sanctioning the use of a traditional cache as a place holder for thousands of logs on unsanctioned temporary caches. Did they really think this through? Looks like the Reviewer never suggested the cache to be published and used to log the temp event caches. Archive Archive 10/31/2014 Hello, With the guidance of Groundspeak, I am archiving this listing since the event to which it has become associated has been archived. As the reviewer of this cache, I will state I at no time suggested using this cache as a logging place for temporary event caches. Mr. Ollivander Groundspeak.com Volunteer Reviewer
  2. Maybe I read it wrong but it sounds like the city manager of Kerrville Texas is heading this up. Are these "official caches" on city property? If they are were they put out with adequate permission from the city? You need to tread lightly with this, if it is city property they could ask for the "Official Caches" to be removed and there wouldn't be anything you could do to stop them
  3. My most memorable DNF log Didn't find it 06/11/2011 We got up this morning and decided to give this one a try. Loaded up the jeep and headed out to the park, paid our $8.00, found the only spot left in the parking lot. Opened the back of the Jeep put on my dive booties, and then I realized that I forgot my fins on the table back home. That should have been my clue to try another day, but I paid to get in the park and I was determined to give it a go. So I just grabbed my mask and snorkel and off we went. With no fins and lots of currents, there was no way I was free diving to the bottom, (probably didn't help my dive booties trying to help me float) So back to the Jeep we went to get the dive gear. My tank only had about 2200psi and it has been a long time since I have been in the water, The line to my dive flag was shorter than I remember it being and I don't think it was quite 35 feet long but I couldn't really tell you if I even made it to 35 feet because the batteries in my computer died on me. I did go as deep as the line on my dive flag would let me while holding one arm closer to the surface to get down just a little bit deeper and then just a tad bit more as I could feel the resistance to to the flag float. Guess I pulled the flag down a bit to much though since the flag floated off the pole and as far as I know is heading out to the gulf now. When I got down to around 750psi I decided that it was time to give up for the day and headed back to the jeep. So I didn't get to look as long as I would have hoped. As I was putting away my gear I noticed one more gremlin had struck today, the seal to my dive light decided it was time to go and flooded my light and the pressure of being under water blew up the batteries too. It will probably be a couple of weeks before I can give it another try. Both of my tanks are way over due inspections so looks like I am going to have to take them in for hydro's and their visual before I will be able to get them refilled. Other than that I did really enjoy the chance to get back under the water, hopefully this will be the year that I actually get together with my dive buddies and have a little fun out in the gulf.
  4. here is a quick fix that I think might get Cascade Reviewer and any other review with the same stance to change their position on your cache idea. Add a log sheet to the swag area and use the empty pages of the boot to create a never ending story. you start the story and then ask each caber to add five to ten words to it. It could be amusing for those who find the cache to also be able to see how the story evolves.
  5. I usually agree with your posts on here, but I believe we'll have Groundspeak to thank. It's their policies and short-sightedness in pandering to the least common denominator, who in this case happen to be the most common denominator (urban PNGers and powertrailers) that is allowing this explosion of caches, including powertrails. I'd have to agree with this, since it was Groundspeak that decided to do away with the guideline that use to say you shouldn't hide a cache every 528 ft just because you can.
  6. Some might say the whole project is a mystery. However, I'm sure it's a world record.....for now. Right now, somewhere in a dim room in the USA, someone is strategizing about how to top this and bring America back into caching superiority. And it will begin in Ocala National Forest, FL. [] have you looked at the Ocala National Forest lately? It now plagued by power trails. what used to be a great place for going into the woods and doing a little off road caching has turned in to power run paradise.
  7. guess I'ma little old school. I feel you are getting credit for hosting it already then why should you also get credit for attending. It would be like logging your own cache, but just like everything else in caching everyone plays different.
  8. The letterboxers seem to have managed to keep placing boxes for over a century. Although they do have a motivation of collecting handmade stamp impressions. Yes, and look at how much more popular geocaching is than letterboxing. I think you've proved my point, actually. Don't think that really proves a point. Geocachers are more lazy than letterboxes. A true letterbox has a hand made stamp and a story to guide you to the letterbox, for the most part they don't use a GPS at all. Most letterboxes take a lot more time, creativity and work on the part of the box owner than most cachers today are willing to invest. Letterboxers couldn't care less about "their numbers" to them it is all about the journey and collecting others hand hand made stamps in their stamp books. I have looked for a few and enjoyed them more than most urban caches but I have never looked into placing a letterbox mostly because I am not a that good at writing a good story to get you to GZ.
  9. Great Idea! If they would give powertrails their own site think of all the land that could open up for real caches.
  10. Not too long ago there was a thread about a power trail that was nothing but wooden stakes. If I remember right it was archived because the stakes did not meet the definition of a "container with a log", so no it shouldn't matter if this cache was placed with permission or not this cache should not be treated any different that the power trail and be archived also.
  11. you could, but would really feel good about logging a find on a cache that you never actually found. I personally would not log it, but everyone plays different and seem to have their own set of rules to live by.
  12. I agree, I have beta tested a night cache and I went back a week after, after it was found many times, to sign the log and log it on GC. I agree with what you both said but if the beta tester chose to sign the log then he was FTF. someone can't come behind him and sign on the second line and still claim FTF. As has been said on here many times before everyone plays a little different, so if the beta tester chooses to sign the log then those after him just need to deal with it and move and wait for the next cache to be published and try again
  13. beta testing or not FTF is FTF. The second finder can call it what ever he wants but his name is still second in the log. This to me is no different than when someone does't publish his caches until after an event that he gave out the coords to those that attended to have first crack at finding
  14. pretty sure I just saw in the news that they are going to start giving out Androids this year under the Obama phone plan Obama crony wins contract to give phones to jobless
  15. my father in-law wasn't sure if he would really get into caching so when we created his account his the name we used was JNS (Just Not Sure). That was a couple thousand caches ago back 2007. He is still caching by that mane today, so I guess he just needs a little more time to think about it
  16. so what you trying to say is, if someone has 1000 finds hidden exactly the same way every 528 feet on a power trail in 1 weekend of caching that makes the more qualified to hide a cache than someone with 10 or so finds on quality hides that were all hidden different. In todays world of caching you can't base anything on someones find count. it just doesn't even come close to something you can use to rate a persons qualifications.
  17. if you are really worried about the order of your find count there is a simple fix. delete all for your finds back to that day and re log. Just hope you don't miss another and have to start all over again
  18. maybe urban legend for the most part, but there is always an exception. Found it 03/13/2009 This was a surprising find. A curious owl flew in to watch us head into the gz (see pic). Met new friends who were canoeing down the river, and explained geocaching to them. When we opened the cache though, we saw something unusual~let's just say "wacky weed" isn't what we expected Probably left behind by whoever muggled it? Last find of the day, 24 of 25 in the area
  19. Don't know much about Vantage Point but take a look at MacCaching say it's compatible with the Magellan explorist
  20. I had the same problem with my garmin when I switched from PC to mac. Afriend that has been around Macs for a while to me to use MacCaching so far haven't had any problems with it
  21. I hope that never happens. as soon as you allow reactivation and adoption of abandoned or archived virts you will start to see new threads complaining that the same should be allowed for all other archived and abandoned caches.
  22. I'm sure the site would be approved for another cache as long as it met the current guidelines.
  23. True, but if you change the style of the hide, the location of the hide and the type of container is it still Mingo or is it a new cache with a recycled GC number.
  24. If you walked away from those challenges with memories of good times the was the time really wasted?
  25. Instead of ranting about people getting off their high horses and stating that stakes are fine on other listing sites, why didn't you just move your listings to one of those other sites you mentioned. while I will probably never get into power trails I realize that they have their place on this site as there are many that do enjoy them. But if they are going to be listed here they should conform to the guidelines put in place by this site, not some other site that accepts them. when you published your stake caches you checked the box that said you read and understood the guidelines so don't get upset when you were caught and told to conform to the guidelines you agreed to.
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