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  1. Same here. Site keeps logging me out. Never happened before today.
  2. Mark.B


    This is posted at most DEC trailheads (State Forests, Wild Forests, etc) I have had no problems placing caches on DEC forest land in the Hudson Valley, Catskills area of NY. WMA's are a different story. http://www.dec.ny.gov/regs/4081.html#12996 Look at Part 190: Use of State Lands Paragraph 8 Section w.1 w. No person shall erect, construct, install, maintain, store, discard or abandon any structure or any other property on State lands or subsequently use such structure or property on State lands, except if the structure or property is authorized by the department or is: 1. a geocache that is labeled with the owner's name and address and installed in a manner that does not disturb the natural conditions of the site or injure a tree;
  3. I found one Eartha coins on Sunday in Glenville, NY. It was the last cache of the afternoon and the small cache had only the coin and a small travel bug inside. I had no idea that this coin existed before yesterday. Team Delorme was the last name in the log book, and on the cache page the previous finder (not Team Delorme) stated that they left a "surprise" for the next finder. When I looked up the tracking number, I realized what a great find this was. I will admire the coin for a while and then move it along.
  4. The event is this weekend! Two day event on September 20th and 21st. Campsites still available and lots of new nearby caches. See the event page for details. 6th Annual New York Capital Region Geocachers Event
  5. Upstate NY- Greene County 5 miles- 3 10 miles- 40 25 miles- 280 50 miles- 1582
  6. After caching all day at the Geojamboree on Sat. I decided to hit a couple of leftover caches near the campsites. I opened the last cache of the day and saw a plain envelope and inside was a Wishing Coin!!! What a great surprise!!
  7. I was able to get an Easter Geocoin coin last week. I watched it sit in a cache for 3 days before I grabbed it. Four of them made it to the Upstate NY area and they are all spoken for now. I am going to bring this coin to an easter egg event and hide it amongst the other eggs. Someone is going to be surprised!
  8. I am just north of Kingston (Greene County), I would attend an event there.
  9. I would like 1 coin. Thanks!
  10. Ordered and paid for 2 coins. Thanks!
  11. The New York Capital Region Geocachers CITO event was at Schodack Island State Park on the Hudson River. Over 40 geocachers attended and it was a perfect day weatherwise. We CITO'ed 140 tires, several drums, and many bags of assorted garbage. The Hudson river flooded 2 weeks before the event which added to amount of garbage to pick up. The park staff was very helpful throughout the day. After a few hours of work, we all had lunch and then hit the 4 caches on the island. NY Capital Region Geocachers CITO Event Page NY Capital Region Geocachers Webpage
  12. Enjoy the hike Brian. I logged the Rocky Lounge cache 2 months ago, the cache is in good shape. Not a bad winter hike at all. Echo lake is a great spot to camp.
  13. Glad to see that you are back home in Vermont Lemur. My Mom, sister and I were in LA last February visiting family that live 2 miles from this cache, and I actually drove to the parking spot for this cache. We were intent on finding it, but the area seemed a bit busy to us and we would probably be observed while finding the cache. So we headed over to the Chop and Stamp Geocache nearby. GCH9R1 Chop & Stamp This cache was on an abandoned street and up a small hill overlooking the runways on one side and the ocean on the other side. What a great spot! The road (Sandpiper St.) was closed to traffic at the time, but we could walk up to the cache. There were high fences on both sides and at the end of the street with barbed wire on the top. The cache was a small tin placed under a cement barrier. The planes were landing from the ocean that day and they would fly right over our heads. This cache has been turned into a Virtual now. I guess there must be signs in the area now forbidding all access to this area. We have been discussing cache labeling and placement on our local forum, and someone mentioned this article just out today. Bomb scare turns out to be part of Internet game. Lets all be careful out there, and think about cache labeling and placement in this time of heightened security.
  14. Fixing the link to the article as it is now a back issue. Updated article link
  15. Just bumping up this event as the weekend is approaching. All are welcome to attend this event near Albany, NY.
  16. Geocaching has made the news here in Albany. Last month the Albany Times Union featured several local geocachers in its article. This week Metroland has geocaching as the cover story, and features a local geocaching couple. The article also mentions Letterboxing. The writer of the article joined us at the New York Capital Region Geocachers monthly breakfast this past Sunday. Metroland article "hide and seek"
  17. My nearest 20 unfound: Range from 6 to 27 miles from home -3 aircrash virtuals (long hikes) -5 other virtuals -2 regular caches that involve fairly long hikes -2 on the other side of the river -1 roadside micro -1 picnic in September -4 new caches that I will get to soon -1 crypto that I can't figure out. -1 temporarily unavailable.
  18. I use the Garmin MapSource Topo on my Legend. I live in the Hudson Valley of NY, and 8MB would be from the northern suburbs of NY City to Lake George including western Conn, western Mass., and Southern Vermont. An area of about 170 mi by 75mi or 12750 sq. mi. or about 1/4 of New York States total area.
  19. Select View and then Check GPS Map Detail. This will add the contour lines.
  20. 13.1 miles straight 17.5 miles by road then a 3 mile hike $1.799/gal 30 mpg So [(17.5 mi)*(2)*($1.799)]/30 = $2.10
  21. Go to the Owner Information page. You access this from the main menu. Go to the main menu and push the click-stick to the left to highlight the options menu button on the top. Press click-stick in and Owener Information will be highlighted. Press click-stick in again and the Owner Information page will be displayed. You can enter your name, address, and comment. Check show at power up and your info. will be displayed when you turn the Legend on.
  22. Lonliest cache, the cache furthest away from another cache.
  23. There is a cache in Vermont that uses Direction Finding. Placed by DXHunter. View the cache here GCGZWF The Radio Cache
  24. Rusty O Junk has placed his second Christmas cache in the Albany, NY area. His 2002 Christmas Cache was a big hit. There are wrapped gifts in the cache for Junior and Senior Geocachers. Only 1 visit so far to this new cache because of the heavy snow last weekend. I am sure that more people will get out to the cache this weekend. View the cache page here:GCHAE3-Chrismas Cache 2003
  25. quote:Originally posted by Stuey: quote:Originally posted by Mark.B:Which state will be home for the 100,000th cache? Maybe the owner can get special recognition for this milestone. Which COUNTRY even.......... Not sure if you noticed yet, but Geocaching is global -- Cheers, Stuey Yes, it sure is global, my mistake . Update-- latest cache # now is #99752 hidden in Germany. #100000 is not far off! -Mark
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