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  1. I may have had a similar problem with my Etrex Venture CX. My GPS worked fine using firmware 2.6, so being the trusting person that I am...I downloaded the newest v2.7 . When I went caching, picked a waypoint and "GOTO"...the menu was locked, could not cycle through all my views, namely the compass screen. I reverted back to v2.6 and I'm back in business, no big deal since I never had any problems before. One final important notice before you do this.....back up all your waypoints using something like EasyGPS or similar software. I LOST ALL MY WAYPOINTS WHEN I REVERTED ! Oh well, at least it works now. Hope this helps.



  2. I spent 5 years on Active Duty Army, from 92-97. I've been to Korea and Ft. Hood, TX. I spent most of that in the infantry then changed over to aviation as a Blackhawk mechanic. I went straight into the Alabama Army National Guard in 97 where I have been ever since. I'm currently serving in Iraq as a Blackhawk Crewchief so I get to see pretty much the whole country, and yes my GPS goes with me everywhere I fly. You never know where a cache might be ! I see a lot of cachers working in the area but have yet to meet up on a hunt. Hope to see you on the trail.

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