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  1. Hello, I am really interested in this unit. Do you have the usb cable also? Thanks, Lamar
  2. I have never put forth any comment about any post, but I just have to say this "THE CACHE WAS NOT, WAS NOT, WAS NOT ON A SCHOOL PLAYGROUND!!!! I feel better now.
  3. Not yet. I am going to uninstall everything and start over, again!!
  4. I have tried all of that and nothing works. I am out of options that is why I am here!
  5. Both are laptops. Using usb to serial adapter. Same ver of software on both.
  6. City Select setup cd v3, City Select North America v6, MapSource v6.01
  7. Sorry about that, should have mentioned that earlier. XP and ver 3.
  8. Sorry about that, should have mentioned that earlier. XP and ver 3.
  9. First off I say THANK YOU to all who helped with my last plea for help. Now for the latest need, I am using a Garmin V that will talk to one computer but not another. I am using a usb to serial adapter and the software that came with it. Works great on a Sotec laptop but gets several errors when tried on a Dell. Cannot open serial port, program recieved info it does not understand, gps unit contains no waypoints, etc. Help!!!!!!! Moosede
  10. Thanks for the help. I got it downloaded but do not see a topografix data file listed to convert from. Still need help. Moosede
  11. Does anyone know how to import coordinates into Streets and Trips? Thanks in advance! Moosede
  12. Moosede


    We will know soon!
  13. Hello, There are several caches in close proximity to the Trace in the Tupelo area. Do a search for zip 38801, 38863. Moosede
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