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  1. Only surprise on my part was the effort to disable the whole series rather than re visit the series to do some maintenance. No evidence of him being there since he set them nearly a year ago?
  2. http://coord.info/GC2FPJ4 Following on from a discussion we had a few weeks ago, I decided to be honest about what i found at this cache, but this one was dangerous and had been reported back in April, plus all the logs in the rest of the series had filled up some time ago. So because of my log the whole series has been disabled Now, I do usually take a few spares with me but I used them up on other caches in the area, and being on Holiday I didn't have access to any more, nor did I expect to have to replace so many - certainly not ALL 9!. I think the CO lives about 30 minutes away from this series, Pity he can't nip out and move this one, and check the rest whilst he's at it.
  3. Mark, Your post doesn't mention anything about looking for a cache, just about parking your car on a driveway. Others started talking about your request being about going to a concert rather than finding a cache so I suspect it was moved on that basis. Looks like it's back now anyway.
  4. There is a bit of a FTF thing in S Yorks as well, however I have exactly Zero
  5. Is that an easy mod to do yourself?
  6. I guess it depends why you are out there in the first place. I don't tend to go out into the country just to go caching. I'm there to go walking, if there is a cache on the route then I'll go look for it.
  7. There are plenty of examples where you have to pay to go caching - Kinder Scout being one unless you know where to park. The main parking areas are just about all P&D (£5 for the day at Edale)
  8. Can't see that working. Cache submission page in one tab, guidelines in another. Which is what we have now isn't it? No, what we have now is sometimes just the submission page, guidelines never read. At the bottom of the submission page there are two tick boxes to claim you have read the guidelines etc(with a link to another page). Presumably people just tick them from day one without actually reading them. The idea of the test/quiz is that it forces new cache hiders to actually read the guidelines, which will hopefully go some way to educating etc. I wouldn't want the quiz every time though, just the first time you hide a cache.
  9. Can't see that working. Cache submission page in one tab, guidelines in another. Which is what we have now isn't it?
  10. There is an 'under review' suggestion that new cache hiders take a simple test/quiz to prove they have actually read the guidelines. Might reduce some of these less favourable hides.
  11. It might help if the Fav option was opened up so that you had a chance to vote for every cache you have found, (bit like leaving ebay feedback) rather than getting Fav Beans for every 10 you find. This way we could put a vote against each cache as we log it and this would show up the 'rubbish' ones. We know how many finds there are for each cache, so we could see that 'x' finders out of 'y' liked this cache - and if you didn't like it to say why in the log. Mind you, there are bound to be some who put a Fav point against some of the dog bin ones?
  12. I have managed to get 30 days of Free Premium membership from my new GPSMAP recently. It simply recognised the unit and gave me the 30 days. I was never a premuim member before that. I have now decided to sign up for 12 months and as I have 3 other Garmin GPSrs I thought I would use those to extend the membership. Two of them worked fine but the third came back with an end date of 01/01.0001 and I noticed that in my account details that the end date had not been extended by 30 days. When I tried to go through the process again it told me that the unit had already been used ? So I wrote to GS and they very kindly extended the end date manually.
  13. Thanks, can't complain at the speed of that response.
  14. I've just found out that a software update was available via MyDashboard for my GPSMap62s. Update went OK and I presumably have the most upto date software. But there was no explanation as to what it included? does any one know where I could find out?
  15. Check that 'Use GPS satellites' is turned on under Settings, Location.
  16. Hasn't the 62 got a screen, too? Yep, but it's not touch screen so in my mind is cheaper to replace. Even if I'm wrong I'm still happy
  17. I have the 62s as I prefer the buttons in cold weather etc. I think that is what it really boils down to in the end, Touchscreen or buttons. In the back of my mind I also have this issue about screen replacement costs should I accidentally crack it as well. As for rechargeable batteries mine are giving me almost a couple of days. HOWEVER there are different types of rechargeable so be sure you are comparing like with like. Mine are 2700ma and seem to be getting better with each charge, plus I let them run out completley before swapping them - usually whilst caching.
  18. Ohh err missus!!! for some reason the first thing that springs to mind is NOT geocaching
  19. It's a new type of travel bug, you now have to find someone else and do the same, and send the £note on its way.
  20. I don't even have enough to have appear on the scores
  21. I'm planning a series at the moment and have identified other existing caches that fit into the route. My plan is to contact the owners to see if they will be happy to incorporate theirs into the series. Best way to plan it though is to use the GC maps which show where the existing caches are. You can then plan your series around them. However there is no way of knowing if anyone else has a similar plan at the same time - I guess it's first come first served, although if your caches are at least 163 feet apart there will not be a problem. There are two series on Kinder that follow a similar route, Jaggers Cluogh and Crookstone Knoll. It means you are stopping quite frequently but it seems to work.
  22. Not if they charge the figures quoted - more than comparable Garmin options.
  23. It's in the back of my mind that Bae Camp isn't compatible with older GPS like the eTrex. My Legend doesn't work with it either. Not sure about Easy GPS though, would have thought that would work. Do you get any indication on 'My Computer' that the GPS is connected? and what OS are you using?
  24. I find it amazing that Deci is having to justify his position ????? Surely common sense dictates that a cache in an area like this is unsuitable and doing something about it is just common courtesy. When one of my caches found itself on the other side of a dogs toilet I did something about it PDQ as the last thing I wanted was cachers having to walk through that.
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