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  1. I only discovered the power of profiles over Christmas. Looks like you can change every setting and it is unique to that profile. I tend just to use two so that it is set up for caching with WGS format positioning, and Walking which is set up for Brit Grid positioning. Many of the dashboards are different as well so it's a great feature.
  2. I had a problem when updating to 3.6, very similar to what you describe. I solved it by doing a full reset. A bit of a pain having to re prog all the profiles etc but it cured the white screen and an issue with it freezing when changing pages whilst caching.
  3. Hi, So, what files do you see in the 'garmin' folder? IF you have an SD card installed be careful you are not looking at the other drive created by the SD card. On my PC under My Computer I have a G: drive labelled Garmin GSMAP62s, under that is the garmin folder where you will find the txt file you are looking for. If you are looking in the SD link the folder is GARMIN rather than garmin. Subtle but it's a different location.
  4. I haven't had any probs with Tracks since the upgrade to 3.6 but I did have an issue with the map reloading after specific operations with geocaches. As others items I have need full resets after software upgrades I decided to do a full reset of the 62s, problem gone. Worth a try but be warned it erases all your settings and anything stored on it.
  5. Ahh, now I see what you meant. I was about to ask what GPS you have, then I noticed your sig line. 62s. Same as I have. After you choose "Found" or "Did Not Find" you get another set of buttons - "Find Next Closest", "Done", and "Add Comment". It's that last one that you're looking for. Granted it's tedious to enter text on the 62s, but it is adequate for a word or two to jog your memory later. Ahhh there it is I was looking for it at the same stage as Log Find rather than after it. But yes, it is a bit of a pain entering anything meaningful. Might still use it to make a brief note to remember something though. Thanks for the Tip.
  6. I agree that restricting the ability to place a cache is somewhat draconian, and we musn't forget that excitement we all felt when we also started out on this hobby. Placing caches is after all part of this game and provides an element of excitement and satisfaction when others find them. I also agree that the logs will soon provide an indication of how 'good' any cache is before too long. There were two new caches near me last year that very quickly started to receive comments that suggested there was a problem, they don't exist anymore. I think that the Favourites system could be improved to allow everyone to show that they do indeed like what they have found. Strange that we agree that it is wrong to find 10 caches before being able to place 1, yet this is what we have to do in order to give away a Favourite point - This seems back to front as the Favourite point system helps to identify those that 'most' people like. At the moment many caches are missing out on this because either people don't have a Fav point to give away, OR are reluctant to do so in case they come across another one they think is slightly better. I know of some who enjoy simply building up their tally of Fav points so will never end up giving any away. If we had a free hand to award Favourite points I suspect the poor caches would be easier to identify a lot quicker. Personally, if this was the case I would be looking at whether the locations of mine were worth keeping out there if they never got a favourite. As things stand I never really know if the reason for not getting a Fav point is for one of the reasons given above.
  7. The problem with this system is the fact you have to find 10 before you get one to give away? Not sure what the thinking is behind that but I find myself witholding giving a fav point away on that basis. As premium members it would make more sense to let us give a fav point to any cache we come across that warrants it, not to have to go find 10 more first!
  8. Ummm, have you actually used field notes? Because unless I'm misunderstanding what you're trying to say, it sounds like you are describing field notes exactly. I discovered Field Notes over the Christmas holiday. But when I log finds I don't get an option to add text in the form of a log - or have I missed something? I don't have the GPS with me but from memory after finding a cache I have the option to Log Find followed by Found, DNF etc. Not aware of a notes or log area during that process. I then upload the txt file when I get back to base. If I have missed it do tel
  9. Wouldn't it be easier to have a draft log option under the field notes on the GPS so that they are ready just to log back at base. (I guess that's a question for people like Garmin rather then GC though)
  10. They do. So the technology is there to remove existing tags, so it must be posible to replace them with the published location of the cache they are being uploaded to as a spoiler? Don't see where this breaches 'privacy' or ruins mystery caches etc any more than the picture already does. Many GPSr devices now include navigation to a photo as well, so it could open up another cache type option. My initial thoughts were that it simply adds another 'hint' that can be viewed from the GPS whilst on the hunt.
  11. Why would it do that? All such caches have a published set of co ordinates but they are not the final co ordinates so the pictures would not lead you to the final location.
  12. Are there any plans to tag spoiler photo's with the lat/lon of the cache in question (maybe with an option not to tag them as they are uploaded if it's a pic not at the location) ? It would be a useful feature for those of us with photo viewers, it's a pain having to tag each individual pic. A 'Copy to GPS' button on or next to the picture would be useful as well
  13. Mallah

    Field Notes

    Thanks, a clear answer if ever there was - I shall delete as well.
  14. Mallah

    Field Notes

    OK, I've recently discovered Field Notes and find them very useful. On the Instructions page for Garmin devices is states: 4. We recommend that you delete the "geocache_visits.txt" file on your device once your Field Notes have been successfully uploaded. Understandable as it simply gets bigger and bigger taking up space on the GPS memory. However there is also another file called "geocache_logs.xml". It seems to be a log of the times that each cache has been logged as found etc on the GPS. SO, can this also be deleted, or will that have a detrimental effect on the GPS?
  15. Country for me as well. I've done all the urban ones around where I work for something to do during lunchtimes but as many tend to be the dreaded Nano I don't tend to plan a day out finding them - the countryside is far better for that.
  16. I've scoured the internet for this but can't seem to find what I'm after. I have the Garmin 1:50k ALL UK Discoverer map in my GPSMAP62s on an SD Card. I'm about to buy the 1:25k Discoverer Map for the Peak District (also on an SD Card) but this will mean I can either have one or the other in the device at any one time. What I would like to do is have both in there so I can swap between the two as and when, so what I would like to know is: a) Is it posible to copy the new 1:25k Peak District map onto the existing 4gb SD card that has the 1:50k map on it? (I know there is enough space on the card) Is it posible to copy both maps onto a bigger, say 8gb SD Card with a view to adding more 1:25k maps in the future. When I plug the GPS into my laptop it shows a 'Removable Drive G:' which is the SD card, however it does not show the map files as they appear to be hidden somehow (using the show hidden fies option on Win7 doesn't make them appear!) So any instructions on how to move the files across etc would be appreciated. Thanks
  17. Thanks for this snippet, something else I didn't realise. Been able to play with the various profile settings now.
  18. As you log caches as found, and make notes etc, it saves it all to a .txt file on the GPS.Log into your GC account and attach your GPS to your PC. Go to 'Your Profile' and select 'Field Notes' from the drop down. Near the bottom of that page is a link 'upload my field notes'. From there you will find instructions specific to your make of GPS. Haven't worked out the photo's bit yet - look forward to hearing how to do that.
  19. It's nearly 12 months since I bought my GPSMAP 62s and have had a great time with it ever since. One of the first things that struck me when I bought it was how much it does, and thinking it would take ages to learn all it was capable of. Well, during the Christmas Holiday I discovered two more things about it that I either didn't know or had forgotten about because I thought I would never use it etc. So, as I tend to learn these things from places such as this I thought I'd pass it on as they say. 1. Wireless Sharing: Very useful it turns out when you upload the wrong PQ before setting out for a caching trip. Caching friends with similar models can send the cache details direct to you 2. Field Notes: What a fantastic facility that makes logging your finds SO easy when you return. Wish I'd known about this months ago. Anyone else picked any tips up?
  20. I have all of these but if I send pocket queries from GC to the GPS the hints and logs etc don't show up. If I run a query from my home coordinates in GSAK the hints show up? What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help in advance Have you unzipped the PQ files from GC before loading them on? Also which software version do you have?
  21. Mallah


    Are you referring to the Weekly Newsletter, or are you actually receiving emails from Groundspeak on a regular basis? I have not noticed any change in the Newsletter format. It still comes through in HTML for me. No, I'm talking about notifications i.e. of those who have found my caches, or of caches I am watching etc.
  22. Mallah


    Thanks, but that already has the tick box indicated for send emails as HTML??? I've pressed save changes just incase, so will see what the next email comes through as.
  23. Mallah


    Hi all, I notice that emails have been arriving in 'plain text' format for a few weeks now. Is this something that is set in a recent update, or can I change it to HTML somewhere in my account?
  24. I picked a TB up from a cache whilst on holiday last week. When I came to log that cache and pick up the TB it wasn't listed in the inventory? It had been picked up back in June by a cacher who had not logged finding the cache I found it in either! I've PMd him and given the holiday season will give him a couple of weeks - but what can I do if I never hear from him?
  25. You can still do it, a disabled cache doesn't prevent you from doing it - see the number who have found the 'dangerous' one since it was disabled. Perhaps when you go you can do all the maintenance for the CO , but will you be attempting No 1???? I wasn't criticising the tide element, but the distinct lack of maintenance and care. My comments about the tide were simply pointing out there is a path on shore that had just as good views and plenty of locations where you can get a view of the creek, enabling the entire series to be completed whatever the state of the tide. The ones affected by the tide could be left as a stand alone series. (In fact I think No 2 can be reached from the shore path at high tide). I haven't yet mentioned how many of these are in Dry Stone walls or equivalent
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