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  1. Bought my 62s Feb 2011 - No Squeaks. Really enjoying it but feel like the odd one out when caching with local group as they all seem to have Oregons.
  2. If you are that worried about having your mobile number in your GPS then you can set up a free voicemail number here www.switchboardfree.co.uk You have to ring it once a month to keep the number. However, worrying about people being able to trace your address through having your mobile or email would seem to be a little over sensitive, given the information available with the GPS already?
  3. Hmmm, Hiding caches so that no one can find them - interesting?. Personally, I like people to find my caches - it's why I place them! So far all of them take cachers to locations of interest and one involves an interesting way to retrieve it and the cache page explains that. Failing to find a cache is very frustrating, especially when on holiday and you know you don't have much opportunity to return etc - Why would I want to inflict that on fellow cachers?
  4. Then you're settling for second best: 53 is possible, as described previously. OK, 53 it is then To recap, that was: 17 if you include trads, multis, letterboxes, wherigos, virtuals, webcams and earthcaches, but not unknowns, events, etc. 312000, 372000 comprising 16 trads and a multi (one of the trads currently is disabled). 22 if you also include "unknowns". 512000, 147000, these are nearly all unknowns with co-ordinates set in a radius of about 60 metres. I should add one more qualifier - Groundspeak's listed OS grid refs use a very poor conversion algorithm, with a typical error of 5 or 6 metres, to calculate the totals above I use a conversion algorithm with an accuracy of about 1.5 metres, but it means on a boundary condition they might lie in a different square. Rgds, Andy Andy, you are a serious Geek!, but well done for finding the answers although OS map co ords would be helpful with their alpha reference so that those of us with everyday map reading skills can find them - or just put a link of one of the caches in each Sq so we can go find it in GC?
  5. I'll settle for 52 as above, but that wasn't my question. That was, which actual Sq in the UK has the most. And to clarify that's as viewed on GC maps - obviously using the Chrome/Firefox script that allows you to see OS maps. So a multi with published co ords IN the Sq would count as that is where the icon appears and tends to be where you start etc.
  6. Yes, is perfectly allowable to have 1000 caches in the one square, if you use the listed co-ordinates and not the final co-ordinates of a physical cache. That was the point I was making about unknowns and multis, and the ambiguities in the question. Rgds, Andy I guess the cache or cache subject would have to actually be in the Sq. I see what you mean now by 'unknown', wasn't clear in your first post.
  7. And then what could be added permanently, within the rules. i.e. an earth cache on one corner that overlooks the errr first GB Sq Km full of caches? Perhaps two Earth caches. Are there any others that could fit in there without breaking any rules? Lets make it a Super Power Square
  8. It gets better by the day this, just noticed the latest version includes Google maps and satellite again
  9. I'd say no to events as they only last a short while and are then gone. Disabled ones, yes as they are usually only disabled whilst they get repaired so are still valid i.e. will be enabled at some point. How are you finding this info out?
  10. I didn't have any intention of making it complicated. Simply by using the 'map this location' on GC and not limiting anything on the filter to find which OS Sq had the most caches that can be loaded onto your GPSr and found. Interesting that you've found 3 with 16 in.
  11. http://coord.info/GC3CMXY Is this the OS Sq Km with the most caches in it? Starting with this one there are 12 caches within the same OS Sq Km. Or is this a mere pretender to the honour!
  12. 62s V3.9 available via MyDashboard. Loaded without any problem, just need to test it out now.
  13. I resisted the move from IE until recently as I didn't want to learn a new UI. However I now use both Chrome and IE but Chrome is the main browser now and does seem a lot quicker than IE. Plus the benefit of OS maps on GS makes it much better as well. It doesn't take that long to get to know, and you can import all your favorites/bookmarks etc as well. Happy Mikey
  14. Useful set of video's on YouTube for the 62s inc this one about dashboards and data fields
  15. You will need to download it again and replace the existing script. But the download only takes seconds and it automatically overwrites the old version so don't be put off. Just done it and OS maps are back and working great on the latest version of Chrome (17.0.963.56) BIG Thanks to jri, you're a star.
  16. You will need to download it again and replace the existing script. Thank you.
  17. As someone who doesn't understand anything of what is happening here, when the userscripts.org is updated will that make the add on I have in Chrome work again, or will I need to download another one to replace the existing?
  18. Disaster !!! I had the Chrome Add On that linked to OS maps here in UK, that now doesn't work. Anyone know of a workaround?
  19. What interface setting have you got? Go to Main Menu Select Setup Select System Scroll down to Interface, which should be set to Garmin Serial If not select that field and change it accordingly. Now return to you main screen and plug it into your PC. It can take a few seconds but Windows 7 will eventually pop up a window asking what you want to do i.e. open folder etc.
  20. Hi, explains how to change the position format. First select the profile you want then follow the guidance on the vid. You can also change the title of each profile if you want. Mike, Thanks for your help..looks like the geocaching preference has its limits on the dashboard choices. Dennis It does, but I use the dashboards that allow me to change the fields. It's easy to redesign the standard profiles that are pre set to suit you. It just takes a bit of time as there are SO many options. As I said earlier, I have renamed a couple of the profiles to names that make more sense to me.
  21. Hi, explains how to change the position format. First select the profile you want then follow the guidance on the vid. You can also change the title of each profile if you want.
  22. I think that's a brilliant idea. You should suggest it just in case 'everyone' thinks that 'someone' has done it, only to find out their mate 'no-one' has done it.
  23. Does anyone have any figures of how much the cache population is increasing each year? Even in the short time I've been playing this game, the number of caches appearing over the last 12 months seems to be far greater than any previous year. It would be interesting to see if this is true or just perception. But I wonder if we are about to reach some point of saturation in some areas before long. Could there be a problem looming? There have certainly been far more poor caches set by what I rudely call the 'smartphone' brigade (i.e. those who discover the GPS feature on their smartphone, get excited, set a cache, then lose interest) Is there a cause to restrict cache setting to premium members perhaps? Hang on that's two questions and an element of rambling.... Worth a discussion or two though. What do you guys think?
  24. I thought being asked to be a reviewer was some form of punishment , bit like Jury Service!!! Just think of all those thousands of caches you have to review every week and then the abuse you get for doing it .
  25. It is a setting unique to each 'Profile' rather than dashboard. I have one profile set up for caching which shows Lat/Lon, and another profile set up for walking which shows Brit Grid. You can spend hours playing with profiles and the various dashboards available.
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