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  1. That can happen NOW. So the question has to be Does It Happen? The answer is obviously No or if so in a way that doesn't appear to be upsetting anyone. Your concerns are unfounded. No, as per the current Guidelines, you are expected to have the cache in place and ready to be found when you submit the cache for review. And once it's reviewed and passed, it's published, and finders will be soon be after it. Any delays for published must be individually requested, and may raise red flags for the reviewer. That wouldn't happen if such a 2 week delay and self-publishing (or decline of publishing if you find out you just don't like the spot) were automated into the system. You miss the point. people can create a cache page with given co ords and not publish anything. If someone else comes along and plants a cache within .61 miles of those co ords, when they come to submit it the cache will be refused because of the first set of co ords. There are no guidelines as to how long you must place and submit a cache once you have created a page. As such this allows people to 'grab' an area as you where getting upset about.
  2. I personally don't link the words Nano and Important! But if COs don't bother to identify theirs, then that is their lookout as the result will probably be that it gets binned. I've only found just under 450 but have to say that most if not all have been sufficiently identified, and as I'm sure you are now aware I have a preference to 'ignore' certain types. You can do the same with particular COs so if you have found some that you don't like by a particular CO then the facility is there to prevent you from getting caught out again. It's only a game.
  3. It might be feasible in larger caches but space is limited with the smaller ones, however MY rule is to ignore Nano's . As for the cigarette box and log, that would probably have gone in the bin had I found it.
  4. That can happen NOW. So the question has to be Does It Happen? The answer is obviously No or if so in a way that doesn't appear to be upsetting anyone. Your concerns are unfounded.
  5. I suspect their 1 for 10 policy won't last? The reality of finding places to hide them and maintain them will kick in before long. And lets not forget, there are plenty of caches that don't last more than a year so several of these may be archived by this time next year anyway. I'm pretty sure we will never be asked to adopt this policy by GC, but someone above raised an interesting prospect for a new type of cache though - a temporary one. I guess it would be like an event cache but set to expire after a few months. Probably of more interest to local cachers, where an area could then be released for another temp series every so often.
  6. Just off the top of my head - it would make it easy for people to "hold" areas without having a cache there, blocking people who actually have a cache in hand and want to place it at the location. And it would be yet another cache category that blocks placements, but can't be seen by others. AFAIK that happens now with the current system. By creating a page it 'holds' those co ords and prevents the next person from placing anything around them, even before it has been reviewed and published. Unless I read that wrong.
  7. It gets my vote as well. No one above has provided a genuine reason NOT to do so IMHO.
  8. It's on the sidebar, where it says "Search For Geocaches". You just type something in, then press Enter or click the magnifying glass icon. Without the script, you can search by place names, post codes and coordinates (most things that would work in Google Maps). With GME, you can also search by UK grid reference or GC-code (e.g. GC1234), and when you use a place name, you're more likely to get one in the country you are looking at. You can also type things like 'zoom 5' to jump straight to a particular zoom level (good for zooming out quickly to move to a different region). PS. If you can't see the side bar, you need to click on the grey strip on the left hand side of the map... Ahh yes, I tend to push that out of the way so I can see more map. Didn't work too well for me though - I put in Hawes, a well known village in the Yorkshire Dales and got Hawes Water?, a well known lake in Cumbria. Probably takes a bit of practice in knowing what to put in there.
  9. Someone mentioned a search facility - where is it on maps and how do you use it?
  10. I agree with this feature request. I don't agree that the battleship argument is sufficient to say no, as it is no different if not less of a problem than 'friends' telling others where the final locations are of some of these puzzle, multi caches. How often do we see such a cache go days without a FTF then there are a string of finds! As has been said, the only people being fooled are those who take the short cut, which at the end of the day isn't a massive problem if that's how they want to play the game. Given the concentration of caches now it IS becoming an issue planning a series and I would give this feature the thumbs up.
  11. A simple check is to copy and paste the published co ordinates into Google Satellite view and see how close the green marker is to where you actually placed the cache. It will give you idea of where searchers will be looking. If it's several meters away you will need to look at improving the co ords. Secondly, think about the hint, as that can sometimes help finders. After all the published co ords won't be spot on and with everyone's element of error, we are all going to be a couple of meters out at best.
  12. There are plenty of caches out there that are in fantastic locations but have effectively been abandoned by those who have lost interest in the game or for other unknown reasons. Sadly this eventually results in the cache receiving several NM logs followed by the inevitable NA where after a few weeks a reviewer will simply archive the cache and it is lost to everyone. Although this then allows someone else to replace the cache, this loses the history associated with it including all the finds and logs since it was set. In some cases these can go back to the early days of caching. The current system of adoption requires the current owner to initiate the process. However, where the current owner has ‘left the game’ and no longer logs in, or fails to respond to any contact, the only option is for the cache to be archived under current system. I would like to see an ‘Adoption Request’ option similar to the NA requests where after suitable contacts or NM logs that a player can identify that they are ‘Willing to Adopt’ so that the reviewer can change ownership as easily as they can archive, or indeed as an alternative to archiving.
  13. Certainly include the min time required before the tide causes a problem. I nearly got caught out with a tidal cache series. Walking along a beach 4 hours before high tide we came across a fallen tree that prevented us continuing, so turned back and had to wade around other trees we had passed only minutes before. So even with some basic knowledge of high tide times we could have been cut off some 4 hours before the high tide in that spot.
  14. Thanks all, I just wanted clarification of the 'feeder' element which is now clear. I've emailed the CO and am hoping he still uses the email registered with GS. If he doesn't get back in a couple of weeks I'll have a chat with our local reviewer and see what we can do.
  15. It will only interfere with anything you want to hide, IF this part 2 is a physical hide. If it's just questions to be answered going by information from the surroundings, then it won't affect your cache. If it's something the other CO has placed there, then you're stuck, I'm afraid. Yep, it's a film canister with part two of the final co ords in it for his final. It's just under one of many boulders in the area so there's nothing special about where it is - it just needs moving about 60m in one direction and I'm ok. Might contact him and see if he'd be agreeable to moving it slightly? Edit: Just looked the CO up and he hasn't logged in since May last year?? and there are two NM logs on this one from Sept and Nov last year which haven't been responded to! Doesn't look hopeful.
  16. I have a fantastic location for a new cache which will be part of a series. However I happen to know it's within 0.1m of part 2 of a multi cache. Part 1, which is the published co ords, and the final are both over a mile away. Will this part 2 feeder prevent me from setting mine?
  17. Given the nature of the cache and its location, it possibly isn't surprising that someone perhaps saw it being 'used'. Might not be a main road but could be busy enough. Suspect caches such as this need to be in a place less likely to be overlooked by Muggles. Alternatively, it could have been nicked by a member on holiday in the area, intent on using it themselves nearer home so it will be interesting to hear of any 'new' ones such as this cropping up. Hope it turns up p.s. I wasn't anywhere near over Easter - I was in the Dales.
  18. So, from your last post you've just described a set of incidents over several years that suggests that you are indeed a very suspicious looking person. Now in my near on 50 years I have only ever been stopped once by a police man when in my teens I was on holiday with friends in Cornwall - and that was mistaken identity and the whole thing lasted a few seconds!!! Perhaps you should be asking why it is that YOU keep getting confused for a suspicious person.
  19. Click the "i" icon on the toolbar at the bottom, then click somewhere on the map, you get a little drop down menu, choose "drop marker", then put the radius into the dialog box (the default of 0.161km is the minimum cache distance. Ahh thanks, easy when you know how. That's a brilliant feature which helps when planning a new cache to see if it's far enough away.This plug in just gets better.
  20. So they are going to replace stiles that fat people can't get over with err Narrow Gaps instead
  21. I'm in the process of making one of those myself. It won't be an urban hide though so hopefully won't go the same way.
  22. I added one of those Fav points, can't believe it was a year ago this week when we were on holiday near Seahouses. I still intend to nick the idea of Stop Thief later this year for one of my caches - it's the type of cache I REALLY enjoy.
  23. I try to reset timers anyway at the start of a hike or caching trip. Don't tend to use the tracking function but it seems pretty easy to reset those at the same time if needs be.
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