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  1. I've found the script is working better by using Tampermonkey rather than the manual method, which was becoming a bit of a pain.
  2. Thanks for the replies, and interesting as that cache was archived then moved so the smiley was lost, so whilst up there the following year doing another set I found it and logged it? Looks like it retained its code!
  3. According to GC I have found 642 caches. However using the myprofile site it tells me that one of them is logged twice! How can I find out which one it is? Is there a PQ of some sort I can run? Thanks
  4. Sorry to be a bit dim here, but how do I actually install that work-in-progress version ? I'm using Chrome, so clicking on the link simply opens a new tab with a message that I can't install scripts from that page, and when I OK that the tab closes. Is there some way I can download the script and drag it into the Chrome extensions page as per other instructions in this thread ? Thanks - it's a great product, and I for one am really glad you're working away at it ! Had the same problem myself a couple of days ago. Solution here
  5. That's been the case for a while, since Google tightened up on extensions not listed in their store. See here for workarounds. Thanks working now.
  6. I've started to get an error message when trying to 'Install' the script from userscript.org using Chrome. It says: Apps extensions and user scripts cannot be added from this website OK On the far right there is a 'learn more' link that takes me to this page https://support.google.com/chrome_webstore/answer/2664769?p=crx_warning&rd=1 Any ideas guys?
  7. For the record Esscafe's a she . Edit to add: Well done Sarah I guess that was inevitable - sorry Esscafe
  8. 30K ??? he's got it bad Just think if he had a pound for everyone!!!
  9. Do you mean to say it's not part of your caching kit??? Tsh Tsh. But for info it's DYB (Do Your Best) Happy caching everyone, but in groups of 9 or less please or should that be 8 or less? Oh NO - forced into making assumptions again!
  10. Seaglass, And yet it is you that has come here to state you don't like the way others are playing this game or organised activity???? in a manner that appears you believe your opinion to be correct!!! As for assumptions we all have to make a few, but if you look carefully at the logs left by the class on 5th Dec many start with 10 plus a letter, which look suspiciously like Class names - so a pretty fair assumption How about volunteering to help said teacher with their next event? You can ensure that it is done properly, or at least by your rules. Then everyone will be happy
  11. So a teacher has organised geocaching into the curriculum and managed to get a class around a series - not necessarily at the same time and I suspect they will have gone around in several groups rather than one large one. Some of the logs leave something to be desired but nothing unusual for a Y10 class by the looks of it, plus there are some more than satisfactory entries. This teacher should be applauded, just because a few of the class didn't appreciate it that is not a reason to be deriding him/her. The rules of this game are quite broad and don't specify whether you do it solo or in groups of specific sizes. Nor does it require a finder to actually sign the cache log or the online log. You won't find any rules about what constitutes a 'log' either which is why some are several paragraphs long and others nothing more than a full stop! There are also no rules preventing premium members from taking their non premium members on a caching trip, premium caches are not 'off limits' to non members, they just won't be able to see them from their account when they log in. I did quite a few premium caches with friends before subscribing to the premium option, having found them I then logged them as found. At the end of the day 'It's Just a Game'.
  12. So, what evidence do you have of such groups of 20 scouts? I don't think they are a common occurrence. The groups of scouts or DofE I have come across have been in groups of about 6, not too dissimilar to a couple of families really. I get the impression you've got yourself would up by a single example, or maybe even just a theory?
  13. Hi Goofy... We need to arrange to do some of this caching together (with Jamie). We can introduce you to a few tips and tricks face to face. It's difficult to find a series without a bonus or two but looking on the GC map usually shows them up as they tend to be in an obvious circle or trail. If you use Chrome or Firefox there are is an extension you can download that allows you to use OS maps for searching as well.
  14. I was looking for a mobile phone version of geocaching.com but there doesn't seem to be one. I found some very old forum discussions about one being in development but that was three years ago now. Has it been dropped?
  15. I don't agree with your concerns. As has already been pointed out there are far greater issues such as this from organised Mega Events.
  16. There is also a SY cachers group on FB http://www.facebook.com/groups/SYCACHERS/
  17. If the map matches what you see on the ground then isn't that just setting a map to magnetic N? which when I was being taught was the reason to 'set a map'. It's the reason I find it easier to understand my GPS set to North Up.
  18. Same here, in fact I have an area I treat as 'My Own' around where I live which I have been updating over the last few months.
  19. NOTE FOR CHROME USERS: Go to the link provided by that very nice jri chap and click on the green INSTALL button near the top right of the screen. You will get a message about it not being trustworthy etc, click OK to get rid of the message. As the file downloads it will show in a grey pane at the bottom of the screen- leave it there for the moment. Click on the strange icon of three horizontal lines at the top right of the browser (Customise and control Google Chrome) Click on Extensions (left hand pane) This will show a list of all the extensions you have. Click on the downloaded file in the grey pane and drag it into the middle of your browser. A box should appear asking you to drop it into that box, so that is where you drop it. That's it, you may have to shut Chrome down and re open it but that's all there is to it Hope it helps
  20. I'm just getting 'into' these maps and finding them a useful basemap for the GPSr as I live right on the Edge of the OS 1:25k series. The version for Basecamp is very good as well and was pleased to see amendments I have made on OSM appear on this latest issue. Installing it on Win 7 is VERY easy as well, despite all the warnings etc. You simply download the files, extract them into the folder you create in C:\Garmin (although mine is C:\Program Files (x86)\Garmin) Then go to the install file and right click on it and select run as administrator - job done.
  21. How does it help you plan your excursion? Can't really see any benefit at all as those after FTF will be picking them up on Notifications and running out the minute they are published. Those of us simply going on an excursion just download the caches in the area we want to walk via a PQ - the fact they are less than 6 days old has no bearing on the route?
  22. Presumably you got this idea from Garmin? who are now doing just this. Their OpenCaching option allows cache owners to include a QR code, and a numerical code that finders can use to 'verify' the find. If using a smartphone they can scan the QR code, if using a GPSr there is now a 'verify find' option in the latest software where you simply enter the code number. That is then dealt with as part of the field notes etc when logging. You don't/wouldn't, you would use the number code and the 'verify find' option after pressing 'found'
  23. I like the idea of these as ways of validating a find, just as Garmin are doing with their system which also has an option to validate via a number direct onto their GPSr (or some at least) And given the issues we've had over wet logs etc it could be a viable alternative to wet bits of paper in caches - especially as most of those only include signatures rather than anything interesting about their visit.
  24. Just realised the link above doesn't go to the correct part of their web site. For more details about what it does see their Guide
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