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  1. Paid mine via recurring payment last month. Invoice was for $30 but the credit card statement showed £20 when that came through last week.
  2. Or put it on http://www.adoptacache.guilduk.com/
  3. Then please sign up for OSM and make amendments to the tracks and paths you've followed. Not simply adding the missing ones or correcting their route, but their classifications and permissions as this is what the routing uses to decide what route to show.
  4. N Derbyshire has some great series, plenty of places to stay in the Hope Valley. Mix of walking difficulty but with some great views once on top of the ridges or hills. Would also look at anywhere in the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales. I have a plan to stay near Lancaster later this year as it is on the doorstep of both, plus the Forest of Bowland so will be spoilt for choice if the plan works.
  5. Once you've got to grips with the TalkyToaster maps you can delete the original basemap and free up a load of space. The TalkyToaster maps are updated regularly, usually every two weeks or so and I've found them incredibly useful in some areas where the OS map I have is missing some of the local paths.
  6. I guess the givaway would be a series many miles from their home which had logs on consecutive days rather than the same?
  7. You seem to have answered your own question then.
  8. Could equally ask you if you always cache on your own, and if not do you log as found those that were found by others on your walk?
  9. Just enjoyed a great week in N Norfolk, but can I ask the local cachers to consider signing up to http://www.openstreetmap.org/ and adding all the paths and tracks that don't appear on OS maps. Ended up walking miles between a few caches only to discover there was a locally known path that avoided main roads etc. I know not everyone can benefit from these maps but it would be helpful all the same for the next visit
  10. Also, have a look at some of the spoiler pictures if there are any as they can sometimes give you a few extra clues as to what and where etc.
  11. I like the idea of a pedestrian Bride
  12. 6 of one half a dozen of the other I think. I'm not in the habit of taking spar logs and containers out with me, others I have cached with have though. So I tend to log it and put a NM on it which can either get the CO out or sometimes the next finder will notice it needs a new LB and make sure they have something to place in it next time. There are however plenty of caches out there which have been essentially abandoned buy their owners but have continued to carry on as a result of cachers maintaining them - Mainly because they are very good caches or a decent series such as Jonah's Journey GCJA3V who's owner hasn't logged on since 27 Dec 2011, and there are a couple of series around Stoney Middleton of a similar state. The suggested route is to simply log a NM, however many people are prepared to do a bit of minor maintenance for the owner now and again, posibly with those that are a bit more remote than others perhaps.
  13. Whilst I agree with the general sentiments, it comes across as a bit harsh - no one has stated they are in any way better, just that there appear to be many more examples that juat seem to be there because there is a space?I tend to agree that there are several in places I don't consider to be in the 'spirit' of the game, however there is a very useful tool to deal with them - the ignore button. I've used it several times for some in our City. My personal favourites are those that take me for a walk around a rural or countryside location, whether they are a series or just several I can link together - so the OPs plans would suit me.
  14. It's very surprising to see this question come from a cache owner of 2 "? Unknown" caches. Before placing a cache, it's recommended to read the Guidelines over at least a few times. http://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx B. Then you are easily surprised. Sometimes it's easier to ask the nice people of this forum for a quick answer rather than trawl through the boring stuff, especially after a long day in a VERY hot office.My existing ? caches are very different to the one I have planned - but that is for me to know about and you to guess Thanks for the pointers guys.
  15. Is there a guide about how far from the actual GZ you can/should place the icon i.e. the published co ords? I don't intend to do so miles away but just wondered. Thanks
  16. Flippi'n eckers, never got around to downloading the last one !!! How time flies when the sun is out Thanks for putting the time in to produce these, I find them very useful indeed.
  17. I needed a LOT of help for this one - normally don't tackle puzles as I can never understand them! However T4 is a bit high in my view, but the least of anyones worries after solving the puzzle.
  18. Might be three vertical dots either top right or centre bottom of the screen.
  19. You catch on quick Hommer777, Unfortunately I'm unable to explain the Gooly bit - you have to have undertaken the secret handshake
  20. Intend to download this over the weekend as I'm out caching on Monday - before I download this one, does anyone know if there is an update out this weekend?
  21. Another reason for using Tampermonkey is that the scripts are updated automatically.
  22. I'm also an HTC fan having had a Desire for two years and now a One X+. Would also second the GPS Status App which I got as part of the Trigpointinguk App. Since loading it the GPS has improved markedly. Still use the GPSr for caching but the phone provides a good backup at those caches where you just need to double check any logs that might have appeared since you downloaded etc.
  23. If you want a real example take a look at the description here.
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