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  1. Thanks, I thought that might be the case. Mike
  2. Is there a way of keeping track of new caches in a local area? or is that something open to premium members only. Thanks Mike
  3. Been following this with a bit of interest as I've recently placed my first cache. However the guidance is to approach the cache from different directions and take a reading, then look at them all and discount any wild figures etc to get a better 'average' GPS devices are 'probably' a bit more accurate than smartphones but I would imaging the 'approach from different directions' method would apply to whatever you use to set the co ords. Anyway, my cache was published on Monday and first find was yesterday so I suspect the co ords are good.
  4. You need to be able to prove the owner has given permission before the reviewer will approve it. Might involve giving a contact detail so they can confirm etc.
  5. Hi Lee, Thanks for that. That is exactly what I will keep doing. OR, just report them as replaced but leave them for a month or two. Then the Gropers might go back and find nothing themselves? Will keep them occupied for a bit at least.
  6. OK, I have my GPS (Garmin eTrex Legend) loaded up with a few geocaches and I'm ready to set off for my first hunt. Using the GPS is simple enough and I'm sure it will take me to within a few meters of each cache. However, do you guys also take a printout of the clues as to where each cache is or just look in places where you 'think' the cache might be when you get there? Thanks
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