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  1. Can someone tell me which cable I need for a Venture Cx?
  2. ...purchased a retractable usb cord and pny micro sd card from Tiger Direct.... I found a USB cable that is straight on Amazon, my wife has one of those retractable ones for her IPod and it is much cooler. Could you give me the link? Also does anyone have any comments on car mounts or cases?
  3. Can anyone advise if one of those cig lighter plugs with the female USB plug will charge/power using the USB data cable, or will I have to purchase a special cig lighter plug?
  4. Too bad you missed out on the $50 mail in rebates from Garmin (I think it ended, receipts must be dated on or before 12-31-06, rebates needed to be mailed before 1-31-07). I have a Venture Cx from Wal-Mart $198.87 (- $50 mail-in, and it is right in your budget). Out of the box I receieved 4 sat signals inside my brick home. I have used it to increase my find total 400% (from 1 to 5).
  5. I will join as soon as the Christmas credit card shock wears off. Do I need some type of PDA to do pocket queries? The original crux of my questions was; what cases/vehicle mounts/cig lighter adapters people found best, and where to purchase them (please remember . Also once I purchase my USB cord, will one of those cig lighter to USB plugs (like for an IPod) work as a charger/power supply to my GPSr? Not that anyone cares, but since my last post my find total has increased 400% (that is from 1 to 5). Looking to hit a few more this week.
  6. My wonderful wife got me a Venture Cx. Has a great signal (4 satellites inside my brick home). Have a day off soon looking to push my measly find total to double digits. I have a multi pronged question. First, I would like to know what extra goodies everyone uses with their GPSr. I know I need accessories like USB cord, microSD card, a GPSr case and City Navigator, but what other goodies are helpful? For the above listed items (USB cord, microSD card, a GPSr case ) please share any comments or links to purchase these items.
  7. My wonderful, beautiful wife got me a Venture Cx. Has a great signal (4 satellites inside my brick home). Have a day off soon looking to push my measly find total to double digits.
  8. I will be getting a new GPSr for Christmas. Depending on how generous my wife is it will either be a basic Garmin eTrex Yellow or a Venture CX. That being said, I was wondering if there are any things that must be done with a new receiver? An example would be if it needed to receive a signal for a certain amount of time before use, or download new software updates. Any suggestions for a newbie with a new GPSr would be helpful.
  9. Why did he have to be black? Probably has something to do with his parents race and genetics and all that.
  10. "Long Drive" LOL. I can tell you have never played with me. One more question, would I be able to set each corse to show as a seperate map, or would it just be a collection of way points?
  11. Great question, I should be getting a GPS for Christmas either a plain Yellow eTrex or (hopefully) a Venture CX. Along with GeoCacheing, one of the uses I have used to sell my wife on getting me a GPS is that I can use it while playing golf (I hope I am being truthfull to her). Additionally to the question asked above, would I be able to pre-program the names of all the center of tee box and center of greens, then plot them when I play? Also would averaging the tee box (etc) waypoints everytime I play golf make them more accurate? How many averages are enough?
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