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  1. There will always be those who do virtual and earthcaches from their armchair. We don't have to like it and agree with it, but there isn't much we can do.....unless we own the cache.


    I have never deleted a log from any of my caches, but on this one I would probably continue deleting as long as they re-logged it.


    My wife and went to London several years ago. Now that we are cachers and have pictures from several virtuals, we still won't log those as finds since it would be against the spirit of the game. Plus this gives us yet another reason to go back.

  2. If the unit is not paid for by Monday, then it will be available again. The maps and turn by turn would be useless in Australia since the installed maps are for the US. I would suggest a unit with no additional maps installed (ie only the base maps), that way you are not paying for a feature you would never use.

  3. Casey,


    I'd like first dibs on your unit... got any pictures? I'd also like to get a better understanding of the MEtro Guide, as I'm not familiar.


    Would this unit be OK for geocacheing AND turn by turn car naviagation (for wife)?






    I have used it primarily for caching. The turn by turn will get me to the caches easily. I have used the turn by turn and not found a problem with it. However, it only beeps for upcoming turns and like all other handheld gpsrs the screen size hinders the usability for navigation. PM me with your e-mail address and I will send pictures. As far as MetroGuide, it is a program which allows turn by turn on your PC but did not allow it on the GPSr unit. MetroGold is a program invented to allow the turn by turn feature to be turned on for the GPSr. Here is a link to Metroguide 2008 (ver installed is 2007):



    Since you are new to caching, please talk to a local cacher to verify this is a good deal.


    As far as dibs go, I take paypal and will send you a req for payment to your e-mail address as soon as you want me to.

  4. Before I put it on eBay I thought I would offer my GPSr to cachers first. Here is a breakdown of the unit:

    Garmin eTrex Venture Cx with the latest firmware downloaded.



    The unit comes with a 1 gig card and approx 60% of the United States installed from MetroGuide North America, v7. (Nov 2007). The portion of the US installed is as follows:

    Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming.


    The MetroGuide has MetroGold installed with it to allow the unit to do turn by turn directions.



    MetroGuide has tons of Points of Interests (POI) and will give you turn by turn directions to addresses you enter, intersections you enter, preprogrammed restaurants, fuel stations, hotels/motels, shopping, bank/atms, entertainment, recreation, attractions, community interests, hospitals, transportation and auto service. These preprogrammed POI’s have the addresses, coordinates and phone number of each establishment. I have searched for the nearest restaurant using the category list which is broken down by American, Asian, Barbecue… The phone number is listed on the POI's so you can call in advance if your heart is set on BBQ in the boondocks, and you want to make sure they are open.


    Since purchasing the unit (Christmas last year), it has had an Invisishield on the screen. The unit comes with the above mentioned installed software, Invisishield, 1 gig card, USB cord and the original Garmin books.


    I am selling the unit because I was blessed this Christmas with a Garmin Vista Hcx and a 2 gig card (which now has all of US and Alaska on it). I am asking $150 for the unit shipping included. Please contact me or post here if you have any questions, I will give the unit a week or so here before placing it on eBay.

  5. All the 60csx, Vista hcx and legend hcx makes me no difference. But when people dismiss the compass like it is a useless add-on bothers me. I got a Vista Hcx from the wife for Christmas to replace my Venture Cx. The compass keeps pointing towards the cache reguardless of my movement. If standing stilll near to the cache site it is nice to see the correct direction without having to walk 15 or 20 feet to get the non-compass unit to pick up where I am in the world.

  6. To me..The real difference in this argument is contained in the Law you quoted earlier. It all has to do with the word "Contraband". Not being a lawyer myself, I would interpret this word as an illegal and controlled substance.(a noun) Alcohol. Tobacco. The act of drinking ( a verb) is not illegal. A minor can posses and drink a pepsi product. In fact, the minor could own a shot glass and drink a pepsi product from it. It is the controlled substance that makes the difference. A minor can not purchase, posses or drink a controlled substance or aka the contraband.


    Gambling is an opposite situation. It is an action, a verb. You can gamble on anything. You can gamble with anything. It is the act itself that is in question, not the substance. The substance of a piece of paper ( the noun) is not illegal for a child to have. The act of playing the game is not illegal to do. The risk of and exchange of money is the issue. If the child can not purchase it and can not redeem it, then what is the contraband that the child is in possession of? Paper? with a game on it? You also mentioned poker chips earlier. They are made of plastic. Plastic is not a controlled substance. Like the shot glass, it may be a symbol of what you consider wrong but the fact is that it is not illegal contraband. I gamble on pool. But this is not "The Music Man" and the simple possession of a pool table nor does playing the actual game of pool constitute gambling. It is not illegal for a child to own playing cards. It is not illegal for a child to play a game of poker with the playing cards. It is not illegal for a child to go to Walmart and buy an electronic blackjack game. None of these things are considered contraband.


    Wow, that is flawed. A child can legally purchase a deck of cards, a black jack game or any number of items. These legal items are great swag items and I have no qualms against them.


    A child can not purchase alcohol, tobacco or scratch offs. You say it is not illegal for a child to have scratch offs, but it is illegal for them to purchase and illegal to refund winning tickets. It follows directly; if something is illegal to purchase because of your age, it is it is illegal to own because of your age.


    Every argument you have made for allowing children to be able to gamble, or to allow children to be able to own scratch offs, can be used for any other illegal endeavor. Scroll up and re-read the previous discussions, but replace scratch off/gambling with alcohol/drinking or cigarettes/smoking. The same flawed reasoning will be shown.

  7. i dont think scratch offs are gambling unless your the one purchasing the card


    I don't think it is drinking gin unless you're the one purchasing the bottle.


    I don't think it is smoking unless you're the one purchasing the pack of smokes.


    All perfectly logical. [/sarcasm]


    Explain it to the authorities.

  8. The nature of the sport means there could be anything in the cache so a little common sense says maybe some supervision might be prudent. Especially if you are that uptight. :D



  9. it isn't gambling. The ticket itself it not gambling... its just a piece of paper!


    That's an interesting piece of law. Please post a link showing that it is not gambling. What on earth does tickets being just a piece of paper have to do with your assertion it is not gambling? Poker chips are just a piece of plastic, poker machines are just electrons in zeros and ones. What does the medium have to do with gambling? The next thing you will say is the porn you left as a FTF was not porn, becuase it was just a magazine, or just a DVD.


    If it is not legal to sell it to a minor, what on earth makes you think it is legal to give it to them?


    Please people use common sense.

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