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  1. Bragging session.


    My Wife has a sales conference in Orlando for next month. I will be tagging along and be able to cache my heart out most mornings while she slaves at the conference. I convinced my wife I NEEDED to go paperless to keep up with all the caches in the area. So I won an auction for a Palm Zire 31 for $31.27. Amazon has it for $168.62. I just ordered a 2 gig card for it.


    I was so excited to snipe it for that price, I failed to check if it was appropriate for going paperless. Can one of you more savvy cachers let me know if it will work for its intended purpose?


    Also, if it will function as intended, what is my next step?

  2. If your GPS software version is really 2.3, then you should update. The current versions are 2.6 and 2.6. You'll probably need to use the WebUpdater to get it.


    the unit software is 2.3 this is specific to the unit and can not be updated. the software version is 2.6 and is as current as I can make it. to explain the go to problem: if i select go to and off road, a line will appear from where i am at that moment to the waypoint. if i travel 1 mile the line does not move with me, but remains 1 mile back.

  3. Have a couple of questions about my Vista Hcx. First of all, when zoomed in at a cache near a road the GPS pointer does not leave the road. The GPS navigates me through the roads to get to the cache, and then I recalculate but select “off road”. OR I stop navigation and select go to and off road.


    Second once I select "go to" there appears a colored line from my current point to the cache (turn in the road or whatever I am navigating to). This line does not update, but remains and shows where I was to where I am going, instead of the line end continuing to move with me/the pointer.


    Software Ver. 2.60

    GPS Software Ver. 2.30

    UNIT ID a bunch of numbers I won't share


    Does anyone have any clues or suggestions?



  4. A friend of mine kept pressuring me into trying it. But I was raised right and did not try it. More and more “friends” began to peer-pressure me until I thought I would just try it once just so I could tell them I did not like it and they would leave me alone. Unfortunately I was one of those first time addiction stories you see on the after school specials. Now I am obsessed with when I am getting my next fix. I have strained relationships and neglected family obligations all because of this habit. I have exhausted all local sources and am now spending horrendous amounts on gas. I went from “casual” experimentation with a Venture Cx and went into full blown addiction with a Vista Hcx.


    This story gets even worse. I walked in on my nephew last week, and he was looking at pictures of cache containers on the internet. I confronted him about this. I asked where he learned such behavior, and to my horror he said he learned it from watching me. Remember this addiction affects not only you but your family.

  5. ron_paul_full.jpg

    Vote for me, because I am against the Geocaching Mutant Registration Act. I believe just because I can summon metal micros to my hand, and detect the presence of ammunition cans, I should not be disqualified from this sport/hobby. (This is Ron Paul Libertarian/pseudo Republican, also known as MAGNETO)



  6. First and foremost the reception. High sensitivity makes a difference. Second the magnetic compass is worth the money. When going to a cache with non compass unit the unit looses where it is unless you walk a few steps and then the arrow will point correctly. The magnetic compass always points towards the cache even if you are standing still.

  7. armydk07.jpg


    Crap what was the clue on this one. Something like, "Before opening cache you MUST say some words." What were those words? Why haven't I went paperless yet? Oh well here goes. CLATU! VERATA! NECKTIE! Dang that wasn't it. How about; CLATU! VERATA! NICKEL!

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