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  1. I am trying to decide between the Vista HCx, 60GSx, and the Oregon 300. Trying to justify spending the extra cash on the Oregon is becoming hard to do. That only way I can do this is if I load the city maps on it and use it as a driving GPS as well. Does anyone use the 300 in this way? How well does it work, and what features does it have (spoken street names, etc...)?


    I have used the Garmin Nuvi's in the past and loved them. How would the 300 compare to them? Also since the Dakota series is coming out, on Amazon they are both listed for the same price of $350. Can anyone think of why I would go with the Dakota over the Oregon? Doesn't the Oregon have better features?


    Thanks all!!!








    I love my Vista HCx, but I have cached with people using both other units and find them as accurate. I think it is a form factor on which you prefer.

  2. I was hoping to read the links of side-by-side comparisons like the ones I posted, but no one seems to post them. I have cached with many people most had other Garmins, some maggies and even a delorme or two. I have not found another GPS I would like to have. My wife asked what GPS I wanted for our anniversary. I told her I was quite happy with my Vista, so she bought me an Eee Pc, which is awesome.







  3. PN-40, Colorado 300, or Oregon 300....60CSx

    I guess I got spoiled by the accuracy of my 60. While it's hard to definitively quantify, I would rate the accuracy of the Oregon as being comparable with the Vista HCx.


    I'd put my Vista HCx against any other gps for accuracy. With the money you save you can get a great Palm for paperless.








  4. A frustrated Magellan user is in a field looking for a cache. Another geocacher comes along and says "why are you searching in the field when the cache page says it's in the woods."


    The Magellan geocacher replied, "The reception is better out here".



    I know all GPSr’s are wonderful and am only posting Magellan because I have a Garmin. I find the whole Magellan/Garmin debate as dumb as Chevy/Ford argument. So please Magellan users do not flame me. If you want to fight because I posted something bad about Magellan, I would post the coordinates to my house, but am afraid it may be cloudy and you would wind up beating up my 70 year old neighbor.

  5. (disclaimer: I have never used a Magellan, and have no personal beef with Magellan. I have only ever owned a Garmin, and my next GPS will be a Garmin.)


    Range of a Magellan – depends on how strong your throwing arm is.


    Garmin’s new ad slogan: Garmin, for those who like to Geocache even when it is cloudy.


    Magellan’s new slogans: Magellan, for those people who aren’t afraid of getting lost. OR Magellan, for those who need more of a challenge.


    If you can find a cache with a potato, then I am glad for you. Have a great time. Maybe we should argue coke over pepsi.


    I really think GPSrs are all about the same. Caching is less about finding with a GPS and more about searching with eyes and hands, and getting dirt under your nails. Users of both brands of GPSrs end up with an arm full of briars, because sometimes we walk straight to a cache instead of walking along a circling trail. Both users end up with a face full of spider web because we look down at the screen in the palm of our hand instead of looking where we are walking. I could care less about what GPS someone uses.


    The fact someone has more finds than I do, meant they go caching more often than I am able to. Just because someone has thousands of finds, does not mean their equipment is the standard, just like a teenager’s parents paying top dollar for their child a GPS for their new hobby and they quit after 5 finds, doesn’t mean their equipment is bad. My first find was without a GPS anyway. So just because someone uses a sextant and tape measure to find a cache, does not mean they did not have fun. Some people who take their GPS way to seriously. Much in the same way you poke fun at the mean uncle who is one of those this-truck-brand-only people (Ford, Dodge or GM product). You talk about it just to see his blood boil. When I first started caching, several caches were found by my nephew, who seldom holds the GPS. While I was busy looking at the device, he was looking for the cache.


    In the end caching is not about what is in your hand, but what is between your ears. (please do not let my wife read this, as I am trying to justify buying a new GPS)


    All this being said Magellan has been in the navigation business much longer than garmin. The Tates Watch Co. which became the electronic company which makes Magellan GPS’s started in the 1800s. The Tates Watch Co. wanted to diversify. Since it already made watchcases, (pocket watches) it decided to manufacture compasses for pioneers traveling to California. But the compasses were so bad that people often ended up in Canada or Mexico. This is the origin of the expression, "He who has a Tates is lost!"

  6. Dude... I understand your want, and desire, BUT I will offer you these words of advice.


    "It is Better to deal with what you have, and save up for a couple months for a Garmin eTrex Vista HCx, than to do the small incremental upgrades."


    Case and point.


    I started with a eTrex(yellow). It was about $90. It worked, but was Serial(had to get a $30 adapter, and 30$ Cord for the computer) and slow... Then a few months later, we got the Venture(180$)(Yeah MAPS!!!), and the Maps were a Godsend. After that, I read about what a Barametric altimiter, and an electronic Compass would also help out as well. Hmm. Guess I gotta upgrade to the Vista($300). Of course, that one got stolen from me, and the Venture went to my dad(still has and uses). We waited a Year and a half, and gota Geko 301($200). It worked, but I had been reading again... Color Screen, SD Card, USB!!!!! Ooooo.


    One fine day, I walked into the local RE*, and the price was right($229). Since then, I've read about all these newer (and more useless maggies) units and Stick with my Vista HCx. So, Save the money up, and get yourself a Great unit that is STILL at the best of the Best!


    The Steaks


    P.S. I notice your from ID. You'll REALLY want the maps when hiking the Mountains... I KNOW!!! We're from Spokane, WA!


    I concur with the assertion about the Vista Hcx. I love mine. I started with a Venture Cx and then moved up to the Vista Hcx.


    Here are some links about the Vista Hcx if you would like to research it.







  7. taken%20neeson%20poster.jpg


    Look here cache hiders. I don't know who you are, but I have developed in my lifetime some extraordinary skills... skills... that will enable me to hunt you down... I will look for you... I will find you........................... and I will LOG you.




    My condolences to Liam and his sons.

  8. I have had several eTrexs and read about many people who have had this problem. I have never experienced this. A couple of my friends had 2 eTrexs (a his and her thing). His eTrex had the problem, but hers did not. The differences was his remained in his vehicle, in the heat. Her GPSr stayed in her purse, in the air conditioned home, the air conditioned office and the air conditioned vehicle.

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