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  1. The folks at Backpacking Light have done a review of the Colorado 400t. Their focus is primarily on it's use in backpacking but I thought it might be of interest. Unfortunately you have to either subscribe to their site or purchase the article to read it. The article summary can be found at: http://www.backpackinglight.com/cgi-bin/ba...ado_review.html
  2. Check Backcountry Navigator. Besides paperless caches, it uses free detailed USGS topo maps and aerial photos. Cost is 30 bucks but there is a free trial to see if it works for you. The tech support is top notch and a question in their forum's section usually gets a quick response. I don't think backcountry navigator will work. In the trail tab the site says "you must have a Pocket PC running Pocket PC 2003, 2003SE or Windows Mobile 5 or 6 (Pocket PC, not Smartphone, edition)", the Q is a smartphone. If you try to register a required field is your PocketPC manufacture, of which Motorola is not listed. I have a Q and have use GSAK to create HTML pages and move them to my phone. It works but personally I prefer the Smartphone version of cachemate.
  3. I've tried both gsak and geobuddy. I like the interface of gsak better, including some of the sorting options. But I ended up standardizing on geobuddy. Geobuddy will provide a map display as well as a list display. This feature allows me to pick a cache and see what's visually be able to determine what caches are nearby. This allows me to plan a geocaching outing. Both are free to try, so try both of them out and see which you are move comfortable with.
  4. An interesting observation since upgrading to 2.57 firmware on my 500. Sitting in my office I now have 7 satellites locked in. Prior to this upgrade I never got a firm 3D lock while in my office, I was lucking to get 1 or 2 satellites.
  5. Please ignore my last post. I had tried changing the serial number in Mapsend Manager and that did not help but it turned out I put in the wrong serial number. When I fixed that, the next time I tried to upload a region from DirectRoute it gave me an option to load to the GPS or hard drive and then to enter the serial number of my unit (defaulting to the number in mapsend manager). All is working.
  6. beauxp, Did you ever resolve this issue? I just upgraded my Sportrack to an eXplortist and I'm trying to figure out how to continue using my DirectRoute software. Thank you.
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