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  1. In your mind, what is a high quality geocache?
    ⦁    Unique containers in well thought out unique areas
    ⦁     caches that realate to some historical aspect about an area
    ⦁     Recently while caching in Norther Nevada I  really appreciated a cacher who checked all of his cache placements during the past 6 months to make sure they were still in good condition.


    In your mind, what is a low quality geocache?
    ⦁    Sequential numbered power trail caches going down some back road every 600 feet or so.   I feel power trail caches that are related to geoart, or some other significant grouping are OK. For example I completed a power trail in Idaho where each cache was the name of a bird species that are found in the state.
    ⦁    Caches that are placed in mass by caching organizations who have so many cache placements that they have to rely on cache finders to maintain them if the are lost or damaged.  These are often powertrails caches.
    ⦁    Pill bottles - very few are water tight and many have a necked down area near the cap which makes it very difficult to get the log out of the bottle.  Sometimes it takes longer to extract the log than it took to find the cache in the first place.


    What steps can the community take to improve geocache quality?
    ⦁    Accuracy of coordinates.  I sometimes wonder if cell phone cache placements do not have adequate coordinate accuracy.  I have located caches up to 100 feet away from the published coordinates where the owner readily admitted they were using thier cell phone to place the cache and knew the accuracy ws not so good.  Not sure how to police short of reviewers physically checking coordinates on the ground before approving.
    ⦁    I also have seen too many caches that are placed along busy highways where there are inadequate pull outs to safely access the cache.  Not sure how to police this short of reviewers actually checking out these type of locations.


    What steps can Geocaching HQ take to improve geocache quality?  
    ⦁    Find some way to limit power trails.  Southern Idaho has so many power trails it is truly ridiculous.
    ⦁    Find a way to encourage more responsible maintenance by cache owners.  
    ⦁    Perhaps set some time limits on how long a cache can remain in play without any logged finds.

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