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  1. Sign me up, too. It's high time that I got back here...I have had a very busy year, and now plan to enjoy some slow- down time. Good luck everyone, this should be fun! David
  2. I've been very busy for the past year and sort of lost track of the time...now I have a new color GPS and plan on finding more of the Beacons in my area...Just wonder how the BM group is doing on finding them in their areas. So let's hear your results!!!! David AKA Sundance5567
  3. Seeing those pictures brings back some wounderful memories...My Dad was in charge of installing an under water test range off of Barking Sands, at the other end of the main road aroud Kauai in 1967, and brought my Mom and me out for the summer. How great it was to be there ...16 years old with a car and lots of free time!! Hanilai was my favorite place to go to...there is a little beach at the very end of the road, just before the cliffs start, that was truely beautiful. Thanks for the memories, and glad you gained some, too. David
  4. Hi group, I was justup in Racine,Wi, for a Memorial service for my uncle David Munroe, and went to see a plane that he donated to the EAA museum at the Racine Airport. They have the top 8 or 10 feet of one of these beacons in side as a display...pretty cool to touch/feel one!!!!! David
  5. Don't forget to try some of the Wine Berries...they have fuzzy red stems, and hide their fruit in green covers until popping out like soft, bright red,wonderful berries...they like open shade and well drained soil...they are the best of the wild berries! I have managed to get 4 plants moved down here from our old farm in Ironia, and just had my first two berries last night. Yummm. And if anyone wants Blackberries, I have about 50 acres of them here in KY...and they are ready to pick now....Happy Geoforaging/eating. David
  6. Hi Adrienne, I live about 15 miles S of the cave, and would sugest that you put in zip code 42171 in the search box... it will list a whole bunch of caches down here. There is one listed at the last rest area you will pass coming south....have fun, the weatherpeople say it's going to be nice this weekend. David
  7. Hello folks, The one arrow /tower site that I found this spring has YELLOW concrete for both the tower pad and the arrow... I still need to go back and clean off the tower pad to see if there is a mark on it. I will update you all in a few days. David
  8. You have done a great job!!!!!I'm so glad that there are others out 'there' that share in the, shall we say,'joy' of finding these old marks. I know that for me,working without a gps,finding the old maps and the old folks that remember where-sort of-they were has been a BLAST. Now if I can only get my company to let me hunt for them on company time, I'll have it made.... Thanks RogBarn for doing a great job that I'm sure will be used by those of us that share the 'joy'!!
  9. Check out GC2106 , I finally found one!!!!!!! The little old lady that owns the property was out tending her iris when I stopped by today. We have had some very pleasent visits in the past, but I didn't know she owned it until the other day. Her face lit up when I asked her about the beacon... she had such nice memories of it..." It was My rotating light,...We would look out at it to see how bad the storms were....The rent for that tower put food on the table during bad times....etc" I was so glad to have taken the time to visit today. I'm planning to go back with a broom/ shovel, first to uncover, then to recover the arrow end if its still there. Alright group, lets see if we can run this whole line down...BTW, The tower pad is topped with a still bright yellow concrete ..
  10. Just a short update...went to a wedding on Sat. afternoon, and met the present owner of the property where one of these towers used to be...he invited me to come over anytime to search for the site, didn't know it had been there...more soon. David
  11. Well I finally found an old farmer who remembers at least 2 of the nearby sites, and is going to take a walk with me in the next few weeks to show me them... they appear to be near where they should be... I will keep looking! This is a lot of fun, and I have had the pleasure of meeting and talking with a bunch of neat old folks!!!!And they just don't know what to think of this 'Northener' who wants to just sit and talk about "the old days"...cool.
  12. Anyone have any good contacts within the FAA that could get an old list / map? I agree that it would be really cool to find a reletivly well preserved site, but for now I am going to find whats left of the ones close by. Lets keep this thread somewhere near the top.... David
  13. I used to hunt around the Peapackton Res in NYS...the guards then (15+yrs ago) would go off if we walked too close to the dam, I can just see them now...HMM, guy with a little box in his hand..... David
  14. As a young boy, I remember my Dad ( an engineer for ITT ) took me to Telegraph Hill, near Red Bank,NJ and we climbed the old wooden tower there...it was great until my Dad put his foot thru a step on the desent WAY up there, and I was behind him on the way down...still climb towers, but I don't do wooden ones anymore! Hope you find some info on these sites, it would be neat to identify a few complete lines.
  15. ... I wonder if I can fit a Dumpy level in my back pack.....
  16. Hi K & S, nice connection, and a great picture! I wonder if there is any kind of a marker on / around the arrow. If it stops raining here, I will go check another nearby location. It seems like the farmers around here may have been more aggresive in removing small bits of history then in other areas.... Thank you to all who have jumped in on this. David
  17. check out the Ky post in this forum, or goto GEOCKY.ORG
  18. Thanks for the link... seems that the problem showed up real early, just nothing anyone could do...sooo sad.
  19. Thank you Black Dog Trackers...Great info, it should make finding some of these sites a little easier...I should be able to find some remnants of the generator mounts at least...BTW, I am also a member of the Society for Industrial Archeology, so I have been looking at old "stuff" for a long time. This just makes it more fun!!!! thanks again. David
  20. You Lexington folks are doing a great job!!!!!!!! BTW, I'll be in LEX all next week, hope to run into some GEOCKY members while I'm there. David
  21. Hi Group, I live near the site of a BM listed as GC2106, Airway Beacon 70, on the old Louisville - Dallas mail route. Appently these steel beacons were put up in the 1920's - most have a 1933 first find { WPA? } and were torn down in the 1940's, but some of the sites I have seen listed describe a large concrete arrow close to where the tower was. Have any of you seen these arrows? In scouting out 4 of the sites this week, I have not found anything left of the tower mounts or any other traces that they were ever there...I hope that I am just a little off in my search area...I will keep you posted. So far I have the listings from L'ville to Nashville... if I can find some of these I will be happy!!! anyone further southwest want to help in the hunt? David
  22. Now be nice to those of us that raise SHEEP!!!
  23. There have been some good things happening in conection with GEOCKY...visit our site to see how things are moving along with the state PTB. DavidGEOCKY
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