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  1. quote:Originally posted by Pneumatic:Like most Garmin units, the way to enter a waypoint is to mark the current location, and then highlight the location and edit the co-ordinates. Thanks. A user in other topic pointed that out to me as well. Found it the manual, finally. RTFM fully, as I finally did. Finding more and more options with this click-stick on each menu. Still learning. But again, thanks for pointing this out. --Jason
  2. Dang, that ain't exactly documented (I'll go back and look again), but that's EXACTLY what I was looking for, Nisk. Much Thanks! (also, I can now go to sleep 'cos it's 3AM ET and I'm supposed to look for a cache at 7AM. Doh!)
  3. New user warning! After reading the forums and whatnot, I still went out and bought a Rino 110 today. Buddy of mine also bought one at the same time, different registers, same store. Our one-day test: Quite pleased with the location geometry with 1 (*ONE*, read: O-N-E) unit within 15 feet of the other. Closer than that and the other won't get more than one satillite to save the other's life. Once I turned off, we actually got within about 4 feet of published coordinates of a geocache, without WAAS. Pretty good, I think. Radio coverage was actually decent. We tested this using my house as a waypoint. The hard part was that I have a rather large power substation about 1/2 mile as the crow flies from my house, which my buddy had to drive past. Even with that, we did a dead-reckoning (we both have nextel as well) of about a total of 3/4 to 1+ mile of reception. This is over a *generally* flat terrain, with powerstation inbetween. Overall, quite pleased with the unit, except for my outstanding quesiton of "Yes, I'm here. Yes, I know where I've been. Please allow me to put in where I WANT to be!" Dazzit.
  4. Pardon my newness, but me and a friend both purchased a Garmin Rino 110 today; both of us for local geocaching, but said friend also for potential military sightseeing. While we found two caches today mostly based on the information my friend gleened through reading the manual(s) while I was driving, and my additional reading of the reference guide for this unit at home, we had a heated discussion of "just input the @#$@# coords we need to get to!" while we were driving. Seems that it can't be done. Did we miss something in the manuals and/or on-screen-help that it's doable to input a "destination" waypoint on these units? Any advice would be most appreciative. Thanks.
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