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  1. I have a query I run daily. Given the issues with the firewalll and the resulting backlog, I figured I'd wait it out. It hasn't run since 9/28/04. Should I wait a few more days? Thanks.
  2. Edited: Evidently user error, but I didn't clicky anything. Post removed. Feel free to nuke thread.
  3. 7th attempt: "Same as you were, and go back to ..." Sorry, can't remember the rhyme. Appears a cookie change is in effect, and I missed the boat. Or something.
  4. Crusin? Sorta. Cookies reset across the domain? Yes. All cookies allowed for site: Yes. Reason for cookie failure? Unknown. Coincidence? Unknown. Pulling up cache pages on gc.com? Priceless. (evidently) Just sayin'.. Edit: Watching "login required" fail repetitively (third attempt so far) with "Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsesd prior to copletion of the operation or the server is not responding": Priceless/unknown? Fourth attempt (02:54 EDT)... Fifth attempt (02:56 EDT)... Sixth attempt (02:57 EDT)...
  5. I only peruse the forums sporadically; usually when I'm having a technical problem of some sort, occasionally otherwise when I've got the time. Glad to see this topic, I wouldn't have known about it otherwise and gives me time to figure out how to plan out my vacation days next year. Event listings don't bother me if I see them on my "new hides" list, even if they were 12-16 months out. Serves as a reminder for me whenever I pull it up. Good stuff, looking forward to it.
  6. Yup, fall/winter caching is definitely preferred for me. Georgia is too danged hot (and sticky!) in the summer time, plus the skeetes/tics are the size of small dogs - or so it would seem. While it gets chilly, we don't have to worry that much about snow - exept for in the mountains, but even then that's a goodness. I'd rather be a bit nippy than dripping sweat like I've been doing for the past couple of months.
  7. Erm, my normal query hasn't ran since 8/21 in the AM. (my not found query for my local area, run it every day). I unchecked and rechecked the boxes just to see if that would kick-start it. Waiting to see if that works.
  8. Ok, that did the trick. Odd though. Thanks!
  9. I think I've narrowed it down to my avatar pics. I can get the edit profile page to load just dandy in IE6 and Mozilla 1.7. It even looks like it loads fine in Firefox 0.9.3, but then hangs - I *think* on an img.groundpseak.com transfer. So, I turned load images off and tried it that way - still locks after the bulk of the page HTML loads - I get a scrollbar, etc. I'm stumped, but will still try with a fresh install of 0.9.3 sometime in the near future. In the interim I will use Mozilla to edit. As a side note, I noticed that my profile description details is now loaded with inserted "Tidy HTML for Windows" stuff in both IE and Mozilla. Screengrabcut: Is this new, or did I screw something up somehow by bouncing between browsers? Kinda a pain to edit now.
  10. Hmm.. I must be the oddball, because I'm still breaking it. Will try with a fresh install of 0.9.3 when I get some free time here in the next couple of days. Given that others are able to use successfully, I retract my original post/comment (but will leave it there for posterity).
  11. "Countys" or "Counties" begs a secondary question, or perhaps a clarification: As different countries/nationalities use different "breakdowns", "counties" throws an error to me. A least common demonenator is needed, it would seem, for "universal translation" of the site. For instance: I'm in the USA, state of Georgia, county of Cobb, city of (suburb of Atlanta). USA = 1 country Georgia = 1 of 50 states Cobb = 1 of 169 counties in Georgia. Within Cobb County, there are at least 7 munincipalities, not to mention a dozen more nonincorporated. So when one says "county", what do they mean? state? county? munincipality? other? "State" would be as low as I'd wanna go, but that differs... (scratching head).
  12. Subject says all... I can do anything I want on the site; post finds, delete finds, enter new hides, edit hides, edit finds, visit the forums, whatever.. via Firefox. As soon as I try to edit my own profile page, though.. POOF. Firefox locks up, only recourse is to kill and restart. Major downer when one has 6-10 windows up, and only 2-3 of those are geocaching.com.. Please address/fix/remove explicits/whatever. "Use IE for all usage" is not an appropriate "solution", especially when this one particular function is the issue. My current build/version: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7) Gecko/20040803 Firefox/0.9.3 Thanks.
  13. Heh... Um, mine might be a tad difficult unless it was convereted into an outline drawing only. No photoshop skills, me.
  14. Thanks, Dbleess and wornout - I'll give that a shot.
  15. Two questions for you: 1. How do you change the icon in StreetAtlas 2004 from the default red flag to something else? Is it an import option on the Draw tab i'm missing? (Clyde confirmed that it's on the StreetAtlas side, some changes from SA 9 to 2004). 2. I just emailed Delorme support about StreetAtlas 2004 not recognizing the 60CS via USB - you're saying the USB-to-serial adapter is required, right? Thanks!
  16. For whateve reason, I have just about every cache I've found on my watchlist. I was going through it today to clean out some of them, and realized a "Wouldn't it be nice.." It'd be nice to have "My Watchlist" with checkboxes, so one could mass-select caches to be removed from the watchlist, as opposed to selecting "remove", then "yes", for each and every one. I realize that not everyone has such unruly watchlists, but it's just a thought/request.
  17. While not even close to being a hike - you might walk 500 feet, TOTAL - one of my all-time favorites is "Counterfeit Blend", just because of it's craftiness, skill of the owner in crafting it, and execution/implementation. And it's a *micro* too boot - go figure.
  18. I just "upgraded" my Rino 110 to a Rino 130 after having the 110 spend about 15-20 minutes in 18-20 feet of water at Lake Lanier (NE of ATL, GA). Works great, love the extra features. With my tax refund check, I also got a 60CS, and LOVE IT. Well, 95% love it - I like the click-stick on the Rino 130 better to jump back and forth immediatley between screens, can't do that on the 60CS. Just used to the old way. Outside of that, I love using it, and love the auto-nav features. Great all-in-one unit, IMHO.
  19. While I'm sure that this has been discussed before, I'm posting in spite of being Markwelled/ignored by those outside of the GA area. Preface: If a hike is less than .5 miles in, I normally don't carry my pack, but will stuff a goodie or two in my pockets. On longer hikes (> .5), I'll take the pack, packed full of goodies and the like. I'm a northwest-metro-Atlanta cacher. One thing I've noticed over the past couple of months of finds is lack of stuff in caches. Most often, I either TNLN or leave something without taking. While not yet reaching epidemic proportions yet, the propensity of said "barren caches" is beginning to alarm me. I always try to upgrade whatever I take from caches - usually in value from $1-$10, depending on the stash, and it's difficulty in getting there. However, it would appear that some folx take the idiom "take an item, leave an item" quite literally, regardless of trade values, thereby decreasing the "value" of the cache they visit. This is where I'm not sure whether to be peeved, or surprised. Sure, the spirit is there (take/trade), but leaving a 25 cent gumball prize and other cheap gizmos doesn't necessarily equivalate to a swiss army knife AND a toy for the child in attendence. Question: Where does one draw the line, and where (outside of this post) does one bring attention to it? I like to find decent stuff in caches, and I'd like to think that I've put some good stuff in the two (2) caches I've placed (yes, I've found 150+, the area is quite saturated where I live). Does the axiom "Trade fair/trade up" still apply, or will I continue to be welcomed by plastic rings and other gumball fair on my future finds?
  20. After reading the posts, I'm with GEOJOE on this one. - Keep it, it's yours. While a number of others have suggested (and have been shot down) that it's drug money, it's not. In all probability, you found yourself a "cash stash" of someone currently incarcerated or about to be - "Get out of jail" money, so to speak. Think "Shawshank Redemption" and you'll get the idea. I speak from semi-experience, while never in trouble with the law personally. A cousin admitted stashing about $1100 in a strategic location in a field near we both grew up as kids in Kentucky. After getting out of jail, they went back two years later and found it exactly as they left it. So keep it, and spend it wisely towards a new GPS or something, if you haven't already. If your conscense (sp) bothers you, then donate it. I wouldn't.
  21. I'm sure this is markwelled somewhere, but my cursory search didn't find anything. I don't normally cache during the summer months, and anything above 80 degrees is "getting pretty danged warm" to me - unless there's a lake or pool nearby. Unfortunately for me, I live in a suburb of Atlanta, GA - which means heat AND nasty humidity. I like cold-weather caching, which means jeans. "Warm/Hot" weather caching to me means shorts - REI, Old Navy, Umbro whatever, but lack of material is a good thing in regards to heat. As such, I've been pulling ticks off me left and right recently - with or without bug spray. I realize ticks are a necessary evil during summertime caching. What's been getting me lately is the abundance of barbed vines/weeds/etc that I've enountered. Granted, my legs aren't anything Betty Paige would own (no, i'm not that old, but man she had the gams!) due to multiple softball leagues, soccer leagues, hiking, whatever. They ain't pretty, but I don't like bleeding. The problem I have is that I can't get myself to wear long pants even while I'm getting torn up - too frickin' hot. Outside of the obvious "watch where you're going", anyone got some hints/trade secrets they're willing to give up? Salves? rubs? anything?
  22. The two dailies of mine from yesterday (4/29), which normally come in around between 11AM-2PM, came in at 12:38AM and 1:07AM this morning (4/30) - local times, queries match those on gc.com Still no signs of todays. at all, site says hasn't run yet. It's like it's gone 12 hours off kilter.
  23. If I had it to do over again, I would have gotten the 120 instead of the 110 I bought a year ago. I later did go out and buy the datacable, which put me within about $40 total of the cost of the 120. Having said that, I've been quite pleased with the performance and abilities of the 110. The location reporting feature from other Rino users and the ability to "beam" waypoints is really a handy feature. Yeah, the radio is hard to hear unless you crank up the volume due to the waterproofness, but I'm glad for that since I've dropped it in a creek on more than one occasion. Since I've gone with pocket queries, I've been playing with Delorme USA Handheld on the PDA, so that works fine for mapping. Bottom line - can't go wrong with either one, really, just depends on what you want.
  24. I too use the military MULE. I have a good chunk (mini-mag, pouches holding misc stuff, camera) hung off the back of the pack via the MOLLE straps UPSIDE DOWN. Quick reach-back access, just pop the cover of whatever item, and it falls into your hand. Putting stuff back is just about as easy. The mini-mag (actually another compnay, can't remember) which usually belt-attaches is strapped to the MOLLE with an ALICE clip, as are all the other mil-spec compass/first-aid pouches that I use to hold stuff (compress, notebook, etc). ALICE-attach stuff works great with MOLLE. Cell phone goes back there as well, but right-side up. It'd bother me to have all that stuff strapped to my chest, but that's just me. I even hang my Rino from my belt most of the time, though sometimes I use the shoulder clip. Just a thought..
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