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  1. I tried to do an interview with BruceS for Today's Cacher.com. It seems that he isn't really caching anymore. I hope he gets back into it, he is a great icon. El Diablo I noticed this thread bubbled back to the top. This quote amuses me. On a whim, I went to BruceS's profile. True enough, no finds after Dec '03.. until Jul 29th, 04.. since, lots and lots of finds. Guess you gave him the boost, Diablo.
  2. If I had that nice a compass, I'd set the delineation on the compass (about 4 degrees in my neck of the woods) to true north, and leave the GPS on true north. All depends on how big a delination you have. Of course, it's all relative - if the cache says "go .3 miles bearing 90 degrees magnetic", then it's time to set the GPS over to magnectic north and leave the compass un-delineated.
  3. deleted by poster, answered in another thread.
  4. Cymbaline


    Yep, something definitely funky going on. The link for Georgia isn't updated correctly. For example, I and another cacher found Ben Hill Strickland yesterday, but it doesn't show it. I also noticed when I pulled up another local cachers "all finds" page (mtn-man's, actually), it was giving some weird results on some of the dates - not putting in a date that he found it, or not putting in a date of when I found it, or combinations of both. Odd.
  5. I noticed on the main/home page that the total caches are no longer listed, just "over 200 countries." No totals are on the search or advanced search pages either. Which is fine, lets say there's over 180K active caches. Out of curiousity, how many archived caches are there/have there been? Not sure which is the proper verbage or tense. Doing a forum search of "how many archived" came back with null results. Just curious, as I mull over my morning coffee and contemplate awakeness.
  6. I'm Loving GSAK 5, especially the export (with correct icons AND hotlinks if I so choose) to SA 2004! I pointed this out to Clyde the day 5.0 came out, but forgot to post it here. Sorry about that. Er, right then. This is not a bug, but another old-school keyboard thing. Pre-5.0.x Sequence "Ctrl-O", "Enter" = load/reload gpx (file, folder, whatever the last selected options were) 5.0.x: "Ctrl-O". "Enter" = "Warning Box" chastising me for slecting Basic Options from the Advanced Screen, as the "Basic Options" button is selected (or Advanced Options", if you're loading from the basic screen). New 5.0.x sequence to attain pre-5.0.x glory: "Ctrl-O", "shift-tab", "shift-tab", "shift-tab", "enter" for loading goodness. Since it won't matter much to mousers, would it be possible to move the default selection on "File/Open" back to enter?
  7. Er, I misspoke. I ment to say the "Database Update", not "Clear database". You're right, it doesn't say that for "Clear database" in the help file; the "Always" recommendation who which I referred was for DB update. Sorry about that. As for the rest... Ok, that makes sense and I follow you. In this case, since I *do* want the database updated with new not-founds, etc, I can't use the "existing only" option, right? Hmm.. Thinking about, there really is not a way to really "fix" this one either, based on the nature of the unsync'd queries and the overlap they have. Thanks for your input and straightening me out, Clyde!
  8. I have a Rino 110, then upgraded to the Rino 130, and then got a 60CS to boot. My girlfriend just went from a Legend to a 76C. I love the way the Rino's and 60CS feel in my hand. Then again, I love the slightly larger screen and tons (double) the memory her 70C has. She loves the 76C even though it's bigger, hasn't had many commons on mine UNLESS I don't bring it with us (we use the 60CS in it's dash-mount for autonav). Really can't go wrong either unit (excepting memory), whatever works for you.
  9. The mini-USB connector on the back of the 60C/60CS is for data only - no power is or can be supplied to the unit. As someones else noticed, the USB connector type on the Legend C may be different.
  10. This one is stumping me, so I'm providing as much detail as possible. For this exercise, I have two "not found" queries. One runs daily for caches in Metro-Atlanta, the other runs twice a week for caches in Northern Georgia. I'll call the daily one "Atlanta" and the other "North". In order to cover as much area as possible, there *is* a bit of overlap between the two queries. Both queries are in folder "Notfound" Current dates of queries: North - 12/6/04. Atlanta - 12/8/04. On 12/6 (after the 12/6 query ran), I found a cache that *was* in both queries, but now is not in the Atlanta query (which is as it should be). Depending on how I load the queries, here's what I get: 1. Load North file, clear db yes, db update Always: Cache there (as expected) 2. Load Atlanta file, clear db yes, db update Always: Cache not there (as expected) 3. Load folder Notfound, Clear db yes, db update Always: Cache shows up. 4. Load folder Notfound, Clear db yes, db update Newer: Cache shows up. 5. Load folder Notfound, Clear db no, db update Newer: Cache shows up. 6. Load folder Notfound, Clear db no, db update Always: Cache shows up. What I was thinking is that one of 3-6 would kick out the cache I found, but I can't seem to get it to NOT show up, even though it's not in the Atlanta query, which is a later date. Just in case, I then again ran: 7. Load folder Notfound, Clear db yes, db update Newer: Cache shows up. If it matters, the names of the queries are: Atlanta - 31562.gpx, North - 126802.gpx What am I missing? Am I doing something wrong? I saw in the help files that the recommended setting for Clear db is Always, but... Edit: FWIW, the "Last Update" for the cache in question correctly shows 12/06/04 for the "Last Update" field. Thanks.
  11. Erm, is this considered a "feature?" If so, is it something you can opt out of? Also.. what's it for?
  12. Version: GSAK 4.2.2 This is veddy veddy minor usability thing, no functionality impact, and may be WAD. I'm one of those oddball oldschool geeks who uses the keyboard more than the mouse, or as much as possible. From the main GSAK screen, tabbing through the on-screen fields doesn't flow in a straight-order. Best I can tell, it goes: Code Search, Select a Saved Filter, Lock First Column, Database, Unknown/Drop down to first line item (at which point you can "enter" through the columns), Name Search .. Seems like It wants to/should flow from left to right - Lock First column, Code Search, etc... Was thinking double-tab would get me "Code Search", triple-tab would get me "Name Search", but no. Or maybe it's just me.
  13. Jeremy thinks it's rude. Coyote does not. Mushtang thinks it's rude. And so on. Yay! Thanks for emphasizing my point: Some folx do things their way, other folx do things there way - but who's right? All, and none. The only valid opinion is your own. Your opinion beomes wrong when you force it on someone else who doesn't agree with with you. That is all.
  14. To glob together a few quotable phrases: You can lead a dog to the pond, but you can't teach it to swiim; it frustrates you and irritates the dog. It knows how to swim in it's own way, thankyouverymuch, and it's not about to change for you or anybody else. Similarly, the same goes for folx who like to geocache. Some will log online, some won't. Everybody has their own way of doing things. I know of a few folx who rarely, occasionally, or never log online - but if they encounter a problem with the cache, they all without fail let the cache owner know about it via email. Some also email saying "Golly gee, that was a teetotalling good time." Some don't. Ask yourself why YOU, the reader of this post, log online. I'll hazard a guess that it's one or more of the following reasons. Maybe not. These are mine; in no particular order. - To get it off my not-found pocket query. - As a cache owner, I like reading when people find my caches, so I figure other cache owners might feel the same. - As a finder, sometimes Funny Stuff happens, and I like to share. - As a NOT-finder, I have no problems admitting defeat - As a NOT-finder, I voice concerns that something is Amiss or AWOL If someone chooses not to log one of my caches online, I don't feel slighted or personally offended. That's their perogative. They have their reasons, just as I have mine. Personally, I think this should be a non-issue. You, the reader, may feel otherwise. Perhaps we're both right - or wrong. However, I'm not going to try to teach you to swim, and I'd be much appreciative if you don't try to teach me in return.
  15. Wasn't sure what subject line to put in "contact@", and it's a minor nit, so I'll put it here. A minor update of "finding.asp" is needed. In "Step 1, Researching the cache", item #2 currently says: 2. For car geocaches (ones you can drive to and walk a short distance), use MapBlast. Geocaching.com provides you with a link to MapBlast so you can get directions to that location. Make sure to zoom in on the location to make sure it’s near a road. MapBlast can only get you so far! Erm, seems like Mapblast isn't an option any more. Also, in the opening paragraph, it says "the unit only knows how far as the crow flies", which is 90% correct, but these new-fangled automapping GPSrs get ya pretty darned close - then you're staring up a 200ft cliff for the last 30 feet to the cache.
  16. If you're walking through a rain-soaked or otherwise generally squishy area, and come to a creek/stream/runoff/whatever crossing, and have the Nifty Idea of jumping across it... ...it wouldn't hurt to first find a good-sized rock and throw it across - with some force, but not herculean - at the "firm looking" spot at which you intend to land in order to avoid the possible result of squishy boots/socks/et al. If the rock thuds/embeds in, chances are you'll embed further. DAMHIKT.
  17. Posting this as an FYI, and is only applicable to Rino 130 owners. I previously owned (well, still own) a Rino 110. After it went swimming this past June/July - well out of warranty - I went ahead and upgrade to the Rino 130. I noticed right away that the lat/long data in the "Location" box on the Navigation page was different - the data field fonts were much smaller and harder to read. I've been meaning to ask Garmin about it, but never got around to it. Yesterday I did. I sent an email, and got a response saying "they look the same to us." So I called in and explained in detail. The guy on the phone then compared, side-by-side, Rino 110, 120, and 130 units.. ..and as it turns out, the Rino 130 (and only the 130) data field in the Location box on the Navigation page does, indeed, have a smaller font when the display format is set to hddd.mm.mmmm , which is what I use it in 99.9% of the time. He showed it to his supervisor, who agreed that this should be an easy fix, and is forwarding it on to their software guys. Soo.. long story short, look for a future software update with this fix. Again, you may not have noticed the difference or even known there was one, but it's a heckuva bunch easier to see/read the larger font. He said it should be around in the next couple of months.
  18. test of posting pic, to be deleted asdfa asdf
  19. My first was a Rino 110. Note: Do not drop a Rino 110 in a lake. It doesn't float. It's lifeless carcass now rides around in the cab of my truck. After that, I upgraded to a Rino 130. Then, I saw the 60CS in action at a GGA meeting. I was hooked, so got one of those too. Most of the time it's the 60CS doing the autonav in the truck, and then the 130 goes into the field/on the trails. I do use the 60CS to place caches and mark waypoints due to it's waypoint averaging abilities. Like someone else mentioned, I'm waiting for the Rino 140CA (Color Autonav) or a 60CSR (Rino/radio version) combo. Are you listening, Garmin?
  20. I use the terms "non-geocachers", "folx who don't geocache" and "them." I'd like to put a propeller cap on whomever came up with "muggle." That term just bothers me for some reason.
  21. I went back and rated all my hides after some discussions with a couple of handicachers. Not that I have a ton or anything...
  22. Most of the time it's one smiley per multi. There are, however, exceptions. Starhopping, in the North Georgia mountains, is one of them. It's taken most people multiple trips/days to find it. Each stage of it can be logged as a find, seven finds total. Only one person has successfully completed the cache in one day/visit. Well, only one that has logged it/said so. There may be others, but if so they're keeping quiet about it.
  23. (Turning around in chair and looking at girlfriends' El Diablo staff received not long ago). Dang. I wanted one. That's what I get for putting it off! Regardless, I understand where you're coming from. Much luck and success to you in the future, and happy caching!
  24. Tried a test log with my Motorola i90c (Nextel) and it works, though with caveats (perhaps?) On my screen, it looks like this (sample, not exact) [Find a Cache] [Log a Cache] [Link] [Link] The "Links" at the bottom are for my 2 "select" buttons on my phone. Usually, one of them will say "Go", and the other "Link", "Back", nothing, etc. I was able to get it to work by highlighting "Find a cache" (again, just as an example), and then pushing the left-side "Link" button, which brought me to a second page: [Go] [Back] [Go] [Back] By highlighting the "go" in the options list and then pressing my left-side select button (now optioned to "go"), I was able to proceed to the next page as expected. Is this WAD, or a possible peculiarity to my phone model? Just curious.. Otherwise, I like it, will have to try it in the field sometime.
  25. I received my daily PQ at 14:40 EST. Not sure which day it's for, but hey, it's there. (Wasn't an ISP issue; it just hadn't ran, as Jeremy stated). Thanks.
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