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  1. This is a minor nit. Does the "Click icon to download" section really need to be on the print-friendly version of the cache page? For that matter, does the "Click to temporarily disable" need to be on the print-friendly version as well? I'd say no to both... just my two cents..
  2. you are NOTE senile but you may be blind <grin> check the OTHER tab in the filter dialog - (Sigh) If it were any clearer it would have jumped off the screen, slapped me a few times, and run off with my car. Thanks for pointing it out to me. Me and my white stick are grateful.
  3. I'm going senile, I think. Was it possible to filter by container in a prior version? Let's say that today I only want to see Regular and Locationless caches, because that's what's on the agenda. Two days from now, I think it shall be Micro and Virtuals. I went through the filter screens, the online help, and this forum, didn't see a reference. If it's not possible, *could* it be possible, Clyde?
  4. GSAK already supports this now! When you send waypoints to your 60cs just click on the "Save" button and give the settings a meaningful name ("60CS" is hard to fault) (snip) Nice work! Guess I need to modify my "click the bolt, hit enter" sequence from now on. Pulled it up, and sure enough.. I'll try to pay closer attention next time.
  5. (Geez, gotta watch what button I push.. started a new thread for this one by mistake.) Clyde, a request for you. Definitely low priority, as it applies to probably less than 10% of the GSAK userbase. How about a way to support multiple GPSes for sending waypoints as opposed to having to reconfigure for a different one? Right now I have GSAK configured to support my Garmin 60CS, which I populate with 990 waypoints from GSAK. I then crank up EasyGPS to update the Rino 130. This works just fine, so for GSAK purposes this might be a "neat-o" or "gee-whiz" request. Would be nice to just use GSAK though.
  6. (Deleted - was ment to be in a prior thread)
  7. Noticed a minor thing with wap.geocaching.com While attending last weekend's SCGA meeting, I decided to go ahead and log it via wap.geocaching.com using my blackberry's wap browser (instead of the "full-function" browser and www.geocaching.com - faster w/o images) I didn't pay attention at the time, but I logged it as "Found it." Upon further review, I'm the only one who "Found it" - everyone else "Attended." No breakage in function, just a symantics thing.
  8. Strange, but it would seem my last query (the only one I run daily) ran around the same time - 3/2, 9:05pm. Haven't seen it again since then, though 3 other queries (two 2x a week, one 1x a week) have ran since then.
  9. (snip) This of course has pushed the counts further over to the right of your screen. On screens that are only on 1024 width you must have the screen maximized to see all your counts. Any way you can shrink the fields just a wee bit? Maybe the "Subset" field can be shrunk a tad? Or would it be possible to make them dynamic, so each user could decide for themselves how wide to make 'em? (snip) Ok, I have coded a patch in an attempt fix the issue of the new status bar and counts moving off the screen when not maximized. (snip) GSAK will now dynamically resize the width of the other items in the status bar to make sure counts will always fit. Awesome, Clyde. You rock! Thanks much!
  10. For users with screen resolution of 1024 x 768 and greater, the size of the "filter name" and "current centre point" in the status bar have been increased so you can better see longer names without the information being truncated. This of course has pushed the counts further over to the right of your screen. On screens that are only on 1024 width you must have the screen maximized to see all your counts. Any way you can shrink the fields just a wee bit? Maybe the "Subset" field can be shrunk a tad? Or would it be possible to make them dynamic, so each user could decide for themselves how wide to make 'em? I"m sure there's other folx like myself who have too many apps/windows running whereby running maximized (or maximized width) windows isn't the most productive way of doing things.
  11. I recently showed someone the power of GSAK (Clyde, you should know whom I mean). For reasons unbeknownst to me, they run their monitor at 800x600 and ain't changing it. While GSAK comes up in all of it's splendid glory, and the cache info can be scrolled left and right, GSAK itself is cut off of some of it's right-side columns - like, everything from Database (of which we can see "Da" and that part of the entry field) onwards. We managed to set the "Location" using the file menus, at which time we discovered we could manipulate the rest of the datafields, so overall no functionality is lost. Mayhap there be a command line switch to make GSAK run "tiny" or other somesuch? Just a usability question, everythning is working fine.
  12. I've done some poking around on google, haven't found anything useful yet. Of course, some of the Treo units are Palms/Blackberry's in one unit, so they're covered. I just got a 7520 Nextel blackberry, thought it would be nifty for some apps, but no luck so far. I'm not a coder, so I'm stuck.
  13. Ken Pruett pretty much said it all, but... Stone Mountain has a very nice variety of caches. THere are a couple of micros (I've found one, I liked it, nice nature walk) and virtuals (some like 'em, sone don't). If you've the time, do Lost in Stone Mountain and attempt to Find F.R.E.D. I've enjoyed all the ammo-box finds in Stone Mountain. Nice walks in a nice park. I will say that you need to venture out to different areas of Metro Atlanta to get a feel for the different types of hides. Yeah, there's some lame ones; however, the number of good/great hides greater outnumber their "lame" kin. Do take up the offer to view the GGA forums - and we have a meeting tomorrow in Conyers to boot.
  14. I saw something about this on one of my employers' internal website a while back (hint: we did a *lot* of the development of worldgrid, we're shown in the "powered by" stuff.), and set it aside for further review. Saw this post, figured why not, and installed it. I'm in, joining GEOCACHING - too many of my employer teams anyways.
  15. I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this, but wanted to ask everyone to make sure I'm not missing anything. I'm finally enjoying multiple logs (up to 10) in my not-found queries since I've got the correct checkboxes checked, etc. One of the things that I do when I get queries in is to update/populate my Notfound database. Because of syncronization timings when I get queries in vs. when I log my finds, I first sort by userflag in order to group all the "non-updated" caches together. Usually, these non-updated caches will contain some (or all) of the caches I have found and already logged, but because of the unsync nature, they're still showing up. So, I delete them, one-by-one - right click, "delete", this one, just this once. Without resetting the userflags (due to other stuff I want to do with the query the way it is, AFTER I delete the ones I've found, but yet keep the ones that aren't updated) - is there an easy way to "Delete these N caches" from the db? I suspect the answer is "No". But, I thought I'd bounce it first. Thanks!
  16. I've found that selecting "avoid u-turns" in the routing setup will alleviate a lot of the "um, no, you MUST go back the way you came" problems. Not all the time, but a good chunk of the time. Recently I had to set "avoid highways" temporarily, because I was trying to get from Point A to Point B, but not via the interstate because it was backed up. Until I set "avoid highways", it kept trying to get me to go back to the interstate - even though I have "avoid u-turns" on all the time. I've also found that switching from "use quickest route" to "use shortest route" and vice versa will also give you different - sometimes favorable - results. In other words, play with the settings. Unfortunately, there's not a magic fix. FWIW...
  17. You don't. However, you CAN user select it, and delete it - and see the little ticky-box that says "Banish this waypoint from ever again appearing before my eyes"? ** That's what you want. ** - Well, that's not exactly what it says, but you get the idea.
  18. 60 vs. "lesser units"? I wouldn't necessarily call the Legend a lesser unit, but.. For me, it was initially the autorouting, hands down. Color was a plus. The geocaching mode was originally just a "cool" item, but I've come to appreciate it's usefulness of clicking "found", and it won't show up anymore in the "unfound" list. I've never owned a patch antenna unit, so that comparision didn't enter the picture. One con for the 60: Unlike others, I actually prefer the click stick for input, as I'm faster with it as opposed to the big button on the 60cs. (My other units are a Rino 130, with a Rino 110 to back both of 'em up just in case).
  19. I just got my one of my Wednesday queries (one of two that runs twice weekly). Seat-of-the-pants reckoning puts it at about 20-25 hours "late". "Late" is a figurative term here, since the db's were switched, etc. (Edited to correct brain-to-finger disconnect)
  20. Just thought I'd chime in, since me and AG have been caching together for awhile... While she has been running her lithiums, I've been running my Rino 130 on Duracell M2s, and my GPSMap 60CS on NIMH 1800's (2 sets of 2). I haven't been keeping track of hours, just battery replacements. The 60 has been staying in the truck 90% of the time doing autonav stuff, running off truck power via cig adapter. I carry the Rino with me when hunting/hiking for caches most of the time. Since she's started this experiement: - The 130 is on it's 3rd set of batteries, 2 bars left. Unlike a lot of people, I haven't noticed extensive loss of accuracy under 2 bar, so I run it until I get "Battery Low", then replace. - The 60CS is on it's THIRD swap-out of the rechargables, even though it runs mostly on truck power. These ain't the best rechargables in the world - "Digital Concepts", never heard of them. The 60's NiMH's died on me while we were searching for a cache yesterday (Rino was accidently left at home), so I threw in a couple of cheap CVS pharmacy AAs for about 15 minutes. Not counting this towards runtime totals. Guessitmated runtimes: Duracell M2's - roughly 13-14 hours. Not bad, I'm happy. 1800 NiMH - 6-8 hours, max. Dunno why, except they were CHEAP. FWIW...
  21. I'm going to cross post this, but.. She's unofficially running side-by-side with my units - Rino 130 using Duracell M2's and a GPSMAP 60CS running NiMH 1800's. More detail in that thread that you quoted.
  22. I will look at adding this option in the next release of GSAK. However, as a work around if this is something you do often, I suggest you make up a macro for it then add a macro button to the tool bar. The macro would go something like: Thanks Clyde. As I said, it's a low priority thing. I don't do it that often - have moved a total of 3 to this point, but will look into the macro bit. I primarily offered it up as a possible usability enhancement for people who DO move a lot of waypoints. Plus, it kinda made sense, but I can already see the logistics behind it.
  23. Yet Another Feature Request Synopsis: Easier way of moving waypoint(s) to another DB Importance: Low Niftyness: Medium As I was slogging my way through figuring out how to move a waypoint from one GSAK db to another, my first inclination (yes, I *do* use the mouse on occasion, contrary to my prior comments/requests) was to right-click the waypoint in question with the expectation to see a "Move Waypoint..." dialog, something along the lines of "Move waypoint to another DB". Any chance of something like this happening? The way it is now works, but it's a bit non-intuitive and involves many user steps: Filter to waypoint, user-mark it, then click Database (not Waypoint!), then Move, then... etc. If not, no biggie, hence low importance. Thanks!
  24. From my house (based on my latest queries and what GSAK is telling me) near Marietta, GA, I have roughly: 160 within 10 miles 280 within 15 miles 420 within 20 miles
  25. Possible spoiler for thread-starter/other Metro ATL folx... One of my caches is in a county park. However, getting to the cache from the park is mostly a PITA. Approaching from a nearby county school is a much better alternative, and while not mentioning the school directly, the description does mention "approach via the right place at the right time". Finders that have gone during school hours has thus far been smart/cognizant enough to take the harder approach**. No problems thus far - no complaints from the school or law enforcement. ** - Of course, some folx appear to have taken the harder approach on sheer will.
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