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  1. Me too... for the drilliage, BUT, I just got done checkin your geocoin art on ebay, just minutes ago... I like to see what new art ya gots up, Neat Stuff
  2. To date I have ACTUALLY found in caches: Eastercoinbunny: Drove 147 miles to retrieve it GeoLeprechaun: Flew 2000 miles and waited weeks to get there (visiting family in KC) Great GeoPumpkin: Bout 200 miles from me and just so happened to be 40 miles from my training- I dealt with cops that night and a Mysterious fella that was WAITING at the cache FOR ME! Geocoin Fairy: was actually left at my coin collection at an event cache (THAT was so cool!) CCC: was slipped into my pocket totally unexpectedly and unknowingly at GW6!!! (THAT was REALLY cool) Eartha: WELL, I spent prolly 15 hrs in hunting down 2 V-1 Eartha's Unsuccesfully, but I got one! (not in cache) No better way to acheive a Mystery coin than in a cache or in an event cache , so YEAH...id like to find one in a cache, a very nice one such as this as a matter of fact!
  3. I actually use my icons They help me find coins in my list of trackables, I know I can search for em, but sometimes its just easy to go to a certain icon to find a particular traveler I may be looking for. They are listed by date of release (when they were made) so I know approx how old a coin is and I can scroll down my icons till I find it (provided I know what the icon looks like) I also use my icons in my caches as resident coins perhaps in a themed cache, such as Ranger216's RR icon in a RR cache and I also have a "Benchmarks the spot" series which incorporate an activated BM on top of the cache and I dig the icons that lives with em I have wanted to place resident coins in all my caches for the icons and have others picked out for placement. Been on this for awhile, but yet I have not completed this goal. I thought of trading old icons (that have gone missing) for icons I can use, LOL Theres a few icons I can use generically with similar items to travel as proxys and I have a few other ideas to do with em to, So my icons are actually usefull to me and I have never collected them (think I only have around 5 discoveries and 1's a Moun10bike #001) My coins get looked at far more though...I look at em all the time PS~ Droo, there is room for one 007 icon in the lower right, he he
  4. I still have interest in geocoins, just not the frenzy I once had or the energy and time to be the trader I once was. After 1500+ geocoins, what the heck will become of them all? I have so many and not the time to be the coiner I once was with a change in lifestyle I had. I also have many coins I have desired after 3 years (except a dang Moun10bike) and no longer feel the need to collect every version. My coin collection is rediculous, I am currently narrowing my collection down as a result of several reasons, but I hope to utilize it for new hobbies, new coins and hopefully a new laptop! (which will come first) Much more reserved now, but I find myself diggin through my coins several times a week and droppin em for prizes more-so than activating and releasing them. Im still a collector, and killer designs play the biggest factor in anything i buy these days, other than that I can trade for almost anything I want. So as far as buying goes, I just dont buy many. Another factors in a change in popularity may also be the level of new cachers entering the scene. maybe there has been a decrease in new cachers? Definatley seen a few come and go and a few hang in there since I started...I still like em
  5. Lookin for: Diamond Head Benchmark Meads Ranch Copper benchmark Copper Canadian Micro Benchmark SE Plymouth Rock Banchmark Satin Silver Mount Rushmore Have much to offer including other Benchmarks, hit me up if ya gots any to trade.
  6. Love checkin the Mission scene Hadent done a mission since about this time last year. I always had good luck in my missions and always tried to rock up a killer mission statement which always turned out last minute, cuz somethin got left here or left there, or no wrapping, not enough candy, deciding that "yeah, I really do wanna get that pooping polar bear" and the such, AHHHHHHHHH...makes me wanna do a mission Nice to see the killer missions, they're always fun Hope everyones missions are all they ever hoped them to be Till Next time, have a merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year! CACHE HARD and CACHE ON!
  7. Sorry to hear about ya Mike...sad news indeed Ill get a lil somethin goin here real soon I think I just may be able to muster up an LE Night vision in the mix
  8. I think that mailer originally came from you? (after it got sent back to you after it was sent to me)...LOL, the underside of the label will prove I knew you'd get a kick outa that. The coin was just the award winning bubble mailer bonus! (which I thought you'd like too) he he - I parted my set, ya know! Who needs every version of all them dang things anyway - Its my new gig - try narrowing down yer Tranqs to just your favorite! LOL Thanks Lenny Glad ya like it, but it was supposed to go under your tree!
  9. HEY... Im in LUCK! Went to the PO Box last night with EmmaGem and swoop up a lil package to me from me...I LOVE THOSE! I opened it and gave it to her, not even looking at it. I felt detail as she swooped it up and stared at it, then she smiled She checked both sides and when I wanted to see it, she wasnt haven it! "nooooooo" GIMMEE THAT COIN SWEET BABY!~ Swooped it back and checked my prize, VERY COOL coin! I tried to take a pic, but had left my memory card in my buddies computer ... Maybe we'll reinact it for ya, but for now...THANKS FOR THE LUCK! and congrats to all lucky and protected geocachers CACHE HARD and CACHE ON
  10. HEY...I like those! Nice one there, first time i seen em! I know I know!
  11. Good Point Roddy I met Jim of course here...It was about the time of the infamous deafhunt saga's I noticed his enthusiasm right away and the guy loved geocoins. All he wanted was to release some unactivated coins to spread some of the love that he was feeling here or see some pics of our collections, cuz he liked em I took well to him right away just from his avatar pic and one late night, I decided "yeah, i like this guy" it was late and nobody was in the forums, so I held a one man cointest for him...it was simple, a little too simple, but it occupied our time for a few minutes and later he informed me how much that meant to him. He had not been able to sleep and was up with a horrible toothache when I caught him by surprize. He said that nothing worked better to make him feel better that night and my timing was perfect. I sent him a Koala coin that I had mentioned in a previous post. From then on, we stayed in contact and relayed messages back and forth to each other...He always told me that even though I was a dude, when we met he was gonna give me the worlds biggest bear hug I am so glad I was able to be friends with him...Just a pleasure I tell ya. He would also hit me up on here and try to drag me into the chat rooms when he got me, that always made me feel good even though I rarely visited the chats In the past year or so, we would communicate on Facebook and thats how our contact stayed in place. Just a swell guy and big ole teddy bear...Wish I could have met the guy and got that hug, but theres always next time buddy...Your in my heart friend, thanks for all the good times and fond memories of you ~Rasta Heart- One love~
  12. Yes it was indeed a great coin for a great guy... He was a special one that Jim, and he will never be forgot. Glad I was able to enlighten myself with his friendly presence, just wish I had met him in person. If anyone has any of his personals for trade, I am attempting to collaborate as many as I can to getto his family and friends that either may not have had his coin or knew the side of Jim that we all did. Thanks for bringing this one around Lana... He will be missed and was indeed Loved ~Rasta Heart, One Love~
  13. Seeking jAY miLLS Rasta Heart I am seeking coins to send off to his friends and family to may not have one, I have a complete set of his coins including his XLE. I will be parting with all but the XLE he gifted me and am looking to find any others that may accompany. Please look out for his friends here if you have any extras, or hit me up for a trade and I will ensure that it gets to someone that will appreciate it. Heck release one, im sure he'd dig it I talked with his sister briefly and she didnt know what coins I was even talkin about, so I am hoping to be able to enlighten some of his family with at least a few of the coins that represented a side of Jim they probably knew very little of. Thank you ahead of time and keep Jim in out hearts...he was a very special person. ~Rasta Heart, One Love~ Thanks Jim
  14. You go and get yerself 50 cache finds, 10 hides with 25 moved travelers in yer profile by the end of 2009....consider yourself a proud owner of a 2007 Bronze Compass Rose Ya gotsta keep with me though and to throw a lil swerve at ya, yer gonna need 50 forum posts to go with it
  15. You contact me and you'll have yerself the 05...just like that BAM
  16. No coins in the mailbox for some time...TILL TODAY!!! Get this... not 1, 2 or 3 coins, but 5 freakin coins and I didnt expect one of em! 4 Benchmarks and a Glow DNF! All thanks to the kindheartedness of Toojin Again~ Thanks for bringin the Old time feelin back Time to Pay it forward Australia Center Benchmark, Promontory Summit, 2 Plymouth Rock and the DNF Glow NOW THATS COOL! ~ Thanks Lenny
  17. HEY..Nice one! I yike #2 icon best... I mean, its OBVIOUSLY a Yime! almost 100% sure I wont be attending GCF this year I knew from the beginning that this time wouldnt work well for my schedule, but I hope to get a peak at whats poppin! Im sure you will have fun with this one... lets hope you have a few left after the fact!
  18. I don't believe another coin owner would vote to have their coin carried back and forth from EC to EC. The question, I think, is taking a personally owned coin from EC to EC to record the mileage not someone else's coin. True...but thats where many owners for surely will reside and they would have input on whether they would appreciate visits to an EC on their travelers. Not necessarily EC to EC, just EC's in general... I have a bad habit of posting what "I" think is important, and I end up with a mouthfull of shoe usually, so Im not...just be pidgeon pooping anyway Im thinkin more on the lines of folks who like to move coins and bugs... a lil log at an EC would be a nice visit inbetween caches I would almost assure most owners of their travelers would agree, BUT...I guess we'll never know now w/o a foot insertion, we'll see how the thread goes in the GC.com topic before taking further measures! ~ Id just like to log the bug that I took pics of at 2 EC's last week, rather than posting notes that they were there
  19. I put my 2 cents in, but think my above post would hit harder! I would hate to go creating topics all over, but I would almost like to ask the geocoin forum what they think of their coins traveling to EC's...Id say nobody knows better than folks who have their lil treasures traveling
  20. Its a great idea.... First off the traveler traveled to the location, it was there...why not log where its been? EC's are great locations with great info on the world these TB get to travel. Id also say EC'ers may be a little more prone to pay attention to logging of the Bugs and coins with the additional logging requirements involved in ECs, so yer bugs probably wont end up in an EC~ Its all in who is handling your bug. How many traditionals are more interesting than an EC...there are some, but not the majority by far. Id say to honor EC's in a TB's travels... Container or not, they visited a cool cache that someone felt the need to document on the TBs page. Comon...let our TBs visit "the elite", The purest that geocaching has to offer
  21. Just poppin in to let ya'll know next time yer up North that there is still Bikedog cards in this cache hand delivered by 4-Thunder...dont think 1 has ever been grabbed and the cache rarely gets visited. Maybe a relocation to Bikedogs stomping grounds is in order BIKEDOG LIVES~GC10B9T http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...6b694&log=y
  22. Welp...plan one your the man! We gots 4 months left
  23. I wonder what having a geocoin involved with the different levels of EC Masters will effect? Geocoin collectors are fanatics about their coins and hope the reviewers wont see a rapid influx of EC's due to the fact at the opportunity to obtain a special coin in their collection. They're will definatley be an effect just from the geocoin, I can guarantee! Whether big or small, they'll be one Good for more EC's, but hopefully quality wont suffer PS, I submitted my Bronze and Silver app. tonight!
  24. Just peck enough...its a honorable request. I once asked WHY we could'nt change our user name (for the sake of a fellow cacher that was re-logging everything) I practiccally got flogged because everyone knew you couldnt and it had been asked time and time again!...well yeah, but WHY- still the flogging commenced with many excuses, but hey... guess what now? Its an option Id say it become common and accepted practice on TB's and coins the caching world over The EC Revolution...let it begin now! ~ Com'on...let our travelers experience all that caching has to offer!!! They may even actually getto travel this way! /
  25. Its not about the mileage either, its about the places they've been Its neat to see where they have traveled and some EC's are the coolest! I really dont see a problem at all, container or not, the traveler "traveled" there. In this picture of the green jeep taken in 07, it was actually INSIDE the virtual! Davis Stonehenge, holes went right through the pillars! Even if it didnt have the holes, It'd still make for a cool pic... AND, it was there, so fortunatley you can physically log em, and I did... look, now I got these cool pics today to show you how cool it is to be able to log your visits at the places they've been! UNFORTUNATLEY, this poor lil travel bug will never physically make to the EC it traveled to this weekend [] Nobody cares, no body wants a silly Earthcache to be part of the TB's adventure! I mean its lame right??? Who wants to visit a silly place such as a newly discovered section of the San Andreas fault system, which shows obvious evidence of a rarely "SEEN" fault. What...not cool enough to visit??? Hmmm Guess Ill just have to log it in the nearby micro it wont fit in and tell em all about it, being that it was never there! DOH "OH dont worry lil TB, we'll log you in the next cache right away, cuz its a "container"(with no significanced[/size=1]) Everyone knows a container is a "REAL" Cache and these others are just well...somethin else!" *wipes tear from TB eye* ... "Just remember, you were never here!" Kay, sorry bout that
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