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  1. :laughing: WELL- Ive been registered for about 2 mo. and posted my 1st Groundspeak post tonight, and it was on the community geocoin :laughing: (figures-eh)

    I got drove away from posting on a Biodiesel Forum, and feel like the info. is out there and I just gotta find it, more times than not, I am unsuccessful and dont post anyway.

    Also, does any one read this many pages back into the threads?-can you respond to this question if you have read this (or would this be a clutter on this thread)- this might be interesting.

    One of the questions that I would like to ask is the history behind Mtn-Mans Admin Brick or where to find it, Ive got my own little history on it, but Im not sure what the background is. Is This a NEWBIE question that I would get slammed for asking? --Thanks-007BIGD :ph34r::unsure:

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