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  1. GOT EM!!!


    All coins going IN caches have been selected! :) Browsed the caches and went through coins, I think you all are gonna really like the coins I picked. :yikes:


    Sent a few more emails to "new cache" placements, but basically have a small pile of coins that are gonna be going to new homes soon! 13 to be exact...and all specially selected for your cache :anicute::blink::anicute:


    Now I gots a bunch of activating to do, :angry: which may not exactly happen tonight, but when im all done, ill post the coins and which ones are goin where!!!


    Cant wait to get some of these out there as I am sure all cache owners will be happy with their new resident occupant! :) SO...for the books these are the cache owners that I got coins for right now.

















    Still awaiting a reply from others I sent messages to tonight and other I still needed an addy from. It was a lot of fun going through the caches and locations and goin through my coins picking nice Residents. Thanks, I needed a good ol coin session! :anibad:


    SO...keep em peeled, cuz ill be back soon with a list of the coins! :ph34r:

  2. Well as i havent received an email I guess my cache wasnt one of the lucky ones....Bummer :(

    Anyway, enough of that :) Huge congrats for for the upcoming new arrival.

    ...I did send you an email :) lemmee check and make double sure of that tho. I sent all messages through GC.com last night and this morn.

  3. All potential cache owners have been contacted! ;) ... I had to do it in a couple batches, as GC.com wont let you spam their members. sent some out last night and today. I still need to send a few to the folks that want to place a new one :) so ill get the ball rollin soon on gettin them picked, activated AND sent! :anibad:


    OH... and did I mention we'll be having a new lil cacher ANY DAY NOW!!! :anicute: id like to do another cointest as I did for my first lil cacher... just not sure on that one yet, BUT SHE'LL BE HERE SOON!

  4. Just wondering if a final decision had been made :)


    LOL...YUP! and the descision is..................


    perfection takes time..... and I need some more! :anitongue::laughing::anitongue:


    Really tho, im just short on it and dont have too much more than a phone most of the time these days anyway. I still have to pick the coins!!! :shocked: and have one more thing to do before that even. :rolleyes:


    But no worries!!!... Its a go!!!... I just wanted more than 7 out there is all, so its takin a little bit more to see exactly wheres a good place for what. AND I havent exactly brought all my coins down and able to dig through em yet either, SO... I guess bottom line is- :blink: I havent even started????? :blink: LOL... that sums it up really :ph34r:


    SOON MY FRIEND!!!... soon! :smile:

  5. So we got 11 residential options here and 6 potential new caches for residencey...:) Sure wish my link button worked, but you get the whole URL! lol Im posting them all here to keep it simple to browse. Some neat caches here too.


    mamoreb- Snip, Snap, Snute- http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC2KXNW for 1 or 2


    OshnDoc- Opas Soduko cache- http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=ed0e5088-511f-454a-af38-5d605163fb76#


    Troutonthebrain- Cache a falling star- http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC2MEW8 for 1,3,7


    Farrtom- Bunch of patches- http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC2dpaq 1,4,7


    CW88- Chamois Croft Cache- http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=7ecd1702-4321-4103-846e-6707aaae9b40



    Steel City Babes-The Pheasant rises from the ashes- http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=0b38b105-00d2-46d3-99e7-cb624411a69d 1,4,6


    Flute face-Gee Whiz- http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC1hdtr&Submit6=Go 1,3,4,7


    Mooncat&KDT-Kimis Secret tree- http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=b0f34fac-ab6b-4a67-9f83-69030ad034c9 7


    Kungfuhippie- SYF right off your head- http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC2cytk 1,2,7


    Moozer- fill in the blanks- http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC114t1 1,2,7


    Jpbarr- its all Conkers- http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC2z950 7


    and new caches from:








    Please keep in mind that you are gonna have to place this coin in the cache... I gotta give myself a few days to review and round up some coins. Thanks everyone again... lookin forward to giving some of my coins some great homes. If coins could talk, im sure they'd thank you too! Nothin better than great caches, cept great caches with coins in em! ;) Hollar back soon atcha!

  6. Ill give it another day for others to take a look, but I'd like to thank everyone who gave me an option. I think its pretty neat knowing your coins are out there and safe in a cache. Just neat, ya know :) ill pick the new residences then the residents soon enough. That'll be some good coin fun I must say. :)

  7. LOL. ... I saw a funny shirt the other day that reminded me of this coin. It said on the back "CARPE DM" ....SEIZE THE DUNGEON MASTER" LOL... dorky but still, it reminded me. ;) it was dungeons and dragon thing. LOL

  8. So cool... I will give it a day or 2 and see what we got for residency. My main concern would of course be security of the location, but man, after reviewing these caches it seems that a coin comes to mind for each of em! :lol: This will be harder than I thought, but then again...I got a lot of coins! :laughing::laughing::laughing: I may contact you privatly to ask a few questions, so thanks again for all the options. Im really lookin forward to gettin a few of em out there. :)


    But please...if you have a cache of your own that you REALLY like in a securre location, Big enough for a coin...POST IT! we wanna see it! :anicute::anicute::anicute: Im totally down to ship my coin anywhere in the world B)

  9. I love your unique idea. :-)


    I want to echo this sentiment. I don't have any caches of my own - I just don't feel "worthy" of cache placement as of yet. Perhaps after I reach 1000 finds?


    At any rate, kudos for coming up with a truly one-of-kind thread, and I think I'm a better cacher for having read it.

    LOL... then your DEFINATLEY worthy! Ummm...have you found some of them caches out there??? :laughing: Im sure your caches with that kind of attitude would meet and exceed many out there these days. So grab up that container you got, place it in that place you been thinkin bout and come back and tell us all about it and of course which coin would be best fitting for your wonderful cache. I got one just for it! :anibad:

  10. I would like to add my cache GC2DPAQ as a home. Mine would qualify for 1,4 or 7 AND I am currently working on two caches right now that would qualify for 1,2,5 & 6

    wasnt able to view this link :( but sure is neat to have some applicant options :) thanks again and BTW, I dont expect them to be dropped ASAP, but when you have a chance is fine. I know how it is gettin out to even do a maintenance check on ones own caches. Just lookin for some neat places for some of my stash :)

  11. Housing Wanted?... Yes please :)


    Looking for 7 homes for 7 coins... Thats about it, who wants to be the caretaker? I am a middle-aged geocoin guy just lookin for somethin new. Need a home in a safe location for 7 beautiful shiny pieces of trackable inadimate objectory to sit pretty awaiting to be discovered in YOUR cache!


    NOW...heres the deal: They wanna be "resident coins" (they will LIVE in YOUR cache to ONLY be discovered) they will be activated and sent to you by me to place in your cache with an accompanying card stating that they are a resident coin. They will still be owned by me [:)] but you get to put them in your cache, I need 1 of each of the following for residency.


    1. rarely visited cache

    2. Mystery Cache

    3. 3.5 star or higher terrain

    4. an Ammocan

    5. a new cache (placed when you recieve coin)

    6. 3 stage or higher multi

    7. Your Favorite cache YOU OWN


    RULES: Must be a safe location...thats about it! Higher the terrain the better, the less visited the better...the further out in the hills, sticks or mountains THE BETTER! ;)


    I have had pretty good luck with my resident coins and would like to get a few in other places where others can enjoy them, yet they stay safe. The title of the coin will include the word "resident coin"... you can afix them in any way you want, but the card that will accompany them will state that they are "to be left in cache" so if you just wanna drop em in, thats fine. If any go missing or get moved, no worries at all, its part of the game. SO, drop me the GC# or link to the cache and which residential listing (1-7) you are trying to fulfill in this here topic and I will pick where my coins are gonna go. I will also then pick which coins will go according to the cache description.


    Hope this works as planned...let me know, thanks again and Till Next Time~ CACHE HARD and CACHE ON! - now lets get em livin LARGE! [;)]

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