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  1. In my mailbox today was my VERY FIRST GEOCOIN! \o/


    Ofc the problem is it's way too awesome to ever place in a cache. Maybe I'll get another to actually use.




    Neat 8) That's a cool 1st coin. my first coin was the 06 Masters of Cache. :)

  2. NEAT! :yikes:


    I got a package too! :anicute: Pretty Silver envelope and pretty much knew it was my lucky day. Took it home to show the Wifey what a mystery coin is all about (although she already knows :anibad: ) Loved getting a Mystery coin once again, so whoever sent it...THANK YOU :)


    I took it out caching so we stopped at a few places for a photo op


    here we are at Rolling Vines view



    and again at central Sign



    So thanks so much for thinking of me and persuing the spirit of Kwanza...I think it held out a day or 2 later for me and truly represents a feast of gifts for us all :)

  3. a3b50a4c-8206-439a-ad5c-e0e523aef055.jpg?rnd=0.9537099


    Most excellent coin package right here I must say :) ... Love the Geodesy waaay more than I thought. It even has a Patent number on the edge...??? The Captn Jons completes my set and The green Achers is neat to have again after getting it snatched with my whole geobag last Xmas :(

    Very happy to get a like-numbered 3 coin set back of my personals, I have so few left, so thats really neat :D Thanks Pete!

  4. That's funny, like Fairyhoney I was curious what the coin looked like so I went to Google for help. Guess what the first photo was? TBNMP8


    That is funny... Must want another for safe keeping ;) Dont blame him tho...I got both metals and would still go for another. Neat coin that I really like as part of my collection. Heres the pic off the page. f7291dfe-4001-471e-aac9-9189a01b4cae.jpg

  5. :D

    Very nice words for poems you used. I'm sure all cachers will be quite amused.


    Its the way that they're put that comes from the heart... much like the way coiners are coining, your words are an art.


    May your adventures last from dusk until dawn finding treasure and logs placing your caching name on.


    So whether its dawn until dusk or dusk until dawn... always live and breath caching CACHE HARD and CACHE ON!

  6. Got a few I'm after these days :) ill name a couple


    Alberta brass cap

    Meads ranch copper

    NOAA micro...(I got one but need one for a cache)


    There's a few more, ill make a list one day, but it'd sure be nice to mark those off the list. And thanks to Pete, this list is shorter. ;)


    Adding a Hollywood Benchmark to the list

  7. I was just thinking of him yesterday... on the instance when he was designing the tengwar a few of us thought there should be a greater varience on the front and back of the coin. I was thinking to myself...I'm glad he did it just the way he did :) I paused for a moment and realized he was gone. Those moments are when you value what you still have even more and hope his memories won't fade. He was a neat guy and ill remember him best by his hand pounded lead coin followed with the patina copper and bronze. We communicated on several occasions on that patina process and he was so willing to share the process while exploring new ideas in the making. I wished the world worked differently, but glad you had a chance to know him on a personal level Jay. 8)

  8. Hello all,


    I am creating a list of the majority of my geocoin collection to sell off. I'm posting here with respect to any personal coins you may have ever traded to me. I am making the list to start distributing at Geocoinfest in Denver. After I get home from Geocoinfest, I'll be posting that list here in a forum thread for everyone else to see. In the meantime, if you feel like you want your geocoin back (and I'm getting rid of it), I'll gladly trade it back to you for something. Please email me directly through my profile. Thanks.



    I think thats a very noble gesture and I thank you...email sent [:)]

  9. RIP Roger :( very fond memories of him and very sad to know he departed us so soon. I remember him best by his hand pounded lead coins. Then by the later copper and bronze. We discussed several patina methods varying between heat treatments/acids and he enlightened me on his patina methods which i worked into my sig pennies.

    Very sad news and my deepest regards to his family. You will be missed Scavok. Thanks for your designs, you will be missed.

  10. Remember getting mystery coins in caches or mysteriously left for you? That was cool! Remember the fun, the excitement, the comradery, the tiffs? That was cool!

    We were a community ...so tight, so together. THAT was cool!


    My collecting and useage of geocoins have changed drastically...i still love em! Still have em on my desk, shelf and drawers by the bin, lock n lock and bag full!!! I incorporate a resident coin into just about every new cache i place (currently 4 yet to publish lol)

    I check ebay every other day, although i don't buy much at all...one here, one there every month or so. (I did just pay for 4 earth turtles ;)) and HOLY BEJESUS...i realized i still have yet to claim a mystery coin!!!


    This place rocked ...i think outside of building a collection of coins i really desired at one point i just liked getting new coins in the mail!!! Seriously. Now my collecting is pretty much narrowed to benchmarks and a few rarer oldies.

    I hoard my original stash coins, scavoks handmades, USA's, a few 05 ammocans and prolly 300 others, lol, and i am glad i have my collection.


    So yeah, i likes me coins still :)


    Anybody gots a Hollywood benchmark? Perhaps a copper meades ranch or a BN Geocac? ...wanna trade??? ;) OOH...the 05 benchmark pathtag! See...I'm still in it :D

  11. i am looking for a coin that looks like a salmon or a trout for a cache i am placing next to a fish hatchery. any one know where i can find one or the name of some?

    Now I know what your up to!!! :ph34r: and not if I get there first and place one with THIS COIN!



    :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink:


    ......... :P Just kiddin, I dont even have one...BUT I MOVED ONE ONCE!

  12. Waypoint names display fine; only custom POI names do not display. That's Garmin's answer, by the way: turn your custom POIs into waypoints.

    very nice, thank you... ordering my new unit now. pretty stoked about that too! ;)

  13. I have both, and greatly prefer the 60 series over the 62.

    Care to give some reasons?

    My needs may be different than most, but I prefer the 60 series over the 62 series. There are too many good things about the 60 that are missing on the 62. Some may consider them minor. Here are a few examples, not necessarily in order of importance. (1) Track log accuracy: the 60Cx and 60CSx I have both outperform the 62s in track log accuracy. I've run some trails since 2000 and have 20 or more track logs of some of them. When I look at ten years of tracks and see the 62 tracks falling outside the range of the others, that's not good. Most of my tracking is done in heavy tree canopy. (2) Track log viewing capability: with the 60, you can turn the track on, then off, then on again and so forth. You can see the individual recorded track segments. With the 62 series the track log is on, or off. When it is off you cannot see the previously recorded tracks. Yes, yes - you can save the "current track" but it's a real pain if you're doing it multiple times. (3) Alphabetic name search: on the 60 series you can display waypoints and POIs sorted alphabetically; on the 62 series it's "nearest" only, or a search by name. If I know a waypoint starts with "T", I would like to see all the waypoints that start with T. It can't be done on the 62 without seeing waypoints with a a "T" anywhere in the name. (4) custom POI names do not display on the map. You can see the icons, but no names. Go figure: what good is a POI if I don't know what it is? (5) Display: I find the display of the 60 easier to read in daylight. (6) Battery life: not a scientific study by any means, but my impression is that battery life on the 62 is not as good. (7) Finding waypoints/POIs near another waypoint/POI. It can be done on the 62s it's just more complicated. (8)No battery life display present on the map page. You can get it with a push of the power button, but what should that be necessary? (9) Squeeky buttons. (10) Sticky issue. (11) Etc.


    None of these may be showstoppers, but added together they just make the 62 less functional for me. The way I see it, the 60 design was nearly perfect. They've added a lot of features to the 62, but dumbed down or eliminated some of the things that made the 60 such a great unit. Personally, I'd rather have very accurate track log recording more than Birdeye imagery.


    I do like certain features of the 62: the ability to have multiple .img files is wonderful.


    Interesting... I wonder if there is a setting to apply a name to the POIs? Are uploaded waypoints in this category? Will the waypoints and caches uploaded not be labled?


    My only issue I ever had with my 60csx was when id zoom in on maps, id have to shut my unit off then on again to see any tracks...it would freeze at the zoomed in position, but I think it may have been related to the installed maps.


    Thanks for the input here everyone, I really appreciate it and am almost ready to get a 62 :) Found a refurb 62st for 357, which is much better than 559.


    Anyone else have unamed waypoints on their 62? Can it be fixed if that is the case, or that just POI's? thanks again

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