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  1. oh its good alright... Just you wait. Put on your galoshes for this one
  2. Numbered and counted fools are in limited supply... You CAN be the next in 9 minutes
  3. And if your coming in and wondering what's goin on...there's 5 coins left up for foolish grabs~ Good luck, I think!
  4. And my settings clock says its still 1:30,even tho its 2:30, so I think we have 2 winners. Runninbear #1 Murazor #2 CONGRATS... I think
  5. 1st coin goes to murazor! (But I'm on a mobile device...I thought I saw a 1:00 and a 2:00, now just a 1;00...? :blink:)
  6. 2015 game of Fools start in 3 hours! 1:00 p.m. PST been a couple years, but dont think I havent thought about you all every year! This year we bring you a design years in the making that the mint has been backed up on till this week, and Ill tell you this...ITS HOT! The 2015 April Fools coin comes not only in a limited number of 7 coins, trackable (kinda) and innovative, but comes with a new twist! Whats new you ask? well you'll have to find out...and the only way for that to happen is to be here EVERY hour ON the hour till 7:00 PM PST. First post on the hour gets the prize! There are 7 coins to be had from 1:00~7:00, so if you miss out on the 1st, dont worry theres more to be had but DONT BE LATE! simple as that So if you missed out on years past or want to add a new version to your previous April Fools coins, nows the chance! You have nothing to loose, but a ... well you get the point Free Shipping ANYWHERE in the world...Just play! Hope everyone has the Most foolish of days today!~ Good luck!...I think
  7. I think that went well . Thanks to all who bid! I'll kick in a little to get a nice round number for them. Till Next time Thank you!
  8. I bought my wifeygirl a Nikon 3200 with all these lenses n whatnot. and dang if I cant my phone to take better pics! Even on Macro...what gives! Thanks for the tip!
  9. They are some of the most stunning coins I have put my eyes on! Now if I can find a way to put my fingers on em!
  10. Thanks Beverly and yes val, she will be missed. I had hopped to get this all together before her passing, I really wanted to include a proxy and I just couldn't get it to my standards till now. Its a new thing for me to do, but I've got my method down well enough to make it a part of the auction. Thanks to all who have already bid and/or have bid on previous auctions... Its already surpassed what I hoped it to bring in. Lol
  11. Not a Mystery coin, but theres a CHANCE one might be included I listed one of my personal geocoins on ebay. It comes with a custom handmade proxy and 2 of my signature items. They have never been sold and I have so few left that I am no longer trading either. So take a look if you will GPXNavigators benefit auction
  12. sad news indeed. I'm so sorry for the loss her family has undergone and hope they are able to heal well. I have been preparing a special touch to an auction I wanted to hold on her behalf of which was just finished last week. I'll send a PM in regards to this, but am very sorry to hear to the sad news. Rest in peace Michelle... Till Next Time ~ CACHE HARD and CACHE ON!
  13. and it goes like this... Got a Mysterious mailer and of course it was to me, from me... Im explaining it to my bigger little one in the back and she was coinfused, so she figured she better get to the bottom of this. So she did... Lets get it open and find out... Oh man... these mysterious mailers are really tough This wont stop me...this is about to be good! OH YOU! SUPER STRENGTH POWERS GO! DANG KYRPTONITE TAPE! Almost! OH MY!... DAD... ITS SUPERCOIN!!!!!!!!!!! I activated the coin and put it into my collection, heres the listing for it 007s Supercoin! Whoever you are...wherever you are...Thank You! Truth Justice...and the Geocaching way! []
  14. I forget I'm not logging caches, lol
  15. Supercoin strikes again... With leaps and bounds! [:B]
  16. Ooh... And a Red Masters of cache! I'd really like that one, cuz the original v1 was my very first coin. I'd like to get the red one. Thanks
  17. If anybody has any king tut coins they'd like to trade I'm sure I could round up something of interest. I'd like a shiney gold version, but any would do.
  18. That work for you?... There for a minute "ae toys" Geocoins were in the same boat. They were almost useless. Glad Groundspeak implemented that code retrieval feature. Its always worked for me aswell.
  19. This happened to me at GW6... The Creepy Crawly Cachers mystery coin just "ended up in my pocket". Seriously...it was just the neatest thing ever :-). I also had The Geocoin Fairy end up in my spot with my coins at an event! That was also very cool :-)
  20. Cool to see the mission statements ... Been for years since I did a mission. . I remember a few I waited on as well. Hope they arrive for y'all soon. 8)
  21. I think I pojacked the fella beneath me's birthday somehow... Or we have the same birthdays AND we're neighbors. I sent an email to check on that. Lol
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