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  1. Awesome!... Those 3 diamonds still perplex me! lol congrats indeed, mysteries are the best!
  2. I have an AB version - sample (non-trackable); one of three minted if that is of interest, please contact me through my geocaching profile email Oh wow... I'll contact you on that one. Thank you Then this caught my
  3. i am signing up now for next year since i missed my chance this year. had a strange dream last night, i dreamt someone wanted all the cool sig items i have in a tupperware box. how strange is that. all are oldies but goodies, from cachers who no longer cache. a couple made special for me. real treasures. Neat! We got abouts 11 months to go! . I love my digs too. I have a few personalized digs aswell. I remember your little gems were the first I saw of that type
  4. Glad they were well received . See...that wasn't so bad just wait till you see what I hope to pull off next year!
  5. It does have a ring to it good work Lara!
  6. at first i thought i had an older one of these fab coins but in looking through my box of sig items i found it wasn't so. i was remembering a big metal washer with a dime insert from dardevle 5/08. I remember his dime in the washer! I think this contest is what inspired it . I got one too. Renegade knight also made some washer coins and held a contest. I think I got the 'ice' edition if I remember right. Oh the shenanigans!!!
  7. All foolish prizes have been sent off... I meant to take a picture of all of them, but I got them all packaged up without taking a pic of even 1. Hope you all like the foolishness and thanks again for the fun!
  8. Indeed... and thank you for the fun! a good time was to be had by all!
  9. AND THE WINNERS FOR THIS YEARS GAME OF FOOLISHNESS ARE! 1. Runninbear1 2. Murazor 3. Krazy Kajun 4. BakerGeckos 5. Yanagi 6. bjmccacher 7. Jug & Roon ill be contacting you all for address' and hope you like your foolish prizes Thank you for playing and if all goes well at the mint, we'll see ya here next year! THANK YOU TO ALL...TILL NEXT TIME!!!
  10. Why as a matter of fact it is...was...gonna be...had been, or something. I think...? Is that right? yea... we are...YOU are! IT IS...WAS! Whew!
  11. I can't take much more of this !!! are you better now? We have our winners of foolishness
  12. I would be affraid I am ... "galoshes" !! Oh its a winner alright! Final Fool coming up!..............
  13. Or not... Next post wins...
  14. Three more hours Which foot is that on? That depends on what foot is first and how many fingers he has. Or which way the wind blows if your counting fingers with your toes... I;m trying to work this out but I come up with a different answer every time I try... If every = 5 and I=0 then "every time I" is Zero Its the Georythm Theorem, where nothings as it seems except nothing seemingly becomes something in a figurative thought process. You are getting there grasshoppa
  15. Three more hours Which foot is that on? That depends on what foot is first and how many fingers he has. Or which way the wind blows if your counting fingers with your toes...
  16. Your utter foolishness has paid off... You shall be rewarded greatly. Or something... CONGRATS! I think
  17. Me neither... Its an oddity of foolishness no matter which way the wind blows...
  18. Dont play me for a fool!... You just get one!!! and one is all you want! Trust me on this one...I think
  19. Close, but its fools game and only the foolish prevail you get an F for F-ert
  20. maybe... ?? Or fingers for toes...
  21. Dunno... Its a game of fools...anything goes! I mean...my clock still says 2:00
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