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  1. Dunno, but I agree they should be able to visit! I just took pics of a TB at an EC this weekend and will just be posting a note to the TB page Virtuals will allow it, but it is against GC.com if I remember right...somewhere I recall reading that GC.com can even lock a Travel bug/coin listing if such logging is made, which seems really silly to me! Lets see em lock the Green Jeep I logged for miles and pics at a cool Virtual before I knew! LOL Ill have to check on that, cuz it just seems too silly to be true!
  2. DOH...Just acheived my Bronze and Silver status and came to check on obtaining my pins, LOL I have NO problem purchasing them, although I would have much rather had earned em before the 1st. Any way one may bribe the volunteers with monetary bargaining to obtain a earned pin! Ill toss in one of my personal coins! I look forward to obtaining a geocoin, but REALLY would like a pin available with it (hint hint) I got a dart board with all my pins on it, ya know!
  3. Yeah buddy... wasnt that long ago either! Tell me about it... she is certainly growing and I am doin all I can to not miss a beat! ~ Love every minute with her! Thanks
  4. OH MY...... What a beautiful lil thing to be greatfull for........ CONGRATS NAOMI!!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Edit to add: We were posting at the same time as to what we were greatfull for... It was our lil ones, so for a brief moment in time, we couldnt have been more on the same page ....Thats kinda cool!
  5. SWEET! I havent really participated in a cointest for awhile, always seem to just sneek in to see whats poppin these days, but this is an easy one...one where I can freely brag about what I am most gratefull for! MY SWEET BABAY!~ I mean, what the heck else would I be as greatfull for?- REALLY? Although things just didnt work out for the Mamma and myself, I have the greatest lil treasure on earth! SO special that I dont think ANYTHING could make me happier! I cant even have her in her car seat without constantly turning around to look at her! She is such a happy lil thing and just loves her daddy...I can tell! I love taking her places and taking her places is a fairly new ongoing with us... She just LOVES to go! I enjoy seeing her discover new things and figure how things work and what she likes She is recently learning her words and can actually use simple words in context, such as Yes= "Da" NO= "New" and even Thank you = some 2 cylible sound she makes that sounds like "eeee hooo" LOVE THAT BABY!!!!! Also greatfull for the fact that her mamma is such a great mamma who feeds her well, uses cloth diapers and does daycare so she can stay at home with my sweet baby! She also knows the importance of her daddy and allows me to pop in to swoop her off at just about any given moment! I see her daily and cant get enough of her...Cant wait for whats in store for us and when I can take her camping, trippin and all the great things that will be burned into our heads forever, but for now...I just really enjoy being with her AND ~ SHE IS SOOO DANG CUTE! Kay... here she is yesterday, eating Blackberries after chuckin rocks in the water Here IS what I have to deal with when she is in the back seat!!!... How do I do it??? lol Kay...One more~ My all time fav pic of her! Fathers day I LOVE MY BABAY!...sorry, many things to be greatfull for, but she tops the list Tenfold for me!
  6. I Like it!....Gotta have, I have em all~ well, except these So there is a 3rd bite, there's 2 versions!!! DUDE~ We'll work somethin out! I gotsta square up the deal with ya on them BM's too These are COOL!
  7. Email sent... V3 baby...4th times a charm! I also have a Fiero coin to trade...around 100 originally available. They're nice So hit me up if someones interested, ill trade 2 of em
  8. Bringin this one around around again, cuz I am still working on the placement... It got put on the back burner, but I need to get the ball rollin again. Plus I believe there are many states that have not been assigned someone to place it. Ill keep you updated here, I still need to make the initial contact to the CA Geodetic advisors and will do so... Can we get an updated list of the States that still need a placement? Are people still interested....?
  9. I got drneal's "Kathys coin" the other day and it was I believe a trade only coin... Very nice coin and I got an LE Gold and a BN as a set. LOVE EM! Thanks Neal!
  10. 007BigD

    Kathy's Coin

    I just cant clip and post your ILYK...BUT Im doin it anyway! Love the personal meaning and the story behind it...I am glad you can enjoy the time you had. Hit up my trades list for somethin that may interest you
  11. Offering one of the Fiero coins that was made for the fiero group and was also offered in limited numbers to us here to complete the order. I think only 100 or so were offered to geocoin collectors. They are trackable, ill need to see if they have an icon...I was instructed NOT to sell them and I wont, so please keep that in mind. Thanks
  12. Whats wrong with geocoins???? Well, thats reletive and depends greatly on the source of your answer. In my opinion and for me, its more like whats wrong with 2000+ geocoins! DUDE... (can I say WTF here~nevermind) WHY do I need more! I mean geeze...ive got a ton! I went through and weeded out my keepers and STILL have a ton! Its kinda hard for me to actually buy coins anymore...thats hard earned money! I try to trade more these days with the tons of coinage I have...I also appeal to less coins than I once did. SO...if you want my solution for my problem, that would be...Burn my entire geocoin collection! Then id buy more coins ....Not really, id be quite heartbroken and probably become a hermit. PS Collectability and rarity are an extreme plus. I LOVE special coins, no matter which way they may be special. And Kealia.... I need to check on your well rounded challenge cache, JUST TO SEE if I may still have a chance! That'd get me crackin on numbers! edit.... NOPE, 25 well rounded finders prior to the last 5 got the prize BUT, IM sure a determinned well rounded cacher could get in on one How bout a Deathmarch v2???
  13. LOL Lets see it! ... Looks like we're all here, just a little more reserved these days. I gotta admit that I had to "break the habit"... I loved this place! It was like "WOW...what was I missing" when I 1st came here. The missions were new, The Secret Agent had just set his foot, Geocoinfest was my first event and everything was so exciting! All geocoins were new to me and I started building my collection via ebay and current coin editions. Then I started trading, brousing collections, checkin the forums in the midst of brousing. I was HOOKED on geocoins! Still am, just havent really been able to put forth the time I once used to, so when ya kinda slow down on somethin, ya loose a certain level of interest. For me it was all fun and excitment conversing with all the fun people here and oh how I loved those shiney lil inadimate objects of joy! I just havent had the time I once did. Got me a real job workin for the man, went and had me a lil family, had no net, spent 2 hours a day driving...Things changed! I even started slackin off on trades cuz it was such a hassle to get my coin time in. FUNNY, because guess what?.... YEP.....Today marks my first day of self-employment again and guess where I came? ...... ~ I had wondered where all the regulars of my time went aswell along the way, but many are still around. Guess everyone has their own lil group of "where are they's" NOW, to get my straggling trades off and get goin on my new design again
  14. Yep, it turned out nice! I remember studyin that poem in 7th grade...we had to know the whole thing! I also like that you used your boot design again, just cool The numbers on your samples are a kick too! Nice one!
  15. The personality of your personal is sweet! and OH thats gonna look nice! Congrats!
  16. Drneal has got the ticket... Id say probably the funnest way to go, but definatley not the cheapest route. Whatever you do, just hang tight...But only coins that appeal to you. There's a ton of em and new ones all the time! You go buying all the current coins avail, youll end up broke in no time and unable to get that MUST HAVE when it does come around. When that MUST HAVE coin does come around, you may wanna get a few to trade for others you didnt get a chance at. You can always propose trades personally or post a trade or request in the trade topic and somebody may hook up with ya for a trade. Ebay was NOT the place for coins a year ago, and still sets the bar for geocoin "Value"...But you can get many older coins there. Just go easy... We're tellin ya, you'll be doomed in no time! You can also check here for people lookin to sell off some of their collection...Many times you can find a list of coins for 10.00 or less
  17. Nice to see the Fairy is gettin around steady! ... Congrats to all who's fairyfull goodness has been dropped upon! I found one thing out this weekend...Shredded Cheese is by no means any sort of fairy dust replacement! Its great on Taco Salad, but cant shake a stick at the real deal fairy dust! Sure get some odd looks tryin and leaves a mess in yer hair, so dont even bother! I was just testin ...
  18. Very Nice personal! I wanna see it in person!
  19. Yep... Another sweet Tadpole personal! Me likes the Transparency the best too! Nice one!
  20. Checked out the forum Mix set this morning Couldnt believe I was hearing New kids on the block!...only it sounded different than it did, what...20 years ago! Thanks again Jay... That was cool!
  21. Now thats a cool coin! .... Its a Freakin Fire starter! YEAH BABY!.... Functional, collectable and just plain cool~ Nice One!
  22. WELL... What do we have here??? Look what decided to pay me a visit on my 500th find! ... No better visiter for this devilish double 4.5 cache that caused me 3 visits and 2 DNFs! WHY return to temp fate and risk life and limb? Dunno...all I can say is The Devil Made Me Do It! But him by my side, I was able to scab the trecherous rock and make the grab for my 500th! Here's the devil just below Pinnacle Rock! Lookin at Pinnacle Rock Here we are at the cache, we had to use a rope this time, rather than attempting a fatefull death! Here's all we could get of the cache the 2nd visit...We could see it, but there was not even a chance at grabbin that devilish mutha!...WE TRIED! You can see the cache behind the littl tree in the upper right. Here's the devil onlooking the cache after conquering her majesty! Great day with the devil by my side! THANK YOU!!!
  23. VERY COOL!... Too bad I didnt make it to GW7, cuz Greenman certainly made his rounds!... Congrats! I have been touched by this Greenman aswell, only in an other way ~ maybe one day ill share! thank you
  24. Tryin to think waaaay back here, cuz I havent went hogwild on coins since I first started into them... I remember paying 69.00 for a 4 coin set of the Cachoids. 23.00 for the Credit Card coins Shoot, I know I have paid more than that for a geocoin, id have to look at em all and see I did however get a Goblindust, Geonap, and a Blazerfan all for 33.00!!! That was smokin!...It was also mis-listed. OH YEAH.... I did pay over 1500.00 for a 267 peice complete set of my personals!
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